Electrical Panel Box: Can Anyone Replace It?

Handling the electric panel field is maybe the largest portion of any electrical repair. Be it a minor fix or an entire change, it is essential that you know how the manner works. Commonly known as the breaker box or load center, the electric panel box is the main switchboard of your house. It controls the complete distribution of electricity. As a question of fact, you can turn off the power supply to your entire domestic from the panel box. Incoming power from the utility carrier provider is the sole element that you will not be capable of control from this box. 

Know your panel box

Electrical panelElectrical panel finished, by scottbb on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

If you open the door of the panel box, you will discover dissimilar styles of breakers. Those circuit breakers will allow you to manage the ability move of particular locations of your house. If the fault doesn’t difficulty the complete house, turning in basic terms the worried breakers off facilitates simple fix with out disrupting the electrical provide to the full building. You’ll also find your meter located contained in the panel box. The meter enables the software company to keep a track of your power utilization and charge you accordingly. 

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Changing the circuit breakers

Circuit breakerCircuit breaker 2 pole on DIN rail, with the aid of Kae from wikimedia commons [CC BY-SA 3.0]

It could so ensue that one or more of your circuit breakers malfunction. The most common method of address this is to move for a replacement. Changing the circuit breakers isn’t very difficult, but calls for you to take sure level of precautions to avert any accidents. It is strongly advised that you turn the most change off before seeking to remove the protective layer of useless the front cover. 

Handling the most circuit breaker

The leading circuit breaker is usually positioned someplace on the proper of the panel box. It controls the power provide to all different circuit breakers. If you choose to interchange any portion of the electric panel box, you ought to always turn this off first. However, please notice that the most circuit breaker has no handle of the incoming energy supply. 

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The circuit wires

You will find 3 primary styles of circuit wires contained in the panel box, namely hot, impartial and ground. The hot wires connect with the new bus bars, which hold the flexibility to the circuit breakers. The impartial wires connect to the impartial bus bars and ground rod ensure that any surprising circulate of power is controlled and the home is stored safe. 

Why replace the panel box?

The panel box is usually changed as soon as there’s a consistent fault happening, or the set is simply too ancient to function safely. However, many households update the panel field to make room for extra secondary circuit breakers. This is generally completed during a complete home renovationor new air conditioner installations to regulate to the recent power requirements. 

Can you update the panel box?

Installing electrical panelImage by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay CC0

Yes, you could update the panel box yourself when you have the essential information and data of electrical circuits, an electric meter, circuit breaker panel and circuit breakers. However, it is necessarily a good idea to permit the experts handle such things because of the huge quantity of danger concerned within the process. In case you aren’t cautious about turning the right breakers off and touching the correct wires, it could result in a serious accident. 

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Points to remember

If you select to head forward with changing the panel field yourself, you wish to keep in mind right here points.

1. Retain your children and pets away

Handling the electrical panel box is a major affair. You would like to ensure that your kids and pets are nowhere close to the provider panel preclude accidents. A reckless circulate can lead to an extremely serious accident. 

2. Necessarily swap the main breaker off

Irrespective of ways minor the work is, you would like to keep the main circuit breaker off when dealing with the panel box. As an issue of fact, that’s something that you should do earlier than even beginning the door of the panel box. 

3. Do not stand barefooted

You need to ensure that you’re wearing your shoes or standing on a bit of wooden while handling the panel box. However, the wood ought to be dry for it to act as a foul conductor of electricity. 

4. Don’t touch the panel with wet hands

Water is a good conductor of electricity and touching the panel box with moist fingers may end up in a serious accident. Ensure that your fingers are totally dry whilst you work on the panel. Having the grounding wire placed in fact is a different factor to keep in mind in this regard.

5. Use a flashlight 

Always use a flashlight when you are attempting to update a panel box. You need to work out the circuit breakers and wires basically with the intention to slash the chance involved. 

6. Do not lose your concentration

While it is easy to get diverted via what is occurring around you, it is vital which you maintain your focus while dealing with the panel box. Try not to lose your awareness until you’re carried out handling the box. 

7. Clean the realm as soon as done

If you have youngsters or pets at home, be sure to clean the area across the panel box, as soon as you are carried out with it. Leaving unused screws or wires unattended could make your kids or pets curious, leading to an accident. 

8. Do not tamper with the meter

While exchanging and adding circuit breakers within the panel box, be careful to preclude tampering with the meter or the wires that run into it. It is best not to touch the meter to preclude a legal detect out of your utility provider. 

So now that you understand how to handle an electrical panel box, be happy to feature or replace circuit breakers to customize the ability distribution of your house. However, you need to know why and while to improve your electrical panel equipment

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