Fiberglass Exterior Doors: All You Need To Know

Your access door is the point of interest of your house — it attracts direct views from the road and provides that first line of protection plus privacy. Hence, the door that guards your front must excel in three departments — appearance, endurance, and security. Now, previously, after we spoke of access doors, one major material popped up immediately — wood. Yet now, there are other models that offer equal opposition — particularly steel and fiberglass outdoors doors. And today, we will attempt to take up the latter — where we can decipher the various myths surrounding this category of doors. So, let us begin!

You can begin by estimating the cost of installing an entry door with our easy-to-use estimator to understand how a lot you would like to spend.

Are Fibreglass Doors Any Good?

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The market for fiberglass doorways has transformed enormously over the years. Moreover, they carry countless reward when it comes to endurance, durability, maintenance, customization, and appearance. Recent technologies has made it attainable to curate fiberglass outside doorways to resemble real wood. Manufacturers can now even create such doorways to copy the grain structure of legitimate mahogany or oak. Believe us, the texture, look and feel resemble precise wooden a lot that even pros can’t differentiate unless they take a better look!

Let’s discover this in added aspect in the following sections by way of comparing fiberglass doorways with their counterparts.

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Are Fiberglass Exterior Doorways Better than Wood?

Wood looks beautiful, classy, and evergreen — no doubt! Yet among the major disadvantages of the wood variant is they warp and twist over the years due to the fact they take up moisture — both in humid and cold, snow-prone regions. It is on no account the case with fiberglass doors.

Next, wooden doors need steady upkeep — inclusive of repeated refinishing and protection against negative elements. However, fiberglass doors require minimum renovation and care. Even in terms of cost, they’re more affordable than high-end oak or mahogany. However, they may crack or dent below heavy impact, that is a con as compared to wooden doorways — that provide greatest resistance to put on and tear.

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What’s Better Steel Door or Fiberglass?

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Steel doors are obviously a lot more cost-effective than their fiberglass cousins. However, do word that they’re susceptible to everyday dents and corrosion by way of rust — however they demand minimal maintenance. Additionally, they don’t be sure resistance against harsh climate conditions — together with torrential rain or heavy storms — like fiberglass doors. Metal is a foul insulator; so you could anticipate your home to be really warm in the course of summers and very cold during winters.

One advantage of metallic variants is that they provide property owners maximum safety while used at the entryway — as compared to different door variants. Yet again, we aren’t speaking of the thin metallic variation here. Purely the thicker, more suitable categories include this benefit.

Now that you recognize the pros and cons of a fiberglass access door — while weighed opposed to wood or steel versions — you can choose with a view to purchase one in your home. And if you do, listed here are some explanations to maintain in mind.

What Are The Motives You Need To Consider When Buying Fiberglass Exterior Doors?

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As we already mentioned, fiberglass doors arrive in different styles, some completely mimicking the wood grain texture of authentic and high-end oak, fir, cherry, and mahogany. You can also uncover them in a gamut of stain versions and paint colour shades. No longer in simple terms this but this door category gives a variety of selections when it comes to door glass — together with ornamental glass panels — which boost your shrink appeal manifold. As a homeowner, you may even customize the dimensions and layout of the door according to your property’s layout.


Fiberglass outside doors are constructed for endurance. Hence, assess the warranty. Be aware if it comes with lifetime warranty, which shall ensure that the door will last throughout your home ownership tenure. Also, investigate the guaranty at the paint and stain finishes.

Energy Efficiency

Fiberglass units are designed for maximum power efficiency — so that they keep out warmness and bloodless out of your home. Therefore, investigate if they are Power Celebrity certified. Also, word the power certification at the glass used — in case your versions arrive with glass panels.


The cost of your access door will count chiefly on the glass and hardware used.  If you buy a door that has been assembled using reinforced fiberglass panels, full-length stiles, and water resistant seals, it will obviously be expensive — yet will prevent funds within the long run. Other cost reasons incorporate finish levels and installing procedures. Renovation expenses involve regular sealing and staining processes. Take note of all of the figures above and arrive at a decision.

If your budget isn’t a concern, we shall definitely recommend you to go for fiberglass exterior doors. They give the final combo of better performance, severe durability, first rate value, and greatest security.

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