Does a Basement Kitchen Add Value to Your Home?

A basement kitchen or a kitchenette is an important part of your basement living area.  A beautifully complete kitchen on your basement can carry a ton of value — in featuring functional living space, overall convenience, and the resale value of your home.

Here are some of the ways where a basement kitchen adds value to you and your home. 

Higher ROI

Creating a basement kitchen makes for an excellent financial investment. It increases the resale value of your house significantly – up to eighty five percent of the expenditure!

According to The Wall Road Journal, a basement remodel equals a kitchen redesign when it comes to getting you the finest financial go back among all domestic renovations. With such a high return on investment, a basement redecorate is without doubt one of the smartest home upgrades.

Goodkitchen designand quality construction, that matches the rest of the house, adds to the worth of your basement. A basement that sincerely feels like a beautiful part of your home, instead of simply a basement, will attract potential dealers in case you ever put it up on sale within the future. Conversely, a basement that’s poorly designed will detract from the home’s value. 

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Cost savings

Beautiful kitchenImage by Solomon Rodgers from Pixabay CC0

If you’re searching for an additional dwelling area, a basement apartment, complete with its possess cooking space, will serve you well. Constructing or buying a larger domestic will price you approximately$150 to $200 a square footwhen the cost of completing a basement runs in basic terms$40 to $75 a square foot. The latter will provide you extra dwelling space in less!

FYI: A kitchenette or a basement kitchen of modest length fees anywhere between$1,000 and $5,000installed. If you’re determining a full-featured guest apartment kitchen, you ought to be prepared to pay about$12,000 to $20,000

While we’re talking about price savings, there’s another benefit of adding a basement kitchen. Obtaining a tenant is an easier task if your basement apartment has a kitchen that’s separate from the rest of the house. And, you can benefit from the extra rental income!

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Greater convenience

It’s rather convenient to add a basement kitchen. Because the basement is already near to the drains of your house, you won’t have to install new pipes for plumbing and drains. Moreover, there’s a lot of ease when it comes to adding a kitchen sink, moist bar, or connecting the washing appliances. 

Moreover, you can utilize the existing utilities such as electricity, water, gas and sewer traces — presenting you additional cost savings. 

Also, as circuit panel boxes are typically located within the basement, you can easily add electrical outlets or kitchen wall lighting. All in all, you’ll be adding extra square footage without a large increase in your application bills.

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Beautiful kitchen design ideas

Kitchen layoutImage by Stefano Ferrario from Pixabay CC0

When it comes to the basement environment, you can experiment with a lot of unique layouts — an opportunity that isn’t available on your main kitchen. For instance, you can layout a tiny or galley kitchen with quality hardwood floors that sits along one wall or have a family room within the basement with a kitchenette at one end. Or, have a domestic theater with a kitchenette nearby. Basically, you can test combinations that give you a lot of scope for entertaining and practicality. 

Extra storage space

Kitchen storageImage by renthouse from Pixabay CC0

You may try open shelving over an eye-catching tile backsplash for displaying your attractive decor pieces. Or, install colorful kitchen cabinets to store all your kitchen supplies. Pair them with a stylish countertop or a kitchen island to create the most beautiful basement designs. 

If you’re seeking an industrial vibe, for example, you can prefer stainless metallic cabinets, range hood, and kitchen appliances. To say it simply, you can afford to let all your creative layout ideas flow. 

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More leisure time

A basement kitchen offers the perfect space for entertaining and special occasions. With a thoroughly functional kitchen at hand, there’s little need to run up and down the stairs for your snacks and refreshments. The basement retreat will make your cooking, listening to loud music, or animated chitchats a beautiful adventure — devoid of worrying your main household.

This is especially a boon for property owners who have aging parents living with them. A basement kitchen provides a private, hassle-free zone.

The benefits of adding a basement kitchen are numerous. No wonder, basement kitchen ideas are gaining popularity among people who want to turn their basements into warm dwelling areas. 

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So, in case you too are considering of this home improvement, comprehend that you and your family will benefit from the addition for years to come.

Just keep in mind that creating a new basement kitchen will, in all likelihood, require planning permission. Especially if it involves major renovation work and alters the external appearance of your home. Comprehend your local ordinances regarding what you are and aren’t allowed whilst outfitting a basement kitchen or kitchenette.

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