How Much Does a Shower Installation Cost?

A shower is a key player in your bathroom remodel. In fact, upgrading the shower or its fixtures is an easy way to present your bathroom a facelift and increase your resale value or return on investment (ROI). So, if you’re contemplating taking the reworking plunge and thinking how much does a shower installation cost, we have this article for you.

Since upgrading a shower is a lot to do with modern designs and new technology, it’s best if the complicated assignment is left tolicensed professionals. An expert will know if the bathroom redesigning is as much as the local code

A professional bathe installation price would range among$1,400 and $6,200with an average cost of$3,700. Of course, this amount varies according to a lot of factors. For instance, the level of the reworking work, form of bathe fixtures, labor costs, etc.

Here, we can discover a number of thefactors that impact pricingin detail. 

Shower Installation Cost Factors

  • Shower Types

shower installationNew Shower with Frameless Door (After Images), with the aid of Chris Lattuada – on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Showers come in many shapes and sizes based on the fashion of your bathroom, available space, and the features you desire. 

Usually, showers are of 2 basic types:shower/tub combinations and stand-alone showers

While a small bathroom could take advantage of a regular bathe as it takes up much less space while being fully functional, atub and showercombination is extra appealing to potential buyers. It offers them the luxurious of a bath as well as the benefit of a fast shower.


The average price of a shower-tub combination is$400 to $600. The installation will be another$1,000or more. The price to install will depend on the complexity of work, no matter if it connects to existing plumbing or will require a new one, the location of the bathroom, your zip code, etc.  

FYI: If you’re on a budget, use a bathtub liner for easy remodel. It fits neatly over your present bath and can dramatically change its appearance. It charges around$150 to $250. The encircling walls will cost you another$120with labor expenses approximately$300.

Stand-Alone Showers

Stand-alone showers appeal more to young, on-the-go couples. A basic bathe stall will be around$400with bathe installation cost in the range of$300 to $400.

Estimate yourbathroom remodel costin just a few clicks with our unfastened cost calculator.

  • Shower Doors

shower doorsPhoto with the aid of Topdollardj on Pixabay CC0

Whether you want a bathe door or a curtain, it’s totally your personal preference. While curtains create a comfortable seem and work well in small spaces, they do require replacement ever so often. Shower doors, on the other hand, have clean lines and make the bathroom seem smart. 

Shower doorways have varying expenditures based on the brand name, type, and finish. For instance, a typical slidingglass bathe doorwould be anything between$100 to $300and its installation $200 to $300. High-end frameless doors can move as high as$5,000when installed.

Here are a few bathe door styles in your bathroom:

  1. Framed doors: The lightweight metallic frames slide on tracks and come in a variety of finishes. They are an reasonably cheap option and are readily available. However, the tracks may acquire water and as a result need periodic cleaning.Cost: $200.
  2. Frame doors: Although those doors are expensive, they lend a clean look to the bathroom.Cost: $900.
  3. Spray panel doors: Those doorways are fixed and cannot move. But, they make a bathroom look extra open and stylish.Cost: $100.
  4. Sliding doors: The convenient doors are readily available. Plus, they are easy to install. They do notwithstanding block part of the shower.Cost: $300
  5. French doors: These dependent doorways deliver greater access to the bathroom. However, they are steeply-priced and increase yourrenovation expendituresconsiderably.Cost: $900.
  6. Decorative glass doors (frosted, wave, bubble, or tinted): Such bathe doorways look absolutely great. But, as a result of their surface designs, they are tough to clean and maintain.Cost: $50/square ft extra

If you don’t have a bathe door and are not utilizing a moist room, then installing a bathe display screen is also a good idea to contain the water. For example, you can have folding shower screens. These accordion-like panels are fixed to the wall and pull across the shower. They typically cost around$400-$700.

Are you pondering in replacing your shower? Take a seem at our record of important considerations for a shower replacement

  • Shower Pan Tiling and Slabs

When it comes to decorating your shower pans, there are affordable and attractive tiling options available. Their appeal lies in their variety — each easily becoming into any style of bathroom. Those finishes are available in many colors and designs. You may even combine them to create stunning patterns. Let’s discover some popular possibilities for a bathroom. 

