Everything You Need to Know about an Electric Fireplace

Nothing compares to that bright, red glare given off via a standard fireplace. Regrettably, such an addition to your living room and its installation, finishing, and maintenance can cost a small fortune. However, there’s a cheaper, family- and environmental-friendly choice to the old wood-burning hearth – the electrical fireplace. In this article, we’re going to exhibit you ways a faux electricity-powered fire works and, of course, the the reason why you should head to the closest home improvement store to buy one.

How Does an Electric Fireplace Work?

A fireplace wishes wood, and a lot of it, if we would add, to generate heat. The most important obstacle with classic fireplaces is that most of the generated warmness receives lost alongside the way. Specialists estimate that more than ninety percentage of it goes out the chimney. And that’s the least of your problems. Steady fireplaces need cleaning and firewood to maintain a gradual temperature contained in the residing room.

They additionally pose some wellbeing and fitness hazards. For instance, long-term exposure to wooden smoke can trigger lung cancer, no longer to mention the fact that inhaling carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide can be in all probability deadly.

This is in which the electric hearth comes into motion – no logs, no fumes, no chimney, and no more wasting valuable heat. But how is this achieved? Or, more to the point, how can a hearth produce warmness devoid of wood? Stick round to discover out.

modern electrical fireplacePhoto by Craftsman Courtroom Ceramics on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

So, electric fireplaces employ metal coils to hot up your home. As energy programs in the course of the coils, heat is being generated. A small fan, that’s established in the back of the coils, ensures that the heat is being dispersed in an optimum sample throughout the room where the fire is. Don’t worry too a lot about noise coming from the fan because it is virtually silent.

Most electrical fireplaces come with fake firewood and even simulated flames. The logs are generally made from plastic, when the flickering flame outcomes are being produced via a number of LED bulbs.

That’s it for the mechanics. Yet is an electric hearth really worth the effort? We believe so, and listed below are the the reason why you should think about buying one.

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Benefits of Buying an Electric Fireplace

The so much transparent motive an electrical hearth is worth each penny is that it can be hooked up practically everywhere. It doesn’t subject if you have a condo, the proverbial home with a white wood fence, or an RV. There’s a hearth accessible to accommodate each home. Just plug it into a grounded socket and take pleasure in it.

Now, money-wise, an electric hearth would require little maintenance (just yearly checkup to make sure everything’s hunky-dory, which will possibly price around 200 bucks, provide or take) and, of course, you will be spared the charges of chimney-cleaning, inspection, purchasing/storing firewood, and removing the soot and charred wood.

Electric fireplaces’ prices begin at round $2,500, while a conventional hearth can price anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000, minus installing fees.

Concerning efficient power use, electrical fireplaces are, with out doubt, tremendously stronger to classic hearths because they generate constant warmth without losses. In fact, this type of domestic improve can produce 5000 BTUs of warmth or perhaps more, depending on the model. That’s sufficient to provide a comfortable environment for 2 or 3 rooms.

fireplace surroundPhoto by Joel on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Most versions come fitted with a thermostat which allows you to modify the temperature as you spot fit. High-end fireplaces even have stuff like Wi-Fi pairing capabilities which allow you to control the gadget from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or confidential computer.

As far as safety is concerned, the point is going to electric fireplaces once again. Why is that, you ask? Contemplate it this type – no matter how carefully you arrange the firewood, there’s always that small chance of a chunk of burning coal to jump from the fire and onto the carpet, now not to mention the indisputable fact that somebody might get a foul burn in the event that they stand too close to the hearth.

With an electric fireplace, you will have eliminated that chance entirely – not more carpet going out in flames and no vacation to the ER just because somebody decided to hand-test even if the fire cooled down. Sure, it’s not a good suggestion to correctly touch the fireplace while it is plugged in and running, but that’s more than obvious.

Compared to traditional fireplaces where personalization might cost you a hefty penny, electric fireplaces are incredibly customizable – you can change the mantle color/material, upload more flame effects, functional logs, and much more.


As you can see, there are many reward to buying your individual fireplace that is easy and has efficient heat distribution systems, low maintenance costs, customizable appearance, and, of course, the indisputable fact that you can placed anywhere you are feeling like to without worrying about space.

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