Hiring Professional Painting Contractor: Advice From Experts

Finding exquisite gurus for home renovations may be a challenge – especially when it comes to painting projects. We went instantly to the resource to get you the within scoop on a way to uncover the finest professional painting contractor in your needs, what to seek for in your bids, cost and time considerations, and standard errors to avoid.  We spoke to seasoned professionals Nigel Costolloe, the owner of and an estimator at Catchlight Painting, a residential and commercial painting company in Newton, Massachusetts, and Josh Abramson, the manager solutionist at ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING, a residential and advertisement portray company serving the Better Los Angeles Areas.

Where to start?

Most persons have a good suggestion approximately in which to begin whilst looking capability painters – look into their licenses, insurance, references and on line reviews. Josh gives extremely good advice on where to move from there: “You should additionally find out if they belong to any trade associations. If they do, it’s usually an indicator that they’re committed to perfecting their craft. Ask for references on your neighborhood, about their hiring practices and in the event that they subcontract out any work.” Nigel advises which you assess any references carefully “by calling beyond clients and touring earlier projects, as well as verifying licensure, insurance and a lack of legal entanglements with disgruntled beyond customers.”

What to seek for on your bids?

Systems vary for bidding on painting projects. Catchlight Painting uses “a blend of construction rates for brand spanking new paintings where a substrate is well measurable, and premiums in keeping with past experience,” consistent with Nigel. This facilitates them to “capture the details and nuances of older houses in differing stipulations – journey is fundamental to precise and fair estimating.”

Nigel and Josh are clean about what you should seek for in any painting bid you receive – exhaustive detail. Be sure your bids include the answers to those questions:


  • How many coats?
  • What kind and manufacturer of paint?
  • What method of application?
  • How much and what sort of prep?
  • Who strikes furniture and places it back?
  • Who cleans up at the conclusion of the day?
  • Do the painters speak English?
  • Are they insured and experienced?
  • What are the inclusions (areas to be painted) and exclusions (areas now not being painted)?

Josh advises that these types of items “should be in writing – if they’re not, you’re taking a chance or the contractor may have whatever to hide.”

Allbright Painting uses One Step Estimating, a trendy bidding manner they built in 2005 “that uses portray commerce concepts and creation charges to accurately and perpetually provide clients a written thought and contract correct on the spot using Microsoft Excel and Word.” Josh stocks that Allbright has “helped thousands and hundreds of portray contractors around the USA via providing them our system. It has helped revolutionize the painting industry.”

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Cost considerations

When we asked our execs approximately what explanations affect the price of a project, and if it is attainable to minimize expenditures with out compromising the result or quality, they gave us the directly goods.

According to Nigel, the most pressing predicament is labor: “Labor is necessarily the biggest price in residential painting. Reducing the cost calls for deciding to buy more affordable labor, which diminishes quality, or increasing productivity, which runs the chance of leaving behind cognizance to detail for speed.”


Josh agrees, adding, “Labor, safety, materials, insurance, etc. all outcomes the price of a painting project.” Allbright tries to keep their estimates as low as possible, yet not via reducing corners. “Offering your team more training, looking for ways to be more effective via using better tools, placing team aims and timing yourself to increase creation devoid of sacrificing quality can all bring about mark downs that we can circulate on to the customer.”

How to preclude delays?

Once again, our pros Josh and Nigel surely came via with expert recommendation on guidance clear of dreaded delays.

Follow this guidelines to keep your project’s timeline on track – with minimum headaches for every person involved:

  • Include a completion bonus and penalty if an end date is critical
  • Know what paint hues you’d like to use ahead of time. Make an effort to pattern one-of-a-kind hues and examine them in both daytime and at night.
  • Ask the contractors whether they plan on staying on the activity from start to finish, or if they will be trying to work on other projects at the identical time.
  • Make certain the other contractors are not in the way and they don’t ask your painting contractor to leapfrog to and fro to different areas.

Final thoughts

Avoiding miscommunication and blunders is prime to keeping your portray assignment walking smoothly. Nigel advises that neither you nor your contractor should imagine anything. Everything should be defined in writing: what will ensue and how, and what kind of it’s going to cost. “Do now not accept casual ‘We had to follow extra paint, so that you owe us extra money’ statements – 90% of portray projects should have a fixed price; any object that’s variably priced should be basically recounted and explained.”

Josh’s parting awareness comes from his a long time of journey operating with all kinds of customers. The commonest mistake he sees? “Picking the incorrect paint colors.” How are you able to prevent this?  “Work with a painting contractor who offers professional colour consulting services, so you may work with them to find the perfect hues for your house or business.”

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