Fireplace Installation Cost: A Complete Guide

A fireplace not in simple terms adds beauty and heat to your home however it also complements the atmosphere and overall attraction of your interiors. However, before figuring out to get the perfect model, you must consider some important factors which includes expenditures and heat performance — as is the case with any domestic improvement project. So, with a view to help you, we’ve compiled this complete guide — which describes the various attributes that influence thefinal fireplace setting up cost.

After reading this manual, we are sure that you’re going to be capable to make an informed decision and buy the right unit on your home.

How a lot does it cost to install a fireplace?

Usually, the full price to put in a fire varies from $800 to $3500, with the average hearth installation cost being $2100 approximately. However, the final cost could vary, depending on countless factors, including style of fireplace, gasoline line routing, masonry work, hard work charges, and addition of air flow or walls. A low-end fireplace might price you round $150 – $200, whereas, for a high-end model, you might grow to be spending$6000 or more.

Major motives that result hearth installation cost

firaplace setting up costsCustom stone fireplace, by Tom Chapman (Photo © via Flickr lower than Ingenious Commons Licence. [CC BY 2.0])

Of course, one of the major factors that result the cost is material costs. However, you have to also think about your exertions costs, which could commonly range in step with the issues worried within the task. For example, a gas fireplace with no vents can price you in simple terms round $400. But when you would like to build a full-fledged propane tank connection, your bill can arise to $1000.

  • Cost for installation a gasoline line:$500 – $2,000
  • Assembly and customization costs: $600 – $1000
  • Ventilation costs: $200 – $3,000
  • Wiring costs: $150 – $300

Below, we have listed the things to consider whilst installation a fireplace.

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1. Assembly and customization costs

Any fire installing shall comprise some assembly work. For example, assume you get a stand-alone unit at $500, you have got to hire a hearth contractor to gather the components. And he shall charge you some hundred funds to get the job done. On the other hand, if the unit should be customized in keeping with your specifications, count on to pay some extra dollars for the necessary materials and add-on features.

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2. Ventilation costs

The total ventilation fees count on the regional ventilation policies on your area and the placement of the vent system. For instance, a regular installation might cost round $200. But if the complexities of the linked responsibilities increase, the cost for setting up a vent procedure shall additionally multiply. Even a straight forward wood-burning hearth that wants an elaborate air flow network, can cost you$3000 or more.

3. Wiring costs

Fireplaces, particularly the electric models, would require you to add additional wiring. This task can usually cost you around$150 – $300. However, if the electrical outlet or junction field is positioned added far from the fireplace, the electrician can add extra dollars on your ultimate bill.

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4. Setting up a fuel line (only relevant for gasoline fireplaces)

When you have already got an existing fuel line, you would possibly have to set up one more connection that is associated in your gas fireplace. This cost will depend on the size of the road and your place — which might be around $200or more. An additional $100 would be further if you wish to install a propane tank. Again, if you should connect it to the most supply, you have to spend anyplace among $200 to $2000.

Types of fireplaces & their standard costs

Your fireplace installation cost can range greatly, depending on the type of model you choose. Think you want to own a stone or brick fireplace, which comprises difficult masonry work. In such cases, you will have to pay for the extra responsibilities as good for the actual hearth installation. You may want an advanced fuel or electric fireplace, that could lend a extra modern appeal. In this scenario, you shall lower back must pay extra as when compared with installation a standard wood-burning fireplace.

Below, we’ve listed down the three major hearth types (based on fuel) and their standard prices.

1. Wood-burning fireplace

Fireplacefireplace at cabin Lake Anna State Park (uploaded by means of SA) byVirginia State Parks on flickr [CC BY 2.0] Park

When you put in a wood-burning fireplace, you’ll drastically decrease your utility bills. The sole cost you shall incur is when purchasing logs, considering that they serve as its leading gasoline source. You shall cut down expenditures added by using doing away with a gas line or wiring connections. However, notice that purchasing wooden on a regular basis is a highly-priced affair. Moreover, you have to sustain an everyday hobbies of cleansing the fireplace and chimney with a view to clear soot and debris.

The ordinary cost to put in a wood-burning fire varies from $3000 – $5000.High-end models can price up to $10000 (especially once you lease a professional contractor).

2. Gas fireplace

gas fireplacePhoto by Antoine Belverge on Pixabay [CC0]

If you install a gasoline fireplace, it’s essential to area a gas line and propane tank — which could enhance your monthly utility bills. You shall also require to put in a vented unit which could be operated by means of purely pushing a button. Moreover, you don’t have to adhere to strict renovation or cleaning routines. You additionally get high-end gas fireplaces that include ceramic logs which lend the charm and charm of classic wood-burning units.

The typical price to install a gasoline hearth varies from $2500 – $3000

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3. Electric fireplace

electric fireplacePhoto by means of Pxhere CC0

An electric fireplace operates on electricity, is simple to use, and is easy to handle and maintain. The only draw back is that it arrives with additional wiring installing expenditures and accelerated month-to-month electrical bills.

The typical price to put in an electrical hearth varies from $500 – $1000

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Outdoor fireplace installing cost

Outdoor fireplaces are steadily rising in popularity in the market for home appliances. It is because they’re affordable. You can set up them in your patio or in the backyard and fasten it through a chimney or piping. They are able to arrive in wood, healthy gas, propane, and energy models. It’s a feasible alternative for families who wish to make the utmost use in their backyards, particularly in the course of the chillier months of the year.

Outdoor fireplace installations could be priced between $2,000 to $20,000 (approximately). You can additionally get pre-made kits and unfinished contractor models, that could back price you wherever between $1,500 to $9,000. However, in case you plan to customise the project, you will have to spend around $8,000 to $20,000, based on the complexity of the process. At times, high-end installations can cost as much as $50,000.

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Whenever you choose to install a fireplace, make sure that you determine together with your regional HOA, fireplace branch and nearby building code office. You wish to just be sure you are allowed to execute this project. Sometimes, in sure areas, new wood-burning fire buildings aren’t allowed. You could purely get permission to rework your present fireplace.

Additionally, additionally determine if you wish fireplace permits. It’s always greater to do your examine in the beginning, instead than paying fines and consequences within the long run.

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Installing the perfect hearth in your house should help in slicing down on power costs, enhancing your home’s resale value, and to ensure that your indoors is blissful and warm. After studying this guide, we hope you shall now be able to take your first step in the right direction. Estimate your hearth installing cost, make a budget, after which make an educated decision.

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