Get a Grip On Cabinet Knobs and Handles To Upgrade Your Kitchen

Are you ready to pick out your cabinet knobs and handles?

After picking out the cabinets and doors for your dream kitchen, many homeowners second wager their choices. They may no longer look just as you pictured it, or perhaps the selected patterns don’t play well together. Do not fret. Now, you can fine music your kitchen fashion by using selecting eye-catching cabinet knobs and handles. Selecting cabinetry was just first step in the lengthy journey of designing your kitchen.

Getting a grip on cabinet knobs and handles

Much like watches or jewelry, well-chosen cabinet hardware pulls collectively your entire kitchen’s style.

Cabinet hardware is available in a variety of thoughts at corresponding cost points. Knobs and handles range from $6 to $12, reaching the $20+ while featuring ornate designs. Knobs move on doors, and pulls/handles move on drawers. Two-bin pulls are usually used when a drawer stretches 30 inches and wider.

The such a lot popular materials used are bronze, antique bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome, polished nickel, and satin nickel.

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There’s no hard and fast rule while choosing cabinet knobs and handles. All you really must do is hold them against the finish of your cabinets to determine which colours and patterns go finest together. While you’re at it, you ought to judge which size works best. Keep in mind when choosing that it’s best that a handle now not overpower a drawer.

Furthermore, if you want your kitchen to activity a cohesive aesthetic, select hardware of a similar colour to the finish in your fixtures and appliances. Brushed nickel, for example, coordinates well with stainless steel appliances, whilst a dark, oil-rubbed bronze looks great with black appliances. Of course, no longer every thing has to match – you can still have antique bronze handles in your drawers subsequent to copper gentle fixtures. Simply attempt to have exclusive finishes complement each other, and your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. For example, a bright chrome faucet with dull dark-colored knobs such as bronze on cabinet doors will nonetheless work, especially in a contemporary kitchen.

Also, in case your cabinet hinges are exposed, your hardware ought to obviously have the same finish. Right here are additional style points:

  • Bronze will deliver your kitchen old-world charm.
  • Antique brass offers a feel similar to copper pots.
  • Antique bronze, which may look black in different shades of light, will paintings to contrast with lighter-colored cabinets in any other case blend in with darker-stained cabinets.
  • If you want your handles and knobs to be vivid and mirror light, chrome or polished nickel does the task nicely. Polished nickel is dearer than chrome, yet its luster is worth it and its shine won’t fade over time.
  • Satin (or brushed) nickel finish, that is nickel on brass that has been dulled and then coated with lacquer, is similar in appearance to brushed stainless steel, and coordinates well with appliances in that finish.
  • Pewter or oil-rubbed bronze works good with wood cabinets. As for painted cabinets, the good news is that simply about any finish will appear great.

For a classic look, choose a circular knob with a 1 inch or 1¼” diameter. That measurement is standard, accordingly conforms to so much cabinets.

Here we will look at two popular knobs: circular and square.

Round knobs

Designed with classic proportions and a simple style, a circular knob lends a polished conclude for your cabinets.

Round knobs come in numerous styles. They can have a “built-up” seem like this one:

And they also can be glass accented, This knob is jeweled with an octagon of clear pressed glass.

Square knobs

A square knob pairs well with modern or contemporary cabinets, and can also have an art deco flair. Traditional diameters are around  1″ or 1¼” , with heights of 1″ and projections of 1.219.”


Pulls are for your drawers and, provided they fit, are also great for base cabinets. Like knobs, they are also made from brass, and some are made from a dye-cast zinc base. Popular finishes incorporate bronze, polished nickel, satin nickel, antique brass, chrome, and antique copper.

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Bin pulls

Shaped like an the other way up cup, bin pulls are the foremost popular type of base cabinet drawer handle. Their ergonomic layout has the ability to match any cabinet door. They also are available in many shapes, so it’s easy to match any kitchen aesthetic.

Another popular handle type is the tubular drawer pull. These move good with contemporary kitchens because they are smooth in nature.

Cabinet knobs and handles may appear like small, inconsequential constituents of your kitchen layout compared to others, yet can make a large impact at the appear of your cooking space. By using considering the many options available, you can create a stunning, personalized kitchen fit to your dreams.

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