Different Types of Window Frames for Your Home

Windows and doorways are two of the largest functions of your home. Windows now not merely offer ventilationandincrease your decrease appeal, but they are able to additionally enhance securityandpower efficiency. With the improvement in technologies and innovation, there are such a lot of window versions and styles accessible to head together with your property’s architectural style and meet your specifications. Now, if you are investing in replacing your historic windows or getting new ones, one more wonderful factor to consider is the sorts of window frames. On account that they act because the structural base, they play a favourite role within the long-term functioning of your windows. Always start with the frame and then consciousness on the glass panes. Now, to help you make an informed decision, we have described the major models of window framesbelow, each with its individual pros and cons.

Vinyl window frames

vinyl windowsPhoto by ntm1909 on Flickr [CC BY-ND 2.0]

Vinyl window frames are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is first carved right into a immediately shape after which made into a frame.


  • These types of window frames are quite affordable
  • They don’t require painting and are moisture-resistant
  • The hollow areas in such frames may be full of insulation material, making them perfect insulators
  • Vinyl frames are accessible in a number of designs and you can select one to move together with your architectural layout


  • Vinyl is not much long lasting and fewer strong when compared to wood, fiberglass, or aluminum
  • Vinyl frames don’t offer an analogous aesthetic charm like wooden or aluminum

Aluminum window frames

aluminum window framePixabay

Aluminum is one of the most typical and famous body substances since it’s light and durable.


  • Aluminum frames are lightweight, robust, and long-lasting
  • These models of window frames are available in glossy and contemporary designs, making them ideal for modern homes
  • Aluminum structures permit ample daylight, are sunlight-proof and are quite easy to maintain
  • They are resistant against rot, mold, and weather-related put on and tear


  • Aluminum home windows are not energy-efficient because they easily take up and behavior heat. However, you could combine them with other substances to extend their efficiency
  • Aluminum windows additionally fall lower than the expensive category of window frames

Fiberglass window frames

fiberglass windows Photo by means of ntm1909 on Flickr [CC BY-ND 2.0]

Fiberglass is manufactured from great sand, is a sustainable material, and may be painted to imitate wood. However they don’t seem to be so common, they’re a long lasting and affordable option.


  • Fiberglass home windows are long-lasting and fairly simple to maintain
  • These versions of window frames offer well weather- and temperature-resistance
  • This material is a brilliant insulator and guarantees good energy efficiency


  • Fiberglass would appear a bit dull whilst when compared with wooden and aluminum. You may address this disadvantage through portray it in a colour of your choice
  • This material is rather luxurious in comparison to all different frame types

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Wooden window frames

wooden window framesPhoto by means of Andersen Windows on Flickr [CC BY-ND 2.0]

The all-time traditional wood windows are a go-to choice for property owners who want a vintage, state-of-the-art look of their properties.

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  • Wooden frames are durable, strong, and of course well insulators
  • They offer a wonderful aesthetic charm to your home


  • These models of window frames are fairly high-priced whilst when compared with vinyl or fiberglass
  • They demand common maintenance and upkeep as they’re liable to moisture and climate damage

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Composite window frames

Composite frames mimic wooden and are made by using combining quite a few wood products which includes strand lumber, particleboard, and wood fiber. This inner fabric layer is then covered with vinyl or aluminum to protect the wood within.


  • Composite frames offer good moisture and harm resistance
  •  They own the same structural force and thermal residences as genuine wood


  • They are luxurious than any other versions of window frames

Additional features to consider when selecting window frames


Before choosing your window body material, ensure that you degree the exact length of your opening. Get this activity completed through a professional expert. This step is important; otherwise, you’ll grow to be purchasing frames which are too massive or too small. Bigger sizes mean you shall have to cut away some of the extra material, leading to wastage and accelerated hard work costs. Smaller sizes shall lead to an flawed fitting, thereby, causing drafts and moisture to seep into your interiors.

Replacing vs repairing

Why go for changing frames, while you can easily fix them? Verify the situation of your window body and glass before taking a decision. Particularly wooden frames, if not excessively damaged, may be effortlessly revamped with advertisement kits accessible within the market. Historical frames do not have much importance in the resale market anyways. So, maybe, you can think about fix instead of alternative in such cases.

Full body vs divided windows

There are two versions of window frames, the complete and the divided category. Now, if you want an unobstructed view of your outdoors, you may pass for the full option, with undivided and big glass panes. Divided window frames, which characteristic sections with small pieces of glass among each, lend that classic look of glass panes.

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Final take

Several attributes come collectively to create energy-efficient, durable, functional, and aesthetic windows — the frames being one significant aspect. Other motives which you should consider are the glazing or glass features, fuel fills and spacers, and the window variety and its operation. Also, consider the warranty. Examine the label carefully and recognise the interval plus conditions blanketed lower than the offered warranty. That’s it. As soon as you’re clear about your requirements, you’re ready to embark on that window purchasing journey!

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