How Much Does a Bathroom Addition Cost?

A bathroom is an indispensable part of your home. And, the extra the merrier! Adding an extra bathroom can do wonders for sharpening up your home. And, you don’t have to share your bathroom along with your housemates, of course! So, if you’re planning on adding a bathroom, whether it’s a new construction or you’re redesigning an older home, you will want to know the total bathroom addition cost, right? 

There are a lot of reasons to add or renovate your bathroom. The most important one is that it’s a room that’s perhaps frequented the most. Secondly, every person loves a luxurious bathroom to relax in. 

An additional bathroom in your home can make your life a lot easier. It offers a option to the house’s occupants when accommodating their needs. From tiny half baths to large, spa-like master bathrooms — you can choose any shape or length for the bathroom of your dreams.

Does adding a bathroom add value in your home?

cost to add a bathroom

Adding a bathroom is totally worth it and will always increase the value of your home. Of course, how a lot it’s going to increase depends on your location, size of the bathroom, and the materials or fixtures used. 

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Can you add a bathroom anywhere on your house?

Yes, you can install a bathroom almost anywhere in the home presented you can accommodate a plumbing and electrical setup. 

A small bathroom can be squeezed in anywhere. For instance, an area of three toes through 5 feet can handle a bathroom sink and toilet. And, in case you have an area of 3 feet by means of 8 feet, you can even accommodate a walk-in shower or a compact bathe enclosure. That’s a great answer in case you want a moment or 1/3 bathroom added. 

But, earlier than you go about creating extra room for a new bathroom, keep in mind that it pays to grasp the average bathroom renovation price on your area. 

Bathroom addition cost

The average bathroom addition price runs to $15,000, with homeowners spending among $5,000 and $35,000. High-end bathroom additions, adding a luxury master bath, can price among $75,000 and $90,000.

Remember that if you’re utilizing an existing space, the bathroom redesigning price will be 40% to 60% lesser than adding a bathroom in a new location. There’s a reason why working in an existing space is the cheapest way to add a bathroom. The area already has electrical, HVAC and plumbing installed. No wonder adding a bathroom in a laundry room is easy on the budget.

If you’re trying to work on an present space with a simple bathroom retouch, the average price will run between $3,000 to 5,000. This bathroom renovation price includes a wallpaper, painting the bathroom wall colors, bathroom flooring, and a bathe or tub.

Bathroom addition price factors

bathroom design

The bottom line is, your bathroom addition price is determined by the type of remodeling you’re planning and your bathroom design. Here are a few of the variables that affect how a lot your bathroom addition expenditures in total. 

Size and scale of the bathroom

Your bathroom addition price will be depending on the size and scale of your bathroom. Unnecessary to say, the larger your bathroom, the extra intricate will be its electrical or plumbing work. To not overlook the increasing variety of bathroom fixtures. Ask your self this: Will the recent bathroom be a practical one with basic amenities or a luxury addition to the master bedroom?

Another factor that will affect your plumbing cost will be the age of your home. The more improvements needed, the more may be the bathroom addition cost. Updating the ancient plumbing or electrical work or clearing the mildew within the walls, pests or a water leak will price you extra effort and money. 

Type of bathroom

The variety of bathroom you want to install will largely investigate the costs of your bathroom addition. It is going devoid of saying that a small half bathroom will cost much less than constructing a complete bath. Seem at the table less than to get a clear idea of what your bathroom design will cost.

Type of bathroomFeaturesApproximate bathroom areaBathroom addition cost
Half bathroom or powder roomSmall area
Toilet, sink, and mirror
May comprise a bathroom cabinet for storage
12 sq.ft.$12,000
¾ bathroomMedium space
Toilet, sink, stall shower, and mirror
May incorporate storage
More utilitarian than a half bath
36 sq.ft.$35,000
Full bathroomMedium to large area
Toilet, sink, mirror, tub/shower (combination or separate)
May incorporate a linen closet and shelving for storage
48 sq.ft.$47,000

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Bathroom installation costs

Bathroom installations/tasksRequirementCost to install
Pipe installationTwo or more assets of water plus waste pipes$13,600 (for pipes and fixtures)
Electricity installationWiring, at least one GFCI outlet or a panel upgradeElectricians charge $65  – $85 per hour
Shower/tub installationStall bathe or a stand-alone bathtub or an alcove tub$2,500 (alcove tub), $930 to $2,000 (shower stall), $800 (shower door)
Toilet installationFloor-mounted or wall-hung, one of a kind float and flush systems$350 (excluding supplies and plumbing)
Bathroom sink/faucetWall-hung, freestanding, part of a console system, or on a vanity$400 (sink), $200 (faucet)
Bathroom floor installationSlip-resistant and water-resistant bathroom flooring$900 depending on the floors material
Bathroom cabinetsVanity, linen closet or a linen tower$200 – $2000

Labor costs

A bathroom addition would want the features of several professionals. Hiring a carpenter could cost you $70 per hour, a plumber could charge $45-$65 per hour, an electrician could charge $65-$85 consistent with hour, and a tile installer could paintings for $4 consistent with square foot. You may also ought to engage a general contractor at $125 consistent with square foot. A bathroom clothier would price you an additional $50 to $200 per hour depending on the bathroom renovation process.

Location of the bathroom

small bathroom

As already mentioned, if your new bathroom is next to existing plumbing, it will cost you a lot less than if you wish to usher in new plumbing, vents, and waste traces for the bathroom addition. A very new bathroom setup can be quite time consuming and heavy on the budget.

Here are some areas of your home that you can think about to your new bathroom:

Potential bathroom spaceAverage price of bathroom addition
Walk-in closet$3,000
Hallway/Entryway$3,000 to 5,000 
Bedroom$3,000 (with existing plumbing)
Garage$3,000 to 5,000
Basement$5,000 to 15,000
Under the staircase$3,000

Other enhancement and bathroom improvement costs

  • Bathroom replicate – $120 to $150
  • Bathroom fan – $350 to $400
  • Radiant heat flooring – $6,000 to $14,000
  • Steam shower/sauna – $6,000
  • Towel warmers – $2,000
  • Whirlpool bathtub – $2,000 to $20,000

Permit costs

A bathroom addition will in all probability require a production permit. It’s important that you can consult your nearest authority at the matter. 

Since enabling requisites vary from place to place, it’s finest to envision along with your local code enforcement office. 

A enable is needed if you:

  • Alter the prevailing ground plan
  • Make structural changes 
  • Install new ductwork
  • Install or relocate new electrical or plumbing fixtures

The permit cost for a bathroom addition involves anywhere among $50 to $2,000 depending in your location and the bathroom remodeling project. 

Last words

If you have a large family, you’ll know the pain of sharing a bathroom. Adding an extra one is sometimes the only solution. Of course, the bathroom addition price won’t be cheap, but it will obviously make your lifestyles easier and extra organized.
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