Great 3/4 bathroom floor plan ideas by an architect

When you’re selling or purchasing a home, the variety of bathrooms the house has is an important attention for capability home buyers. While there’s no significant difference in importance between a ¾ bathroom and a full bath, it may affect the home sale to a certain amount. 

This is to assert that since a three-quarter bathroom generally has a toilet, sink, and shower, yet no bathtub, there possibly homebuyers looking specifically for a bathroom with a bathtub. If the house does not incorporate a bath elsewhere, those with young children won’t want a genuine property with out a minimum of one full bathroom. 

But if the home has an entire bathroom already, having a three-quarter tub can be a practical, functional, and aesthetically enjoyable solution. So as to make the finest of ¾ bathroom layouts, let’s explore some extraordinary bathroom designs. The idea is to select the finest bathroom layout that fits your lifestyle. 

What’s a ¾ bathroom?

A three-quarter bathroom includes three plumbing furniture including a toilet, a sink, and a bath (or regularly a hot tub, but certainly not both). So essentially, one of these design covers the fundamental needs of a bathroom. ¾ baths are ideal for a visitor room or all bedrooms except the master bedrooms for which a whole or master tub is a better choice.

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¾ bathroom floor plan suggestion 1

3/4 bathtub floor plan
3/4 bathroom render

Total dimensions: 7.71 toes x 7.28 feet

First environment (sink and shower): 4.76 toes x 7.28 feet 

Second environment (W.C. and storage): 2.62 feet x 7.28 feet

Circulation: 1.97 feet

Height: 9.18 feet

This layout is composed of 2 separate environments — a bathroom with a floor-to-ceiling cabinet for garage on one side, and a bath with a bathroom sink at the different side. This way, you get total privateness in the toilet space. 

3/4 bathroom separate toilet

The architect recommends sliding barn doorways for the two environments. Such kinds of bathroom doors provide better comfort and take in less space. That’s why they are perfect for small bathrooms, closets, cupboards, and minimalistic spaces. Interestingly, such doorways can adjust to any design style — no matter if rustic or modern.

3/4 bathroom plan with mirror

The architect has stored the bathroom windows 1.97 ft high, enough to light up and ventilate the full bathroom. Apart from this, the professional recommends well artificial lighting, especially around the bathroom vanity — by way of wall sconces, and project lighting. 

There’s a colour palette of white, gray, and black occupying many of the wall and floor area in the shower area. The colour white predominates though, to offer the bathroom more easy and spatial illusion. 

The suggestion in the back of using a darker color scheme for the shower and the toilet is to visually demarcate the areas. 

Interestingly, the vertical bathroom storage is wine-colored, making it the focal point of the bathroom design. The floor-to-ceiling storage, with open shelving, facilitates organize the bathroom utilities and accessories. It’s easier to have matters nearer at hand. 

The architect has used gold on faucets, knockers, and bathe door hardware. And, the shower doors are glazed for extra elegance. 

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¾ bathroom floor plan suggestion 2

one ambient 3/4 bath plan

Dimensions: 8.87 feet x 4.92 ft

Clearance: 2.62 foot

Modulation: 2.62 foot 

In this design, despite the fact the architect has created a unmarried environment, they’ve divided the area by using 0.5 walls.

Since all the sanitary portions rest on a single wall, their installations are much less expensive. Moreover, the sort of layout offers an orderly look to the bathroom. The windows, one in the bathroom location and any other in the shower let in abundant natural and organic light.

Due to the spacing, the half-wall divisions permit every space to be separate with out blockading the passage of light. There aren't any home windows within the sink vicinity to leave good room for overhead cupboard storage or mirror lights. 

The half-wall, at a height of 4.92 feet, gives the bathroom good privacy without making the bathroom seem too congested. The perfect garage solution for any such setup is to have a raised cabinet in the front of the bathroom apart from the integrated cupboard or vanity — either a single or double vanity.

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¾ bathroom floor plan concept 3

3/4 small tub floor plan

Dimensions: 7.55 feet x 4.59 feet

Circulation: 2.30 feet

Modulation: 2.30 feet to 26.25 feet among every piece

This 0.33 design is a traditional model with a single environment. This type of ¾ bathroom is right for spaces in which square footage comes at a premium. The sanitary pieces relaxation on the same wall — making the plumbing installations less complicated and less expensive.

There’s a window at the end of the corner bathe which allows direct airflow for good bathroom ventilation.

The architect recommends a sliding or folding bathe door to utilize the bathroom space in a better way. 

Key takeaway

A ¾ bathroom is somewhere among a full bathroom and a 0.5 bathroom. Undoubtedly, three-quarter bathrooms offer loads of design flexibility. Whichever bathroom design you choose, make sure it suits your requirements and lifestyle. We hope those bathroom ideas and pointers by our professional architect will assist you make the correct selection to your next bathroom renovation.

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