How Can I Transform a Simple Bedroom into a Suite?

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Reader’s question:


I am short of advice on how we can change the sound asleep area of the topmost floor of a small, terraced house.

We need to make the entrance to the terrace more direct and easy, while also creating a small lavatory at the same floor, as the main bathroom is downstairs. It would be finest if the bathroom might be made accessible completely for the main bedroom, while also incorporating a walk-in closet or large wardrobe within the bedroom.

We want to use the remaining space as a small studio or a possible visitor bedroom, and we don’t have any particular preferences on which room ought to be transformed into the master bedroom. I am attaching a JPEG image of the present floor plan and would be grateful for any advice that you can provide us for our domestic improvement project.

Thank you.



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From KUKUN’S resident architecture advisor:

Hi Claire, thank you on your inquiry. Your home development project should redefine the space within the slumbering area of the house.

The first thing that you would like to do is retract the entrance of the master bedroom. This would create a hallway-like space, that will provide you with independent access to the terrace. You should construct a new wall for this, and while you are doing so, you will also be able to create a small toilet within the far nook of the room with unique access to the bedroom.

The rest room would be placed so that in case you want to make it accessible for the whole dozing space, you’ll be able to easily modify the bathroom fittings and the location of the door to place it in the hallway instead of within the room. You can install a sliding door to save additional space in your rest room area.

The wardrobe will have to steal a little space from the studio room, and during this way, you can create a walk-in closet with access to the master bed room with two sliding doors. These changes will transform your master bedroom into a real suite!

As for the home office, you can set up a table there with cabinets on the walls in your belongings, and place a wardrobe in a single corner. You can also add a sofa bed, which is a well alternative to a visitor bed because you can use it for extra seating once you don’t have guests. Please see the adjusted floor plan below.

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Giving Your Master Suite That Contact of Luxury

Once your design-build in your brand new master suite is done, right here are some ideas to add a contact of luxury to it.

Get the Correct Bedding

The very first thing you will want is the correct of bed. Any highly-priced resort room you stay at will have a bed that’s so comfortable, you won’t be able to forget it. Because you’re splurging, we’d imply you get your self a DUX bed with all the bells and whistles. Whilst you may grow to be spending anywhere between $4.500 to $12,000 at the bed, those beds have been scientifically established to provide the consumer higher and deeper sleep.

Since you’re going all out at the bed, you may as good get the finest linen as well. Bespoke bed linen with a thread count around 300 is what you need to really luxe up your bedroom suite. Stone pine pillows, with actual pine wood shavings from the Alps, will be cherry on top.

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Wake Up Feeling Awesome

A small kitchenette wouldn’t be out of place within the scheme of things. We’re no longer asking you to go your eating room. Instead, small features, like an espresso machine for some espresso in bed, or a box of seasonal candies and chocolates from your local chocolatier will cross a long way in adding to the charm.

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Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Every master suite needs a master bathroom that can complement it.

A rain shower head on your shower cubicle is a must-have. And what high priced bathroom doesn’t have a soaking tub?

Consider getting a fancy toilet, with an odor remover, seat warmer, an air dryer, and other luxurious fittings.

Talk in your indoors designers about adding an awesome decorative backsplash to add even more character on your master bathroom.

Light It Right

Lighting your master suite the correct way is as important as the design or decor. We’re now not talking simply about function, like we'd if we have been discussing kitchen lighting. This desires a healthy mixture of forms of lighting.

Ambient lighting to help you see is important. Based in your ceiling height and type, choose between chandeliers, flush-mounted lights, pendant lights, or even floor lamps.

Table lamps and sconces all paintings great for task lighting, while the suite’s accent lighting fixtures needs can be handled with recessed lighting, sconces, or perhaps fairy lights, depending at the room design.

Don’t neglect to use dimmer switches to help with mood lighting. Keep in mind that CFL and LED bulbs are the two longer-lasting and more energy-efficient when compared to regular bulbs.

Of course, there is not any alternative for natural lighting, so make certain your design contains large windows.

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