Expert advice on finding a trustworthy remodeling pro

The home remodeling industry is booming and shows no signs of slowing down. Older property owners are renovating for the long run and new property owners are updating their homes to fit their personal wants and tastes. If you are like most people seeking to renovate, you have a lot of questions. We brought the foremost important questions to 3 remodeling experts from across the country, and they were more than happy to share their expertise, featuring informative and useful advice based on years of experience.

So let’s explore the best way to locate a pro you can trust, what to seek for in a proposal, a way to reduce expenditures with out compromising on quality and the most common mistakes encountered within the remodeling business.

How to Make Certain You Hire a Reliable Pro

Finding a professional you can believe to take on your renovation project can appear like a daunting task, yet our pros agreed on the finest place to start: Do your research. Keith Gerety, president of Gerety Building & Restoration, advises “checking out their certificates of insurance, workers compensation, and liability” and Deborah Lamberton, the general manager of New Lifestyles Restoration, adds that you ought to “check with the Better Business Bureau and the contractor’s state licensing board.” All are great first steps on your remodeling journey.


The experts all agreed that the finest way gets the real goods on potential contractors is by finding out what other customers have to say about them. Gerety says you ought to “check their latest references by contacting former clients and looking at what persons are saying via online reviews.” Chuck Winkles, president of New Life Bath & Kitchen,agrees that reports are “a great way to locate a reputable contractor” and supply customers the confidence they have to rent the correct pro. He also advises homeowners to keep in mind that, as with most things, you get what you pay for.

What to Seek for in a Proposal

So you’ve selected some contractors, based on their licensing, reviews, etc., to ask for proposals. Now what? Our experts share their wisdom.

Winkles advises: “It’s very important that the client has a solid understanding of what’s included within the proposal, and that the proposal is a proposal – not an estimate. Estimates can develop in dollars and proposals ought to not. They ought to understand that there are many variables in play when it comes to pricing a product.”

Not only ought to you thoroughly understand every thing proposed, the proposal should also have all the details about “payment terms, length of the project, scope of work and overall costs,” according to Lamberton.

Gerety tells these vetting pros to “look for a detailed analysis of installation and material selection – the extra details the better. This can incorporate every little thing from the species of wood for floors or decking, to the kind of nails or screws used within the installation.”

Winkles also shared one of his favorite (and colorful!) sayings: “Practice the 6 Ps –Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.”

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If a proposal is vague or written so that you can’t easily understand every thing in it, it’s probably time to walk away and choose another contractor.

How to Reduce Costs

Now we’re getting somewhere! It truly is an area that everyone wants to learn more about. As soon as again, our experts introduced some realistic wisdom. Lamberton feels that “The factors that impact the fees of repairs are labor time and material costs.” And also that “it is attainable to lessen price devoid of compromising quality.”

Gerety adds that “cost is a direct results of design and material. If space is thoughtfully designed, the cost can be reduced. Material selection is another area in which cost can be reduced, depending on the options that are available.”

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Are you continue to preserving in intellect that sage advice we shared above? Winkles reiterate it while asked about reducing costs: “With products, you get what you pay for. The finest way to reduce price is to minimize the scope of work.”

Keeping your scope realistic and your materials within budget will make the difference between a nightmare of compromise and the excitement of a victorious domestic renovation.

How to Restrict the Most Common Mistakes

Our experts have been unanimous about the biggest roadblock of their industry, one they arrive up against again and again. “The most common mistake made by all parties is not having clear communication,” Lamberton shares. She adds another great tip: “You can under no circumstances over-communicate.”

Gerety couldn’t agree more. He tells us, “I’d estimate that 95% of all mistakes are communication errors. The secret is to have a detailed scope of work agreed upon so everyone’s clear on what to expect.” His final piece of advice? “Avoid pushing unanswered questions away.”

Lack of communication is also the largest drawback in remodeling work according to Winkles. He understands that “most homeowners want to grasp the process, what to expect and to be saved informed as work progresses,” and your pro should, too. How does he avoid the pitfalls of deficient communication? “We always try to communicate with the customer on a daily basis.”

You ought to have detailed conversations with your contractor about every aspect of the job. Make certain every thing is in writing so that all parties are clear on what’s expected. One area where surprises are totally unwelcome is in the course of a home renovation process.

You deserve a domestic that displays your needs, wants and feel of style – with out the headaches of dealing with an untrustworthy contractor. We are hoping our specialists helped you to consider confident that you can make your renovation dreams a reality. We recommend that you take their advice for finding the correct pro, evaluating proposals, setting realistic expectations and maintaining the traces of communication open. Our parting phrases of advice? Enjoy the journey!

Our panel of experts:

  • Chuck Winkles, president of New Life Bath & Kitchen in Santa Maria, California
  • Keith Gerety, president of Gerety Building & Restoration, a full-service remodeling company serving Westchester County in New York and Fairfield County in Connecticut
  • Deborah Lamberton, general manager of New Lifestyles Restoration, a 24/7 cleanup, damage and restoration and remodeling company serving California’s Central Coast

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