Helpful expert tips on how to estimate tile for shower

Planning a bathroom makeover, and wish to figure out your budget for the bathroom tiles? You’re in luck! If you desire to recognize how to estimate tile for a shower in your bathroom, this web publication will help you simplify the measurements and calculations for the tile area.  

Whether you’re installation a new tiled shower floor or calculating the total fabric fees — you can examine how many tiles you will need with those expert tips.

So, don’t let tiling your shower emerge as a frightening task. It doesn’t take as a lot effort and talent as you’ll imagine. As soon as you recognize precisely what tile and how a lot of it you’ll require — you could cross approximately making plans your home improvement assignment in a extra prepared way. 

How to degree your shower area

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Begin your measurements from one shower wall first. Utilize a measuring tape and measure the size and the width of the wall that wants tiling. To investigate the square footage, really multiply the length with width and divide with the aid of 144. Measure all the other partitions in addition and add the rectangular footage of all of the walls. This provide you with the total rectangular footage of the shower area. Do keep in mind to add an extra 10 percentage for waste and future repairs. 

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How to calculate the tiles for a shower stall

Multiply the total square toes by the variety of tiles per rectangular foot. Remember that 1 square foot requires 4 6-by-6-inch tiles or one 12-by-12-inch tile. For example, a 50-square-foot area would require 50 tiles if using 12-by-12-inch tiles or 200 tiles if using 6-by-6-inch tiles.

Using this formula, you may translate the rectangular footage to the number of tiles you’ll need. Remember that tiles traditionally are available boxes, and you have to buy the total box. Therefore, doing the correct calculation will assist you deal with your house redesigning better, and store money. 

Having mentioned that, you should buy slightly over and above the precise volume of tile you need. Hold a bit extra for cuts, wastage, tile breakages, or any tile installation mistakes.

If you’re still uncertain of how a lot material you’ll need for your tile project, you can use a tile calculator.

How much additional tile should you buy?

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To account for wastes or breakages, it’s a good suggestion to buy among 10% and 20% extra tile than required. If you’re planning to use multiple-size designs, mosaic tiles, or huge tiles, you will even require up to 30% more. That’s due to the fact breaking a 2-foot with the aid of 2-foot (2’x2’) huge tile occurs far more than breaking a 2-inch with the aid of 2-inch (2”x2”) small tile piece. 

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Which tile length is best for a bathroom shower?

The tile length you select for your bathroom relies upon plenty on the realm you desire tiled. You shouldn’t install one tile length for each of the installations. For example, large-format tiles usually seem awkward, ungainly in small bathrooms. The tile’s length should visually and structurally paintings for specific applications.

A trendy rule of thumb is to fit a minimum of three complete tiles across the wall of the shower. If you’re utilizing a 13-inch tile, this means that such a lot of your shower walls should be at least 39 inches wide. 

Another tiling rule of thumb is that the tiles — whether rectangular or square or any unique shape — ought to preferably no longer be reduce into pieces to fit during the tile installation.

Here’s a table to give you a good idea of which tile size ought to be used where. 

Bathroom areaSize recommendation
Shower floor (small)1-inch square
Shower partitions (small)1-inch rectangular to 4-inch square
Shower walls (moderate/large )4-inch to 15×30-inch
Bathroom floor1-inch rectangular to 12-inch square
Bathroom walls4-inch rectangular to 12×24-inch

What form of tile is recommended for showers?

There are different types of tiles available on the market. You could select the best tiles for your bathroom, depending on whether they’re for the floor or wall. Here’s a list of a few of the most effective tiles, with their material cost. This pricing does no longer comprise the tile installation. 

  • Ceramic tiles: 50 cents up to $15 in keeping with square foot
  • Porcelain tiles: $3 to $12 in keeping with square foot
  • Travertine tiles: $2 to $3 in step with rectangular foot
  • Slate tiles or organic stone tiles: $3 to $4 in step with square foot
  • Limestone tiles: $5 in step with rectangular foot
  • Granite tiles: $3 to $7 in keeping with square foot
  • Marble tiles: $8 to $10 in step with rectangular foot
  • Herringbone tiles: $15 to $17 in keeping with rectangular foot
  • Glass mosaic tiles: $6 to $30 in keeping with rectangular foot

Most property owners prefer ceramic and porcelain tiles for their shower walls as they're water and stain-resistant. For shower ground tiles, they prefer mosaic tiles as these small tiles conform to the slope and form of the shower floor greater than a larger tile. Moreover, the grout strains present between mosaic tiles offer much-needed slip resistance within the shower area.

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How are you able to use Kukun’s bathing room estimator to estimate your bathroom redecorate cost?

When you desire to estimate the price of the tiles for your shower or the total bathing room remodel, the way is to use a reliable estimator such as the Kukun Bathing room Renovation Cost Estimator. 

The unfastened estimator tool will help you simplify the method of calculating the tiling costs. What’s more, it is going to help you estimate the total bathing room renovation cost with the clicking of a button — inside minutes!

With the convenience it offers, you may cross forward and plan your house remodel budget — making your bathroom makeover stress-free, less complicated and better. 

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