Porcelain tiles$10/square foot
  • Versatile option
  • Stain-resistant
  • Water-resistant
May stain due to grout lines
Ceramic tiles$5/square foot
  • Mostly water-resistant
  • Versatile
  • Require sealing
  • Grout may stain
Ceramic tiles$5/square foot
  • Mostly water-resistant
  • Versatile
  • Require sealing
  • Grout may stain
Stone tiles$20/square foot
  • Look beautiful
  • Come in varied styles
  • Require sealing
  • May stain or pit in water
Stone tiles$20/square foot
  • Look beautiful
  • Come in varied styles
  • Require sealing
  • May stain or pit in water
Glass tiles$20/square foot
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Difficult installation
  • Expensive
  • May stain
Solid surface slabs$100/square foot
  • Perfect for customized bathe stalls
  • Make the bathroom easily accessible
  • Expensive
  • Seams can pop because of heat
Stone slabs$100/square foot
  • Look beautiful
  • Variety of strategies available
  • Expensive
  • May stain
  • Require sealing

Other considerations

You can also customise your bathe pan. A customized pan is built by means of a plumber on site. Usually, it’s made of metal sheeting, concrete, or waterproofing materials. The labor price would be$45 to $65 an hour. And, the material cost will be upward of$50— based on how luxurious it is. 

If you’re replacing an present pan with a 36×36 inch shower pan, it may price you at least$700and may move as excessive as$1,500.

FYI: When you consider that bathe pans slope to the drain, the tiles have to be able to accommodate that slope devoid of cracking. Therefore, they must be 2 inches or smaller.

  • Shower mixing valves

The bathe blending valve you choose in your shower influences the total cost as well. Within the US, there are two basic forms of shower mixing valves. They are:

Pressure balancing valves

This one-handle pressure-balancing valve works with the aid of sensing changes in water strain from the recent to cold lines. It swings to shut off the road with extra pressure — keeping both procedures balanced. It offers less control over your shower. But when that’s no longer a concern, this system would be an low-cost option– the two to purchase and install.

It will cost you around$150 — $400for the entire set and trim. Installing it takes about two hours at the rate of$45 — $65an hour.

Thermostatic valves

These valves use separate handles for water volume and water temperature. You can set the shower temperature to an exact degree whilst using any other valve to control the flow. Also, you can have diverse water assets — operating simultaneously. Costlier to purchase and install, it expenses around$400 — $1,200. Installation takes 3 to four hours at the rate of$45 to $65 per hour.

  • Installation and Labor Cost

shower replacementBacker Board, by means of PunkToad on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

It’s now getting clearer as to why shower installation expenses and labor expenditures vary widely. The kind of shower you choose has a large impact at the paintings it requires.

A prefab acrylic bathe stall, for instance, is easily installed in about 3 to 4 hours while a custom tile shower or slab surface will price up to$2,000. This kind of complicated project charges more because it can take two to three days to finish — increasing the labor costs.

Want to explore extra about your bathe tiles? Take a look at our aid on how to choose the right shower wall tiles to your bathroom

  • Fixtures and Different Cost Factors

If you want a modern, high priced shower, you have to provide it a well amount of TLC. Be ready to accommodate additional price factors that outcome your final bathe redesigning cost. 

Let’s see some basic furnishings that you would like on your updated shower: 

  • Shower pan:$100(prefabricated ones will cost$500 to $700).
  • Showerhead:$20 to $500(for extra advanced and green designs).
  • Faucets:$20 to $300(depends on the finishing and material used).
  • Shower inserts:$50 to $500.
  • Replacing bathe liner: $2,500.
  • Replacing or repairing the bathroom fan through a pro: $200.
  • Bathtub cost:$1,000
  • Bathtub with jets:$800 to $10,000, or more. 
  • Full-body showers:$250to$4,000.
  • Customizable shelving:$12 to $100(based on type).

Of course, in terms of your bathroom remodeling, you can add or subtract features and furniture as in line with your convenience. The sky’s the reduce here!


Remodeling a shower, along with upgrading present fixtures, is an easy way to add functionality to your bathroom. The process can be as simple as replacing ashowerhead or as tricky as changing the entire ground plan of your current bathroom space.

Whether you make your bathe a convenient place for a rapid clean-up or a luxury retreat — it’s your choice. More often than not, your budget and tastes dictate your renovation. 

The base line is: a shower is a good funding in your home. So, lease a professional and plan your shower installation cost good in advance to make the process easy, quick, and worthwhile. Happy renovating!

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