Handy Kitchen Sink Installation Tips You Must Know

Sometimes, when you’ve got every thing in place, it’s the little matters that want immediate attention. Your kitchen sink is one among them. When upgrading your kitchen, including a new sink could be very important. If you’re a DIY style of person, installing a new kitchen sink can be a breeze if you recognize how. Now not merely is it greater to install it with the aid of yourself, but you can even economize in the lengthy run. In this article, we’re going to examine a few tips for assisting you in your new kitchen sink installing to ensure you get the activity completed quickly and correctly.

Measure Everything


This step is the biggest one. You have got to measure every little thing and degree it two or thrice to make sure you’ve received it right. If you are going to buy a sink that’s the incorrect size, it’s going to make the installation activity that much harder. Correct dimension will assist ensure that you get the correct size to restrict having to cut into your countertops or take the sink returned for an exchange. Remember that every sink has one-of-a-kind drain locations and sizes. Measuring things can make sure you get exactly what you wish to restrict any major modifications.

Additional Changes

Do you desire to replace the faucet? Do you want to add a sprayer? Such a lot wellknown sinks have countless holes for added options that may be added with the recent sink. With the intention to perform a little updating in your strategies with your sink, installation the recent kitchen sink is the time to make the upgrades. It’s much simpler to upgrade your faucet when you change out sinks than whilst changing the tap along with your current sink. Remember to factor in those improvements with the price of your sink to make certain there are no shock price range issues.

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Removing the Historic Sink

Before you may install your new sink, you must eliminate the old one. First, take a well photograph of your plumbing to give you a reference for installing the hot plumbing. Next, you need to turn off the two water provide lines. Luckily, the shutoff valves are commonly right below the sink. In case you can’t look to locate the shutoffs, truely turn off the main water line to the home until you’re done.

After turning off the water, you have to relieve any of the water strain within the water traces by means of turning at the faucet. Then, utilizing your adjustable wrenches, disconnect the water supply, preserving a bucket just about catch any extra water left because the drainpipes are removed. These with rubbish disposal will have got to perform a little more work to show off the circuit, unplug it, and disconnect the drainpipe. You also will must disconnect the dishwasher drain line, the disposer, and any metallic clips around the sink. Remember to keep buckets close by means of to catch any excess drain water while removing the sink.

sink replacementPhoto by Granite Charlotte Countertops on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Before eliminating the sink, use a software knife to rigorously reduce away the caulking across the sink that maintains it watertight. You can then push the sink from underneath, and raise it away, leaving the space for the new sink.

Preparing for the New

Before you may set up the recent sink, you need to first do some bit of cleanup to make sure that the recent sink has a great number of space for a watertight seal. Using a putty knife, you should eliminate any of the grime leftovers at the countertop from the caulking and plumber’s putty. You ought to also clear up any of the goods you want to reinstall. For example, with the intention to reinstall the faucet, you should clear it up.

faucet replacePhoto by John Beagle on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

In with the New

First, ensure your new sink suits with the aid of putting it within the hole in the countertop. If you wish to, you can adjust the countertop commencing with a jigsaw, making sure to cut it simply the correct amount. Next, you could remove the sink and fix each of the metal clips, ensuring to show them closer to the sink bowl for later attachment. Now, you can install your new faucet or your historic one if it most closely fits you.

Using somewhat of plumber’s putty, make sure that the drain strainer is company against the putty and sink, creating a seal. Next, secure any rubber gaskets or the threaded flange to the drain. When you’ve got a rubbish disposal, comply with the stairs that include your sink for attaching the essential equipment. Before you may pass on, you wish to put slightly of silicone on the edge of the sink basin, lowering the sink cautiously into the outlet and aligning it up straight.

You will need to get less than the sink to finish the remainder of the installation, making sure to connect each of the metal clips, connect the provision lines for the water, and tighten up any free bolts and connections. Reattach your garbage disposal and reattach your dishwasher drain to get everything in working order once again. Reattach you p-trap for the garbage disposal, and regulate any old drainpipes that maybe misaligned or no longer in working order.

sink sealant

Finally, seal off your sink to the countertop by way of utilizing a sink sealant, making sure to maintain every little thing clean. As soon as the sealant has dried completely, you could reconnect any energy and water on your sink, giving it a good testing for any leaks or issues.


Believe it or not, installation your kitchen sink is simpler than it sounds. All you must do is take a photograph of your plumbing to ensure you are doing things in the correct order and hooking matters up in the right spot. Ought to you run into any plumbing issues while working, name your plumber right away to have a professional remedy any important problems. Otherwise, setting up your new kitchen sink is a superb DIY task to save lots of you some money and help you renovate your kitchen one step at a time to get that kitchen you’ve always dreamed about.

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