Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity: A Buyer’s Guide

A bathroom vanity can function the center of attention and dictate the appearance of the entire bathing space. However, well appears form only one part of your choice process. The perfect arrogance unit should additionally tick off everything from your standards checklist. It have to meet all of your requirements, follow your budget, comply with the newest trends, and complement the existing layout. Now, with such a lot of possibilities available, selecting a model from the limitless options in bathing room vanities and shelves would leave you overwhelmed. Therefore, to make your activity easier, we have created this specific guide for you. Whether you’re constructing your bathroom from scratch or just renovating it, you’ll uncover this text to be helpful. So study on!

Measure the Space Available in Your Bathroom

Vanity Dimensions

Space is the such a lot essential factor in terms of setting up bathroom vanities. When you degree it, make sure to estimate its dimensions with the doors and drawers open. Now, compare this with the measurement of the area you had allotted for setting up the vanity. Your complete set should competently fit into the area. It should not disrupt the traffic flow or restrict entry to other elements which includes mirrors, electrical switches, and outlets. Also, consider your garage needs when finalizing the length of the overall set-up.

Below is a wall-mounted vanity proposal for a small bathroom.

wall mounted vanityPhoto by way of Homedesigns on Flickr is certified under CC-BY-SA 2.0

Plumbing Location

Check in which your plumbing is located. You can estimate the width of the vanity based on this factor. You should now not consider relocating the plumbing lines, as this will add in your cost.


Next, degree the peak of your countertop from the floor, depending on who will use the bathroom vanity. Notice that you should hold the width of shallowness tops at around 1 inch wider than that of vanity cabinets.

Choose the Style of Conceitedness Cabinet that Finest Fits Your Bathroom

freestanding bathroom vanityPhoto by way of Chalon Handmade on Flickr is certified below CC-By 2.0

Freestanding Bathroom Arrogance Cabinets

Freestanding shelves are perfect to be used as small bathroom vanities. They’re available in a gamut of patterns and you can get one in response to your individual preferences.

Built-in Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Built-in cabinets are the finest for bathrooms with more space. They give the luxury of extra garage and countertop space.

Bathroom Arrogance Shelves with a Top

This preference is straightforward to install, but you’re confined to sticking with the suitable that comes with the unit.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets and not using a Top

A arrogance with out a properly grants the preference to choose your countertop fabric — which includes natural stone, a great surface, glass, cultured stone, and others.

Single Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

These vanities are designed to carry only 1 sink. They are ideal for small-sized bathrooms. You can region the sink in the middle, left, or right of the conceitedness — with the intention to upload some visible appeal to your space.

Double Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

They hold two sinks. These are an excellent preference if the vanity is shared by means of two persons at the same time. We would suggest it if you are a working couple — especially during these demanding weekdays whilst you must prepare within minutes.

Floating Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Floating vanities are a very popular sort of contemporary bathroom vanities. You may mount the unit on a wall and for this reason can easily clear the space round it. That’s another tremendous option for a small bathroom. You could get one with closed in addition to open shelves. It is excellent for bogs that have got to be ADA available by means of sufferers on wheelchairs.

Decide on the Sort of Taps for Bathroom Sinks

bathroom vanity centerset faucetPhoto by way of GladyHi on Wikimedia Commons is certified under CC BY-SA 3.0

The conceitedness proper will in most cases be already configured and drilled for setting up faucets. You can opt for either centerset or general faucets.

Widespread Faucets

Widespread faucets characteristic a spout that has distinct handles for cold and hot water. All components are separate during this sort and its basins come with 3 drilled holes that are 6 to 16 inches apart.

Centerset Faucets

Here, the spout and handles are all linked on a unmarried unit. The basin comes with pre-drilled 3-hole installations that are 4 inches apart.

Decide on the Sort of Sink Bowls

bathroom vanity vessel sinkPexels

After selecting the type of faucet, your next step is to select the bowl category. This would completely rely upon the quantity of counter space you desire and what sort of you ought to allow for the sink.

Undermount Sink

It is set up underneath the counter floor to provide a continuing top. It leaves extra space on the counter area.

Vessel Sink

It is put on proper of the counter and you can get it in a number of shapes which includes bowl and square.

Drop-in Sink

It is mounted at the proper of the counter with the edges resting on the floor and the basin embedded below.

Integrated Sink

The countertop comes with the sink included in the unit. It really is with the aid of some distance the most convenient preference but limits you to keep on with whatsoever comes with the package.

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Shop for Extraordinary Patterns of Bathroom Vanities

modern bathing room vanityPixabay

Once you’ve got all the technical points correctly, the next move is to choose on the feel and look of your bathroom vanity. For example, opt for a floating vanity in case you have restricted area or select a vessel sink to create an expensive look. Let us take a look at the a number of patterns of vanities available in the market:

Modern Bathroom Vanities

Modern bathing room vanities usually feature smooth hardware, faucets, and monochromatic color schemes. They show a symmetrical sample in the layout sign of cabinets, drawers, and sinks.

Traditional Bathroom Vanities

They characteristic extra info when it comes to molds and curves, as when compared with the contemporary models. Classic vanities are available in classic color schemes together with wooden colours and materials like oak, mahogany, and others.

Transitional Bathroom Vanities

These models herald a blend of contemporary, symmetrical designs and classic, timeless curves.

Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Rustic arrogance items function organic textures and natural and organic wood tones. Some famous substances used in making them are re-purposed furniture or salvaged lumber.

Choose the Color and Finish

You will discover bathroom vanities that feature numerous color schemes together with white, black, neutral, monochromatic, or analogous. For example, for a subtle hot look, opt for a neutral scheme or for a classy easy look, opt for a black scheme.

Even the conclude plays a necessary role. From rustic to matte and glossy, you could choose any conclude level that captures your sense of fashion and the visual appeal of the rest of the bathroom.

Select the Right Material

wooden bathing room cabinetPhoto by way of Opera Cadet on flickr is certified under CC BY-SA 2.0

Your conceitedness would be constantly subjected to a number of brokers consisting of water, warmth out of your warm shower, detergents, spilled makeup, mouthwash, and cleansing products. Therefore, you would like a material that is strong, durable, and resistant against wear and tear. Some examples of such substances are wood veneers, laminates, and thermo-foil, among others. Even your vanity properly ought to be long lasting — apart from being gorgeous and functional.

If your selection is wood, then you may opt from substances which includes engineered wood, birch, or pine. For some more dollars, you may also get Asian hardwood, oak, maple, and others.


Remember, in terms of your individual choice in redesigning your bathroom by way of setting up a vanity, there is no wrong decision. Therefore, don’t allow the procedure of buying bathroom vanities crush you. Don’t be stressed with the infinite variety of thoughts available in the market. Check out your bathing room design and consider the capabilities you require the vanity to perform. In line with this, make an educated decision. With a bit bit of research and creativity, choosing your perfect unit would be a breeze.

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