Guide to Egress Window Costs and Installation

Planning a house remodeling? We know convalescing the aesthetics of your home in addition to including importance to it’s in your mind. However, security is equally crucial. This is in which egress home windows come in. They permit in easy and warmness into your house when offering a secure go out in the course of an emergency. Prefer to know all about this security feature? Our guide will clarify approximately egress window cost, the factors affecting it, and the installation.

What is an egress window?

Quite literally, the be aware egress ability a path out. And, that’s precisely what this type of window does. It’s installed, generally in a bedroom, basement, or attic, so as to provide an emergency go out in case of a fire or other accident.

Apart from this function, an egress window additionally provides magnitude to your house by way of advantage of including rectangular footage. Basement egress windows are a natural and organic ventilator on your basement — bringing in sparkling air from outside.

Know that installing egress home windows isn’t a choice; it’s necessary. Your home MUST have egress windows. Almost all residential building codes dictate that a home should have at least one egress window hooked up in the course of its initial production and design. Therefore, don’t neglect to factor them in whilst calculating yourhome protection cost.

Egress window cost

On average, the cost of installation below-ground, prefabricated egress windows could be among$2,300 to $5,000. Whilst calculating an egress window setting up cost, consider 3 varieties of expenditure: window unit ($200 – $1,000 apiece), egress well, ladder, as well as disguise price, and the installation. For a transparent idea, you could always get a window substitute estimate before starting the work. 

Creating the cheap on your project?

Explore financing strategies on your egress window installing devoid of affecting your credit score

You can create an egress well out of brick, wood, or concrete, yet experts trust thatpre-manufactured egress good kits help cut down the price of labor. The total time to install such an egress method also reduces. Hiring a pro installer speeds up and streamlines the method yet will cost you extra. It’s best to get some unfastened estimates before zeroing in in your final choice. 

You also will have to endure extra costssuch as excavation for a basement window or if there is a requirement for casement and stairs. That could cost a minimum of $ 1,000 more.

Now that you know the approximate price to install egress windows, let’s break this quantity for you in terms of some price factors for better clarity.

Egress window price factors

These factors affect the total cost of putting in egress windows. Understanding them is essential for your home redesigning budget:

1. Window type, size, and quality

To understand this point, you wish to first know that there are two forms of windows that can function egress windows in a house:  

  • Hinged casement window: a no-frills, popular window that looks kind of like a small door. It offers a clear course for exiting.
  • Slider window, double-hung window, or glider window: these are installed on tracks or runners and allow property owners to open 1/2 the length of the window at a time. For this reason, such sliding egress home windows have to be at least forty eight inches across.

How a lot ever a 30-inch sliding-glass egress window costs, an out-swing unmarried hung window will price a bit more, and a swing-in window might be double that amount. However, the latter is a better option for basement egress windows.

Homeowners additionally give you the chance of putting in high-end windows with energy-saving features. The alternative home windows could price extra initially yet will cut down appreciable utility costs within the long run.

2. Area of window

If you want an egress window in a first- or second-floor bedroom, it’s simple to install. You can even try this as a DIY project. But, the setting up procedure for basement-level windows calls for specific sealing so as to avert moisture from seeping inside. Hiring a pro window installer will enhance the fees yet will make the installing much less time-consuming and more seamless.

3. Excavation or build-up requirement

An egress window installation, especially one in the basement, will require excavation, grading, and drainage systems. The concern is to create a safe below-ground-level area outside the window for easy access and exit. You will need different equipment, engineering, and labor — all 3 including to the general costs of the basement egress window’s installation.

4. Place of the house

It is going devoid of saying that the price to install the windows varies from place to vicinity (and even by way of zip code). For the best estimate of work cost, window cost, installing costs — consulting your nearby contractor is best.

Egress window standard codes 

When it comes to egress window placement, each state, county, or municipal authorities has its own requirements.

Having pronounced that, there are some vast standards dictated by using the International Residential Code (IRC).

It states that all egress windows must have a minimal width of 20 inches, a minimum top of 24 inches, a minimal clearing of 5.7 square toes while opened, and a maximum sill top of forty four inches from the floor.

Apart from this, there are some more conditions:

  • A basement egress window have to have clear area surrounding it.
  • It have to have a minimum projection of 36-inch and steps main to the window.
  • All egress home windows have to be operational from the inside.
  • There should be no requirement for tools or keys to open the window.
  • Any bars or grates surrounding egress windows must also not require tools or keys.

Egress window installation

Egress Window Installation
random 040, with the aid of AshleyHodge1 on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

We don’t recommend a DIY egress window installation, especially for beginners. Any such window placement might still work on leading floors but installation a basement egress window involves tricky handiwork.

If you’re self-assured of your handyman skills, listed below are some effortless installing steps to guide you:

  1. Dig outside your basement to supply a window opening that’s up to code with appropriate framing and drainage.
  2. Use a noticed graded for concrete and reduce first external and then contained in the basement to create a hole for the window.
  3. Clean up the area and build and install a pressure-treated box that fits into that space.
  4. Secure the framework and window.
  5. Seal any places among the window framework and the basement wall.
  6. Outside, increase the good around the window — retaining regional codes in mind.
  7. Trim out the egress window from the within adding a drywall wrap, insulation, casings, and trim.

Egress windows: pros and cons


  • Provide safety to a house’s inhabitants.
  • Designed well, such windows add fashion and value.
  • Add to a house’s rectangular footage.
  • Let in easy and warmth, particularly to basements and attics.
  • Are available in a number colors, sizes, and designs.


  • Installation in older properties may be tough if egress windows require excavation round fuel or electrical lines.
  • Professional installing is expensive.
  • More complicated procedure than installing usualwindow frames.
  • Need to be accurately hooked up when it comes to sealing, grading, and drainage. Otherwise, would harm your house’s foundation over time.

Last words

Safety is the 1st and main explanation why an egress window is installed. This different window — with a good dug outside of it — is massive sufficient for an occupant to make a short exit in case of an coincidence or fire.

Apart from this, an egress additionally provides magnitude and style to a house. Useless to say, this sort of window is totally indispensable. We are hoping our aid on egress window cost and installation allows you at your residence improvement.  

Guide to Egress Window Costs and Installation become final modified: February 18th, 2021 with the aid of Ramona Sinha