Enhance Your Home’s Exterior with Outdoor Wood Painting

Want to enhance the feel and look of the outside of your house? If a home remodel is now not an option, giving the wood siding a clean coat of paint could just do the trick. However, portray historic wooden that has been exposed to daylight and rain can show to be difficult. There is plenty of prep work that you’ll ought to do earlier than taking that paintbrush in your hand.

1. Fix and clear the surface

wood texture repairImage by chezbeate from Pixabay CC0

Outdoor wood must be repaired and cleaned safely earlier than it’s all set for the paint job. Time has a strong weathering result on wood. Clearly using a coat of new paint on weathered wooden won’t do the job. Listed here are the stairs that you need to follow during this regard.

Cover each of the indoor openings including home windows and doors

Covering your windows and doors will retain the interior of the house dust-free and clear as you scrub the surface of the wood. This would also allow you to have clean entry to the realm that you want to paint.

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Clean the surface thoroughly

You could desire to use some mild detergent and a scrubber brush to get rid of the amassed dust, mould and grime. It is important to ensure that you don’t scratch the surface too hard while trying to clear it. Once you are satisfied, rinse the skin of the wooden with water.

Fill the holes

If you notice any holes on the surface, be sure to fill it with a high quality wooden filler. It is a good choice to move with a two-part resin process for backyard wood. You’ll additionally ought to repair areas that appear damaged.

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Cover the nail holes

It is usual to have nail holes on historical wooden sidings. You have to fill those safely in order that it blends good with the surrounding area. If you uncover pointless nails at the wood, you can pull them out or drive them into the surface.

Smoothen the surface

Once the fix is done, you should sand the complete floor to provide a smooth feel. This step will have a direct impact on the ultimate look and feel of the wood. You may want to use sandpaper for a gentle finish.

2. Make the wooden paint-ready

Preparing paintImage by tookapic from Pixabay CC0

After you’ve wiped clean the wood thoroughly, the outside ought to be organized for the particular paint. This instruction includes a few quintessential steps that you cannot have enough money to miss.

Remove any current paint 

You have got to remove the older layer of paint to avert any pointless interference with the hot coat. Use a pointy scraper for the finest results. However, be cautious with your strokes to avert damaging the surface.

Sand the edges

If you discover any ridge round a naked wooden spot, use sandpaper to make it smooth. This would enable the wooden to raised grip the recent coat of paint.

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Use primer on wooden knots

It is essential that you follow some coats of primer at the exposed wooden knots to get them ready for the actual paint. You may placed a few coats of primer utilizing a wire brush on small places that appear wet.

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Sand the skin thoroughly

A proper and thorough sanding will roughen up the surface, making it less complicated to stick paint on it.

Clean the wooden surface

You can use a material or a brush to take away the dirt that may have accumulated at the surface in the course of sanding.

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3. Prime the wood 

Applying the primer is perhaps the most important step interested in outside wooden painting. You should choose the correct primer and provides it sufficient time to dry before you begin portray the surface. Some of the matters to keep in mind involve:

Get the correct primer 

High high quality latex-based outside primer is the best choice for outside wooden painting, owing to its high resilience against heat, moisture, and rubbing.

Apply the primer thoroughly

Try to use the primer when the external temperature is between 50 °F and ninety °F for tender and regular drying.

Check for neglected spots

Once you’re accomplished making use of the primer on the surface, examine for spots that you’ve missed.

Give it sufficient time to dry

Let the base primer dry for 12 hours earlier than using the ultimate coat. As soon as the final layer is applied, allow the wooden dry overnight.

When you’re sure that the outside is totally dry, it is time for some outside wooden painting. You may clearly opt for the oil-based paint which you like and begin coating the surface. Remember to allow the base layer of the paint to dry earlier than applying the final coats. So, what are you ready for? Allow the paint begin!

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