Granite Tiles Vs Ceramic: Why Granite is Better and a Smarter Choice

Are you seeking the ideal material to your countertop or kitchen flooring? Do you want a material that is now not purely powerful but also has various designs? There are several materials available within the market like quartz, marble, granite, ceramic, etc. that are used for countertops, flooring, and backsplash. Even though there are many choices, there are basically a few materials that are used the most. For starters, let’s analyze granite tiles vs ceramic tiles.

People prefer granite more than ceramic tiles because of the advantages it has such as installation cost, ease of installation, myriad designs, and aesthetics boosting features. Granite is more popular than ceramic and the fact that it is natural stone makes it even more attractive for homeowners.

Here are some extra advantages in detail that will show you why granite is more preferred than ceramic tiles.


Granite is considered one of the hardest materials available. It is a natural stone resistant to chipping and cracking. Even though ceramic is molded and used to make bulletproof surfaces, the commercial use of ceramic is not attainable because of the cost.


granite countertopPhoto by Granite Charlotte Countertops on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Maintenance of granite stone is relatively easy when compared to ceramic. This is among the main reasons that granite is favored more. The granite being a metamorphic stone can be a quandary for property owners because of its porosity. In reality, this quandary is now not valid because of the use of powerful sealant that makes the maintenance of granite easier. The stone wants resealing in a regular time period which will make sure a longer lifespan of stone.

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Natural look

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The granite stones are found naturally from quarries in slab form. This is the reason granite has a natural layout that you cannot find in ceramic. The colour of granite also varies that can give you a extensive range of selection to select from. This different colour and layout supply your house an aesthetic seem that can even boost your house value. In case you can’t decide the ideal search for your house then there are experts that can suggest the ideal layout and color based on the fashion of your house.

Affordable installation

The installation cost of granite is less than ceramic according to many installers. The installation of granite is depended on the length of the slab, in which the ceramic tiles have to be paid in keeping with tile. In the lengthy run, installing granite is much more affordable taking into account it is more durable than ceramic. For that reason if you are searching for Granite Countertop Installation within the province of Las Vegas then A Granite MD can assist you with budget friendly installation solutions.

These are a number of the reason granite is more trendy than ceramic. The granite is the apparent choice in case you are looking for countertop installation. For the floors of your kitchen, there are many strategies such as hardwood which is high-priced than granite and ceramic. In the end, the installation totally depends upon the budget that you have in your kitchen.

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