How Much Does an Interior Door Installation Cost?

Want to exchange or upload new indoors doors on your house? Wise decision. Upgrading your doorways is an efficient way of clean the appear of your house and its decor. And, it doesn’t have got to burn a big hole in your pocket. This finished guide will help you set an terrifi budget for your remodeling by breaking down the inside door installation cost for you.

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Whether you want to interchange your historic or damaged doorways or simply improve them to top class versions — there are quite a few factors that verify the full indoors door setting up cost. 

From the kind of style or variety of door you select to its functionality, features, location, size, frame, customization, and exertions fees — you ought to understand your indoors door installing costs within out. 

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So, let’s begin with the most important question of all in this subject. 

What is that the average indoors door setting up cost?

Your interior door installation price can range among$50 to $ 1500for the door and hardware (the materials), plus the costs of a pro installation. Such a lot property owners spend around$500 for an indoors door. 

Keep in intellect that an interior door is cheaper than an outdoors door. Moreover, it’s less complicated to install — and that reduces the labor cost. 

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Interior door price factors

When calculating your indoors door installation cost, there are some relevant reasons which have a big impact at the complete expenditure. Let’s discover a number of them. 

Types of interior doors

Interior door
Image by Philipp Berndt on Unsplash CC0

An indoors door makes an incredible affect on the design scheme of your home. Based in your preference, you can choose the best style, design, form to fit your home. The many thoughts include:

Type of doorFeaturesPrice range
Sliding doors
  • Popular for his or her performance and space-saving design
  • Made from wood, glass, or cores with attached mirrors
  • Suitable for halls or bedroom closets
Low to medium
French doors
  • Offer a classic, elegant look
  • The doorways have divided glass panels that overlap to open the door
  • Allow a good quantity of sunshine to go into a room
  • Usually, don’t offer a lot privacy
  • Available as unmarried or double designs
Medium to high
Folding and bi-fold doors
  • Segmented, hinged doors
  • Typically used for small areas which includes laundry rooms, pantries, and closets
  • Fold to the aspect on head observe when open
Pocket doors
  • Space-saving
  • Slide into the wall
  • An effective system
  • Often used for laundry rooms
  • Require enough room in the partitions to install
Barn doors
  • Heavy, outsized doors
  • Attached to a wall-mounted slide system
  • Good for offering privacy to greater spaces
  • Tend to swing if no longer secured with the aid of a backside rail

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Interior door materials

Door material
Picture by Sabine van Erp from Pixabay CC0

Interior doors, trim, and millwork are made up of either wood or wooden composite.

A wooden composite is made with a wood-based compound having wooden fibers, reconstituted wood, or medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Not like a wood door, it doesn’t warp. And, it is less complicated to paint and maintain. 

However, do remember that it’s lightweight and might chip from the lowest over time.

Most wood doorways come paneled or totally constituted of wood. The wood species include mahogany, alder, cherry, maple, or pine. 

The advantage of these heavy doors is that they give privateness and efficaciouslysoundproof a room. However, they’re susceptible to warping and may expand or shrink due to severe temperature and humid conditions.

DO NOT use wood doors to your loos or other wet settings.

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Labor cost

Interior door installation
Picture with the aid of Freepik

When it involves setting up indoors doors, remember that labor generally runs among$40 and $90 in keeping with hour— averaging at$70in keeping with hour. Of course, the exact quantity is dependent upon your zip code, the situation of the door, and the complexity of the work. 

It takes an normal of3 to five hoursfor most indoors door installations. 

Hollow vs sturdy center composite doors

Another element to bear in mind is whether you want a hollow-core door or a solid-wood paneled door. The lightweight hollow-core door is rather obviously inexpensive. For the reason that it’s now not soundproofing in nature, it’s greater suited for closet doorways or pantry doors. 

The heavier solid-wood paneled door is harder — and pricier too. You’ve the option of extra designs, materials, and superb manufacturing. A high-quality core door (not to be pressured with a high-quality wooden door) is an efficient selection for a bedroom in which you wish decreased interior noise and greatest privacy.

Long-lastingExpensive option
Easy to cleanMay scratch, stain, crack or cut with sharp knives
Can be sanded or resealedBacteria may pose a problem
Looks attractive and warmRequires regular sealing and oiling

Slab door vs prehung door

Your entire price to put in an indoors door is dependent upon no matter if you’re purchasing a slab or a pre-hung door. 

While a slab is a door that you can without a doubt hang if your current door frame continues to be intact and sturdy, a pre-hung door is set up in its frame and comes with each of the essential parts — the door, a frame, and hinges (attached to the doorjamb). 

A slab door, without the body or any hardware, expenses$50 to $400on average. A prehung door expenses$40 to $400for a hollow center and$80 to $500for a solid middle door. 

DIY task or a pro job

Professional door installation
Image by Freepik

If you have a good amount of DIY experience, you are able to install an indoors door. However, because the task calls for carpentry details, we promote hiring adoor professionalfor the finest results and finish. 

We know a pro installation will cost you more yet wrong DIY installation might run the danger of higher replacement and fix fees in the future.

A professional is able to handle the whole installing and its components, including framing, swing direction, handles, and hinges. And, they’ll have the essential abilties and equipment.

Before you start the project, make sure to get competitive charges and look into each contractor’s earlier work.

Other enhancement and improvement costs

There are other charges that you would like to element in. Those would incorporate expenses of parts such as frames, trims (the boards that conceal the distance between the frame and drywall), and hardware.  

  • Frame: $150 to $300.
  • Trim: $2 to $3 per linear foot.
  • Hinges: $2.50 each.
  • Hardware: $10+.
  • Locks and knobs: $20 (keyed locks) to $200 (coded locks).
  • Painting an interior door: $75-$125.
  • Constructing or repairing a door frame: $300-$700.
  • Removal and disposal charges of historical doors: $100.


Interior doorways (or for that topic entry doorways as well) can both make or damage the look of your home. You definitely don’t want shoddy doorways to be an eyesore for your pals and houseguests. 

While replacing a door or installation new doorways on your home, it’s finest if you can get a door installation estimate beforehand and also the a number of reasons that impact it. Your remodeling will be simple and quite seamless. 

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