Easy ways to add country style to your bedroom

Country design could be hard to define. With affects that run the gamut from farmhouse and cabin to cottage, contemporary, and Victorian, there’s numerous room to play and discover whilst making a country bedroom. No matter if you’re after a quaint, near shabby-chic vibe with female touches aplenty, or anything extra stately that suggests off the rock fireplace in your grasp suite, there’s a edition of “country” for you. Even if you move rustic or romantic, maintain this style’s roots in mind – country style is cheerful, friendly, welcoming, laid-back, and simply feels like home. Listed below are some thoughts on how to add a touch of country to your bedroom.

Go natural
Woods are arguably such a lot at home in country style. Have fun the organic knots and grains of wooden pieces, and consider creating a natural headboard the focus of your room. Light woods create bright, welcoming spaces. Play with natural elements – imagine wicker baskets or burlap curtains – to add a rustic vibe to your room.

bedroom furnitureBurlap Curtains have a contrasting border by Design Folly on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

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Vintage is key
Pieces of the past make gorgeous additions to country bedrooms. Think about an antique table lamp, or turn a well-loved tin milk jug into anything inspired. Don’t brush off timeworn pieces – distressing and whitewashing are particularly famous elements of country style, and repurposed barn doors are each of the rage.

Lovely linens
Forget that bed units are available bags. Find fabrics that believe like home, and mix your patterns. Through preserving the color palette cohesive, you may include a number of unique textiles without making the gap feel jumbled or messy. In case you have an heirloom quilt, it’s the time to put it to use. Not anything says quaint, comfy and country like a selfmade (or selfmade looking) mattress covering. 

Bed considerations
Sure, it’d be incredible if you’d inherited a good looking brass or beautiful sleigh bed that were exceeded down for generations. Even if the ideal classic bed frame didn’t land in your lap, you can nonetheless create a beautiful country vibe via choosing the right piece. Even if it’s a rustic wood four-poster, a frame with candy brass knobs, a simple and romantic white-washed variety with slats, or an attractive iron bed frame, make sure your country mattress is as entertaining as it’s beautiful –– this style is all approximately comfort.

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