Elongated Vs Round Toilet: Which One Is Better?

The correct choice of the lavatory is a necessary decision when you design your bathroom. It also forms an fundamental portion of your total bathing room maintenance cost. Choosing a lavatory is dependent upon quite a few reasons — the length of your bathroom, your requisites and budget, aesthetic concerns, and loo design. Your lavatory type plus shape should take all of these reasons into consideration. Toilets mainly arrive in two variations — round and elongated — based at the shape of the bowl.And it often turns into confusing as to which may be the more sensible choice for you. Therefore, today, let’s discuss the main variations and lay out the pros and cons of elongated vs round toilet — so you might make an informed decision.

Elongated vs circular toilet: which one looks better?

The only difference among those two versions is within the form of the bowl and toilet seat. While the circular version resembles a circle and extends much less into the bathroom, the elongated mannequin protrudes outward into the room from its front, because of its oval shape. An elongated bathroom is about 18 1/2″ long and a circular toilet is approximately sixteen 1/2″ long. The latter is the conventional, traditional type, whereas the previous lends a more contemporary, modern appeal.

elongated toilet

However, this shape variation doesn’t bring about much of a change within the layout or fashion aspect. For example, the two these models can arrive with skirted bottoms, one- or two-piece models, and detailed lids.

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Do elongated bathrooms price greater than circular ones?

Mostly, the reply to this question is yes. Elongated bathrooms are usually costlier than their round counterparts — with an analogous specifications.However, installing expenditures remain almost a similar for both versions — based at the toilet’s area and pipes’ condition.

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Which model is easier to use?

Since elongated bathrooms include a much wider area, they may well be more joyful for sitting on. Additionally, it probably creates less mess whilst utilized by guys and kids. Moreover, elongated bathrooms also are a better option for aged people or folks with mobility issues.

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What approximately area considerations?

Usually, so much building codes require lavatories to have a frontal length of a minimum of 21 inches. And ADA-compliant bogs require 48 inches. Maintaining those two reasons in mind, note that an elongated bowl is mainly 2 inches longer than its round counterparts. Also, calculate the size of your bathroom. An elongated bathroom might be a good fit for a large, master bathroom, but if you’re renovating a small, 0.5 bathing room or powder room, then a circular toilet maybe the wiser choice.

round toilet

Therefore, investigate your constructing code and compliance specifications, note your bathroom’s dimensions, and select a model that meets all these requirements.

Should we consider the capture manner and water usage?

If you ask about the capture manner and how much water every bathroom uses, there is no difference among those two models. Why? Because the merely change among those two types is the length of the bowl. The bottoms — in both cases — are almost the same. Therefore, they hold and flush the same quantity of water at one go.

Is there any change within the installation process?

The setting up technique for a bathroom comprises the following steps. First, the tank and bowl are coupled together. It’s followed by means of placing a wax ring around the waste pipe. The lavatory is then fitted at the required region — when keeping the right angle. As soon as it’s in position, the installer applies strain on all sides, fixes it into space, and connects the water supply.

Installation strategies for both these types are sincerely similar. The sole trouble may occur whilst transferring elongated bowls — because of their bigger size.

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Elongated vs circular toilet: which one is simpler to maintain?

round vs elongated toilet

Elongated toilets come with fewer crevices, gaps, and irregularities under the seat. Therefore, they are simpler to clean than circular bowls. Moreover, their longer shape makes it easier to work out particles and thereby, clear it with a cleansing brush.

Any difference within the flush power?

Flush technology are available in numerous types — together with pressure-assisted and double-cyclone flushes. An elongated toilet bowl may well be the higher selection in case your toilet operates via circulating water by way of pressure. It is because elongated front bowls would assist in presenting better pressure. But if your lavatory makes use of different technologies, then both the models shall supply nearly the same performance.


After reading this blog, it should now be quite clean to you that there is now not much of an enormous change among circular and elongated shapes in toilets. The sole exceptional variants are when it comes to cost, looks, size, and comfort. Therefore, in case you ask, elongated vs circular bathroom — that’s the better option, we don’t have any particular answer. The alternative totally is dependent upon your necessities — including dimensions, budget, and comfortability.

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