From Concept to Creation: How Kukun Was Inspired by HGTV

As an HGTV addict, renovation professional and aficionado, I couldn’t assist myself questioning how I could deliver the HGTV adventure to clients everywhere, online.

With a plethora of home protection tv indicates along with “Property Brothers” or “Fixer Upper,” I used to be enamored with the thought of building what I call emotional residences and transforming them from ancient and cold to new and warm. I’ve constructed some ago and was positive at selling them at a natural and organic profit. He desired that have be available to everybody due to the fact each person deserves an area they can loosen up in and fell “at home” in their own little cocoon.

We all watched these indicates and we all know how the story goes: a homebuyer or proprietor sees a fine looking home that they can’t come up with the money for and the show finds them other residences that are reasonable then bring in the show stars just like the Scott brothers to repair it and make it into an attractive breathtaking home.  Who does not favor a similar experience at their home?

I have to admit, I spent a little over a 12 months just thinking about how a home-owner goes by way of a travel of home protection and what they suffer including every discomfort factor there is. I desired to remodel that experience to be as good as one on an HGTV show. I desired to make that experience accessible to all I did was dissect the shows, and reflected how a platform might solution the following questions:

  • How much will it cost me?
  • What equity can I construct in the house?
  • How can I discover one of the ‘Scott brothers’ or someone like them whom I’m able to trust?
  • How can I deal with the project proactively and get the right advice?

So, at Kukun we came up with four tools:

  • Renovation Estimator:Exactly what it sounds like. It’s touchy to every zip code cost of labor and material.
  • ROR (return on renovation)Tool:Exams similar properties events within the market.
  • Bidding System:Get similar bids that you can choose extra intelligently by seeing what a genuine apples-to-apples comparison. Rent a contractor through checking their previous initiatives so you can get the real scoop on their paintings replacing the hiring by note of mouth but heavily dependent on references.
  • Project Leadership Tool:Remind persons to assess at the popularity of every project and be in control.

It took Kukun two years to build those tools and a good number of trial and error but we’re ultimately here. And clients are coming in droves.

Now if someone watches any of the HGTV shows they can get instantly stimulated and hop onto Kukun to estimate, find the correct pros to bid on their house, accept similar bid to examine and choose and get the calendar uploaded to their calendar so they are able to get notified.

So what’s next? I’m operating on two tools that would total the adventure and bring it nearer to the HGTV exhibit experience. The journey continues!

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