Hardwood Floor Refinishing: Costs, Tips, and Steps

Is your ancient hardwood floors looking love it desires refinishing? Can you spot scratches, scuff marks, gouges, stains, or standard put on and tear at the surface? Well, hardwood floor refinishing is an easy domestic development that can make your floor appear as good as new.

Experts recommend that you ought to refinish your hardwood flooring once each 10 years. Or, more usually if your house reviews heavy site visitors move — especially from little ones or pets. The reason being that over time, hardwood floors can necessarily get stupid or scratched. However, the good news is that this sort of floor, not like other forms of flooring, could make a lovely comeback with some refinishing. 

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A typical wood floor refinishing comprises sanding the top layer of the covering material. This method helps eliminate each of the scratches, stains, or imperfections, leaving you with a clean surface to be stained or painted.

Hardwood ground refinishing is definitely worth it as reliable wooden floors upload significance and style to your home — proposing a classic look that on no account goes out of fashion. Refinishing an historic hardwood ground is always plenty less expensive than changing it altogether. Replacing the total ground will require you to pay for added wood, floors materials, and labor costs. Not to forget, the extra effort of ripping up and hauling away the prevailing hardwood!

Hardwood ground refinishing cost

hardwood floor refinishing
Photo by Stephen Wolfe from Pexels CC0

The standard cost of refinishing hardwood floors is round $3 to $8 per square foot. Such a lot property owners can expect to pay among $1,074 and $2,411. A more problematic activity or a customized refinish work involving sanding, using stains, water-based, oil-based finishes, or acid-cured finishes might price as excessive as $4,000. Of course, the full refinishing cost depends on the type of work, even if you prefer a DIY assignment or lease a floors professional, the fabric costs, and your zip code. Interestingly, the more region you have, the decrease will be the square foot price.

Generally, the process takes up about one week adding cleanup based upon the kind of conclude you use, the variety of coats you apply, and the humidity level.

Ideally, so that you can seal the floor, it’s a good idea to do it on the equal day you conclude sanding. It really is to ensure that the open wooden surface doesn’t soak up moisture. Use a sheepskin applicator to use the stain and sealer evenly. Remember that excess sealer doesn’t soak into the wood so be cautious to not observe too much. 

If your wooden floor is slightly tired but in any other case in good condition, you will skip the sanding and instantly recoat the flooring. This is maybe the cheapest thanks to refinish hardwood flooring at $1 in step with square foot.

Another way to refinish wooden floors with out sanding is by using utilizing a way referred to as display screen and recoat. This procedure comprises scuffing up the conclude with a floor buffer and then utilising a refresher coat.

But, how do you become aware of the situation of your floor? A easy water droplet test ought to do the trick. Splash some water droplets in your floor. In the event that they soak in immediately, it means that the wooden fibers of your flooring are uncovered and the outside calls for refinishing. If the droplets bead on the floor, thorough cleansing and polishing are all that’s required. 

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Types of hardwood ground finishes

wood ground fininsh
Image by Stephen Wolfe from Pexels CC0

The kind of hardwood floor finish you choose depends on the fashion and sturdiness you’re seeking for.

  • Polyurethane finish

This conclude can be both oil- or water-based. The plastic-looking finish is available in various degrees of luster. It’s excellent for high-traffic and high-moisture areas. But, keep in mind that such a finish is extremely difficult to spot-repair.

  • Varnish

The luster of varnish tiers from matte to glossy. Interestingly, the more the gloss, the tougher it will make the surface. You can effortlessly make spot-repairs with varnish. Do keep in mind that this finish has a tendency to darken with age.

  • Penetrating sealer

If you’re searching for a natural-looking conclude to bring out your wood flooring’s grain, a penetrating sealer offers good protection. It appears especially great when waxed. It’s the easiest finish to spot-repair. However, it’s slightly less durable. 

Hardwood ground refinishing steps

Knowing how to refinish your hardwood flooring might actually help maintain your home and combat the damage and tear of every day use.

Prepare your ground for the refinishing

  • Move out all the furniture from the room
  • Pull out the rugs or carpeting 
  • Use plastic sheeting to seal doorways (to retain dirt from sanding contained)
  • Find and hammer down any protruding nails across the floor
  • Secure any unfastened floorboards with finishing nails. 
  • Clean the ground with a vacuum cleaner, mop, or ground cleaner
  • Seal air vent covers to avoid dirt from entering your ductwork

Pull up the bottom molding with a pry bar

  • Pry up the molding from wherein the floor meets the wall
  • Make certain you look after the baseboard at all times, especially whilst operating the sander
  • Label each piece with the intention to help you update it after the refinishing

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Rough-sand your hardwood floor

  • Wear a mud mask, security goggles, and ear coverage before starting the sanding process
  • Use a drum sander or belt sander along the size of the floorboard to take away scratches and stains
  • Work the drum sander back and forth (over 3- to 4-foot lengths) with overlapping strokes
  • Begin with coarse sandpaper (36 to 40 grit), then with a medium one (60-grit), and finally a finer paper (100 grit). 
  • Sweep and vacuum the floors among using the different grades of grit paper
  • Replace the abrasive belt after each 250 rectangular toes for good results
  • Fill within the holes with wooden putty or wood filler

Sand the ground edges and corners

  • Make use of an edger sander or a small orbital sander for corners, edges, closet floors, stairs, or round fitments.
  • Start with a coarse-grit paper earlier than moving to a finer grade one
  • Sand the complete ground at a uniform consistency
  • For difficult to arrive areas, get rid of the ancient conclude through hand with sandpaper

Screen-sand the hardwood floor

  • Use a ground buffer with a screening pad
  • Level out the minor unevenness and smooth away any sanding scratches
  • Remove all of the dirt and debris with the aid of wiping the floor

Apply the wooden stain

  • Choose a wood stain that fits the type of hardwood flooring you have 
  • Use a foam applicator pad to use the stain
  • Always stain in the course of the wood grain 
  • Keep removing the excess stain with clear cotton cloths or paper towels
  • Allow the stain to dry completely earlier than utilising the wood finish

Apply the finish

  • Apply the conclude with a lamb’s wool applicator
  • Avoid drips and move in smooth, even lines 
  • Opt for 3 coats of oil-based finish or 4 coats of a water-based product
  • Wait for every coat to dry completely
  • Keep in mind that the majority water-based polyurethane wooden finishes or lacquers dry quickly while oil-based polyurethane wood conclude dry slowly, taking nearly 24 hours to dry
  • Sand the hardwood ground lightly with 220-grit paper or a metal wool
  • Vacuum up the dust
  • Reattach the molding
  • Dispose off the oil-soaked rags properly
  • Bring lower back the furniture. Preclude dragging it across the floor

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Last words

Whether you rent flooring pros or tackle the hardwood ground refinishing yourself, if you follow these steps, you could effortlessly revitalize the appear of your floors without having to put in a brand-new one. 

Keep in mind that experts estimate that hardwood flooring may well be refinished as much as 10 times, based upon the thoroughness of the sanding and refinishing. 

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