Helpful Tips to Choose the Best Feng Shui Kitchen Colors

Your kitchen is perhaps the busiest room in your house. It’s also wherein you and your kinfolk sit down together to enjoy a meal and a few deep tête-à-têtes. No wonder, your kitchen atmosphere ought to be as calming as possible. And, the right feng shui kitchen shades will assist set a tone for concord and nurturing energy required for a happy home.

Feng shui is the historic Chinese language spatial regulation that, while utilized well, can carry good vibes into your home. The ancient train claims to use power forces to harmonize people with their environment. It goes beyond optimizing your feng shui kitchen design and feng shui kitchen design. The colors you choose can make a contribution too. 

Therefore, it’s significant to have well feng shui energy on your kitchen. It transfers good feng shui to your whole home. After all, the kitchen is the area where your food comes from. So, the vibes on your cooking region will influence your health and wellbeing too!

Try to discover a wall color that suits your adorning feel and your feng shui goals. Thankfully, you don’t have to limit your self to a kitchen with simply earth tones or pure white. You may utilize other fascinating shades as well, as long as the overall visual influence is calming and balanced.

Creating a feng shui kitchen 

feng shui kitchen

So, how do you create a feng shui kitchen? Well, the simplest way to deliver good feng shui power into your cooking area is by using taking these two steps:

  • Identify the bagua of your home

Define the power center or the bagua place of your kitchen and make sure that it’s helpful in growing good feng shui. Consulting a feng shui expert can help. They’ll be capable to supply you feng shui therapies or adjustments to remove any blocked energy. That will balance the flow of powerin your cooking area — with out you having to rebuild or remodel the kitchen layout. 

  • Bring in the right feng shui kitchen colors

A kitchen enables you to usher in feng shui shades whatsoever — now not simply on the walls. You could upload shades along with your backsplash tiles, kitchen countertops, storage cabinets, or kitchen flooring. If you’re not making plans a large-scale maintenance in the close future, you may nonetheless make meaningful changes with the color of your kitchen appliances, wallpapers, artwork, or kitchen decor items. 

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Best feng shui kitchen colors

Feng shui kitchen colors are essential in creating an efficient, but calming cooking space. White, yellow, green, beige, red, orange, and blue colors are regarded well feng shui kitchen paint colors, but you must comprehend how to use them. The manner you employ the colors, which hue should dominate the colour scheme — will be one-of-a-kind for each kitchen. The color options relies on the 5 feng shui elements and the direction of the kitchen. 

  • White color
white kitchen

White is a well-liked kitchen color, particularly if you’re utilizing the concepts of feng shui. The colour is a logo of cleanliness and purity. Considering that your kitchen is wherein you cook dinner your meals, you’d prefer to retain things pure. Aesthetically too, white pairs good with each color.  In fact, a white background provides the perfect canvas which you can accent with hotter colorings on your kitchen cabinets, backsplash, or window treatments. That way, your kitchen room is neither too stark nor too cold. 

  • Neutral shades 

Neutral colors such as beige, oatmeal, and other earth colors paintings well in the kitchen. According to feng shui, such shades deliver balance to a family and have a harmonious effect. Those easy colors are hot and comforting and make your kitchen consider cozy.

  • Yellow color
yellow kitchen

This is returned a favored feng shui kitchen color. Feng shui experts believe that it promotes socialization, it uplifts your spirits and makes your cooking area cheerful and happy. However, stay away from stunning colorings of yellow that would agitate you and your guests. Opt for a light-weight yellow or golden yellow. It’s soothing to the eyes.  

  • Blue color

An interesting factor approximately blue is that it’s believed to cut back hunger! So, if you’re someone who’s watching their weight, colors of blue are a wise choice. However, be sure to use the water factor in small doses. Whilst a touch blue will add a relaxing effect, too a lot of it could make your kitchen appear gloomy.

  • Green color

Did you know, the color eco-friendly promotes digestion! No ask yourself feng shui recommends it for your kitchen space. It’s finest to choose tender and earthy vegetables which will assist you create a relaxing cooking space. You may increase these earthy colors further by way of placing indoor flora and herbs.

  • Red color

Red is an effective colour in your kitchen, provided you use it in small doses. Otherwise, the fiery color can create an imbalance in the space. A good suggestion is to combine a neutral colour with a little little bit of pink — maybe in simple terms as an accent.

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Feng shui kitchen shades and kitchen directions

kitchen feng shui

Here are some particular Feng shui colorations that go good with sure directions of your kitchen

East facing kitchen

  • Responsible for: Family’s health and family
  • Good feng shui colors: Brown and green
  • Additional feng shui colors: Black, blue and beige
  • Colors to avoid: Red, orange, purple, darkish yellow, and gray

Southeast facing kitchen

  • Responsible for: Funds and abundance
  • Good feng shui colors: Brown and green
  • Additional feng shui colors: Black, beige, blue and sandy
  • Colors to avoid: Red, orange, purple, gray and strong yellow

South-facing kitchen

  • Responsible for: Repute and reputation
  • Good feng shui colors: Red, orange, yellow, pink, magenta, purple
  • Additional feng shui colors: Brown, green, black, blue
  • Colors to avoid: Red, orange, purple, strong yellow, gray

Southwest dealing with kitchen

Kitchen in the southwest
  • Responsible for: Love and marriage
  • Good feng shui colors: Earth factor shades inclusive of beige, sandy, light butter yellow
  • Additional feng shui colors: Red, orange, yellow, pink, magenta, purple
  • Colors to avoid: Blue, black, green, gray

West facing kitchen

  • Responsible for: Toddlers and creativity
  • Good feng shui colors: White and smooth gray
  • Additional feng shui colors: Beige, sandy, easy yellow
  • Colors to avoid: Red, orange, yellow, pink, magenta, purple

Northwest facing kitchen

  • Responsible for: Helpful persons and well blessings
  • Good feng shui colors: White and gray
  • Additional feng shui colors: Beige, sandy, light yellow
  • Colors to avoid: Red, orange, yellow, pink, magenta, purple

North facing kitchen

  • Responsible for: Career in life
  • Good feng shui colors: Black and blue
  • Additional feng shui colors: White and gray
  • Colors to avoid: Red, orange, yellow, pink, magenta, purple, green, brown, sandy

Northeast facing kitchen

  • Responsible for: Spiritual growth
  • Good feng shui colors: Beige, sandy, light butter yellow
  • Additional feng shui colors: Red, orange, yellow, pink, magenta, purple
  • Colors to avoid: Blue, black, green, gray

Last words

Feng shui offers unique consideration to a kitchen — due to the fact it’s the heart of your home. Feng shui practitioners trust that this area is where you nurture and sustain lifestyles by way of preparing food for your entire family.

We hope the above tips will assist you create a good and completely happy feng shui kitchen — a feeling that will transcend to the rest of your home. 
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