Easy DIY Air Conditioning Repairs You Should Know

Many homeowners who bump into AC difficulties generally call a professional air conditioning carrier immediately. Whilst that is well and good, you should remember that no longer all air conditioning concerns need the attention of an expert. At the very least, you ought to recognize the way to troubleshoot your air conditioner first earlier than calling in the large guns. For all you know, the AC difficulty you’re facing is so easy it can be fixed with one flick of a switch.

Here are some easy DIY air conditioner fixes you can do first earlier than referring the difficulty to an HVAC professional.

Check your breaker

Is your air conditioner no longer turning on? It may be a important malfunction, or it could be just a tripped breaker, especially while several home equipment share it. To avoid wasting your self some money, effort, and embarrassment, investigate your breaker first and make sure it’s now not turned off. Turn it back on if you uncover the change in the “off” position. As soon as you’ve turned it on and your AC nonetheless won’t come to life, then that could be time to call an HVAC service professional.

Clean or replace your air filter

cleaning air filter Stacken 0c149d 1755, by Janwikifoto from wikimedia commons [CC BY-SA 3.0]

You’re jogging the AC at full blast, and you still think warm? It could be an airflow problem, and dirty air filters are generally responsible for that. If you’re no longer in the behavior of cleansing or exchanging your air filters each 1-3 months, then it’s very probable for dust and debris to have built up and blocked the air intake.

As a outcome of deficient airflow as a result of a dirty air filter, your AC unit will have to work much tougher to do its job, and that means it has to use up more electricity. So anticipate better power expenses in case you don’t clear or update your air filter on a daily basis.

If you’ve transformed your air clear out and your unit remains slightly working, the problem may be of a extra severe variety, one that requires the talent of an authorized AC technician.

Let your AC unit thaw

Many property owners bitch that their AC unit is iced up, and which will bog down its capability to do its job correctly.  The most logical answer is to melt the ice. If you desire the ice to soften extra quickly, simply set the unit to “fan” and it’s going to all thaw out. You may also choose to just allow the ice melt by using itself.

Then again, an air conditioner that ices up maybe a symptom of alternative problems. Susceptible airflow due to a dirty air filter out can cause the unit to freeze up, but addressing that variety of obstacle is easy. Just update the air filter, and you’re good to go. However, the difficulty could be because of anything extra serious, like low refrigerant, or worse, a refrigerant leak. It’s necessarily finest to leave refrigerant issues in the palms of an HVAC professional.

Check your thermostat

thermostatThermostat home, by CORGI HomePlan on flickr corgi-homeplan-how-safe-is-your-home.org/ [CC BY 2.0]

Sometimes, it’s just the thermostat that may be messing with your air conditioner’s operation. Your young ones could have performed with the thermostat and inadvertently transformed the settings. It’s also possible that your thermostat just needs new batteries. Always assess the thermostat in case your AC unit is experiencing operation problems. You don’t want to be mortified from having to invite to be rescued by an air conditioning professional from a thermostat with susceptible batteries.

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Clean your outside unit

ac unitPhoto by Mike Prosser on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

It is common for homeowners to forget that their AC unit has an out of doors air condenser that needs to be clean and freed from debris. After all, it’s out of sight, and as a result out of mind, however it does require your attention.

Whether or not your air conditioner is experiencing problems, you need to always perform a gap determine now and again and make sure your external unit is not protected by using weeds, dirt, or particles inclusive of leaves or broken tree branches.

Keeping the external unit clean and free of particles is essential due to the fact it’s tasked with releasing heat taken from within your home. If it’s blanketed through debris, releasing that warmness would be a problem, and that could have an impact on the operation of your air conditioner.

Hosing down the external unit could also be a good way of cleaning it, but when you’re no longer that comfortable with eliminating parts of the unit, have a pro do it for you instead.

Remember that all of the recommendations above are really easy DIY air conditioner fixes for simple problems. However, when you start to notice a burning smell from the within of the unit or hear damn or thumping sounds, flip off your unit and call an HVAC carrier professional directly away. Such air conditioning problems could be serious, and only a skilled and experienced air conditioning technician can deal with them properly.

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