Essential Tips for Mother in Law Suite Additions

It is not uncommon nowadays for aging mum and dad to find refuge and solace in the homes of their adult children. The justifications for this may be many, including financial difficulty, loneliness, or simply the must be an active part of their grandchildrens’ lives. In these cases, adding what is popularly known as a mother-in-law suite to your home is an effective way of being accommodating and supportive when still making certain every person has sufficient privateness and personal space to restrict cabin fever. Listed here are some effective pointers for mother-in-law suite additions in case you’re preparing to have your elevated household over for the long haul.

Planning Considerations

building an in law suite addition

Mother-in-law suites aren’t particularly cheap, costing at any place between a conservative $40,000 to an exorbitant $125,000. However, they’re great investments, almost always adding to the cost of your home. Before you begin your home development plans to build the extra living space for your in-laws, here are some elements that you should consider.

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1. In Residence or Out House

The first thing it's essential to determine is where you want the new living space to be. Do you desire it connected in your existing home or far from it?

If you’re choosing to keep it attached on your existing home, are you going to renovate an existing part of your home? For example, in case you have a four or extra bed room house, you may desire to renovate about a rooms to serve the purpose. When you've got a dining room or formal living room that doesn’t see much usage, you may convert these as well. However, if you’re going to do that, you’d must make sure the rooms are on the first floor of your home, or you’d need to install a chairlift or elevator.

Basements, garages, and bonus rooms above garages are all remarkable areas that may be effortlessly transformed into visitor rooms, simply so long as the areas are easy for the aged to access. This can again involve installing an elevator or changing garage doors to better healthy the purpose. 

Converting the returned porch into a set is an additional popular option among homeowners looking to add a mother-in-law suite to their homes. 

If you’re planning on modifying your existing floor plans using among the above options, you'll also have to choose if you’re very well with shared entry from the outside, or if you’d rather the new suite have a separate entrance. We’d suggest the latter, for increased privacy.

Those who want their home’s existing footprint untouched choose to build a set totally detached from the main house, often in the backyard. When it is the perfect thanks to construct a multi-generational domestic whilst still maintaining sufficient privacy and autonomy for all events involved, verify with regional specialists in your area and make sure you get the mandatory allows for to do so before you begin.

For example, it's a zoning code violation in case you have a stand-alone suite that you could lease separately while living in a single-family occupancy neighborhood.

In other areas, you are legally not allowed to have two kitchens in an identical home. Being attentive to and adhering to the rules and guidelines in your area is of paramount importance.

2. Bare Necessities

Some things are surely essential for you to include whilst planning for your house addition.

Ideally, your mother-in-law suite ought to include a sitting area, a minimum of one bedroom, a totally useful bathroom, and a kitchen. If you cannot legally have two kitchens in one home in your area, try to include a minimum of a wet bar or a kitchenette.

Make certain you prioritize additional plumbing and septic issues during your construct or renovation, because the case could be.

To make sure ease of living and comfort, ensure the suite has its possess air conditioning and heating controls. In case your present HVAC system cannot handle the extra load, you may have to upgrade the entire system.

Remember that the elders in your household are going to be living in the suite. Add an emergency alarm method or internal PA system so they can reach out to you should they want assistance.

In the same vein, don’t forget to install carbon monoxide, smoke, and hearth detectors on your mother-in-law suite.

mother in regulation suite

3. Thoughtful Extras

Try and include as much natural gentle and ventilation as possible as a part of your home plans. Nobody likes living in dark and dingy spaces.

Remember that you’re planning this as a home for the elders in your family. Make sure you construct ramps instead of stairways to entry the house from the outside. Install seize bars for support.

Make the house as wheelchair friendly as possible. This implies building-wide doorways and making the living space spacious sufficient for a wheelchair to maneuver comfortably. Incorporate small wheelchair ramps, a shower bench, and seize bars in the lavatory and shower areas as well.

Remember, your increased household is going to live with you indefinitely. Be sure your house design includes sufficient storage for their baggage and belongings whilst building your mother-in-law suite.


Get numerous prices and select an experienced design-build enterprise to manage this domestic addition task for you. It is the way in which to ensure you finish your project on time devoid of overshooting your budget without compromising at the good quality of the construction.

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