Choosing Garage Lighting: 10 Important Factors to Keep in Mind

A garage, like the other application room in your house, merits wonderful lighting. Whether you employ the space to park your car, store your supplies, or as a workshop — good garage lighting is a must. After all, you should be capable to navigate the gap easily, devoid of worrying approximately falls and injuries. 

Moreover, you want to be capable to see what you’re doing in there — even if it’s detailing your vehicle, overhauling an engine, or completing a DIY project. 

Optimal storage lighting boosts safety, visibility, efficiency, and even the beauty of the space.

Fortunately, there are many garage lighting options to choose from. However, not all the lighting accessible are splendid for this utility room. So, how did you know which light fixtures are best to your garage in phrases of type, size, brightness, energy efficiency, etc?

Relax! This buyer’s aid will help you with key factors that you need to consider earlier than choosing the right storage lighting.

Factors to select the ideal garage lighting

Garage lightsGraniFlex Garage Floor, by Decorative Concrete Kingdom on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

The following are 10 key capabilities that you wish to maintain in mind earlier than choosing the lighting to your garage.

Remember that the correct storage lighting will make your storage look brighter, more effective and more secure for you and your family. 

1. Sorts of lighting

When it comes to artificial lighting, there are three main kinds: ambient, task, and accent. Ideally, a garage ought to have all three. You may use the following types of light fixtures for each one of these functions. 

  • Ambient lighting: The assumption is to illuminate the flooring and partitions that you should appropriately stroll across the garage or towards your parked vehicle.Popular lights: Garage door opener with built-in lights, circular or linear flush-mount lights that affix to the ceiling, tender overhead lights.
  • Task lighting: The aim is to create shiny illumination — lending increased visibility during detail-oriented tasks and routine organizational tasks. Popular lights:Trouble lighting fixtures (caged bulbs with an attached wire and a hook you may flow and grasp as required) and store lighting fixtures (4-8 foot-long adjustable strips that hang from the ceiling via a chain).
  • Accent lighting: The target is to shine a light-weight on showpieces you desire to emphasize. It may be your foosball table or an old trophy collection. Popular lights: Pendants lighting fixtures and wall-mounted sconces.

Most homeowners still consider the traditional fluorescent lights as the finest garage lighting. However, you need to maintain in mind that many fluorescent lighting don’t paintings below 50 degrees. So, in case you stay in a region that witnesses bloodless climate, it’s finest to buy fluorescent furnishings in line with the bottom temperature in your storage space. Supply selection to lighting fixtures with electronic ballasts over electromagnetic ones.

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2. Brightness

A good storage lighting manner should illuminate each and every corner of the space. Until some years back, the brightness of a bulb become measured with the aid of what percentage watts it consumed. Higher wattage meant extra brightness. Today, however, brightness is measured in lumens. 

So, what precisely are lumens?

The medical measurements for the output of authentic gentle are referred to as lumens. A lightweight fixture with the maximum variety of lumens may be the brightest. Generally, a bulb with 3500 plus lumens would be perfect for your garage. 

Want to know how a lot lighting you wish in your garage? TheIlluminating Engineering Society(IES) recommends 50 lumens per rectangular foot for ambient lighting, 300 lumens per rectangular foot for project lighting, and 75 lumens in line with square foot for accent lighting.

3. Energy efficiency

Who doesn’t like to shop funds on family power bills? Choosing an energy-efficient bulb is right for you as well as the environment. Therefore, you ought to think about an energy-savingLED bulb— inspite of whether you spend quite a few time in your storage or not.

Opt for theenergy-efficient LED lights. They consume much less power than classic lighting methods — almost 60 percent less! For instance, a 10-Watt LED bulb will deliver almost the same gentle output as a 60-Watt incandescent bulb. 

Furthermore,LED gentle bulbs and tubesdon’t contain mercury or emit hazardous UV rays. Also, they’re much more secure in small spaces as they don’t supply off too a lot heat. 

Moreover,  LED storage ceiling lights, surface mount LED lights and LED wraparound lights are simple to install in both single car or truck or diverse automobile domestic garages. 

While shopping for the finest energy saver lighting technique on your garage, choose ones with the Power Big name certification. 

Some of the finest LED lights on your storage includeHyperikon LED high bay gentle fixture,PrimeLights T8 LED HighBay,Striker TRiLIGHT Movement Activated Ceiling Light,Hyperikon LED Application Store Light,LED Lighting Technology LED Garage Vapor Proof FixtureandLeonLite 4ft Linkable LED Store Light.  

4. Colour temperature

The brightest storage lights are those with a Kelvin temperature between the range of 4000 and 7000K. You will get optimum brightness — as vibrant because the Sun. 

If you buy lighting fixtures with decrease temperature, they will make your storage seem dim and strain your eyes. Keep in mind that lower temperature lighting fixtures supply off a bluer easy when bigger temperature lighting fixtures supply off a extra orange light.

5. Dimensions

Garage light fixturesPhoto by rob walsh on Unsplash CC0

When it comes to storage lighting — it is dependent upon the total size, the design, and what the garage is used for, besides parking a vehicle. Generally, storage or storage room lights are slightly below 50” in length. 

You can pick tubes instead of the traditional pear-shaped bulbs. Fluorescent or LED tubes solid gentle over a wider area of the garage than standard bulbs. These tubes come in three unique diameters: T5 (5/8 inches), T8 (8/8 inches), and T12 (12/8 inches)

FYI: T5 and T8 are extra energy-efficient than T12 bulbs. Moreover, they arrive with digital ballasts or transformers. Those effectively minimize any kind of flickering, especially in case the garage temperature is going below 50 degrees.

Ideally, you should let three to four lighting fixtures surround your car(s). You could add an additional when you’ve got a workbench. You even can reduce the number of furniture via investing in lighting fixtures which are excellent bright. The goal is to illuminate the storage well. 

6. Color Rendering Index (CRI)

The sort of bulb you use in your garage may have a profound outcome at the way your space looks. CRI measures the power of a lightweight resource to exhibit the particular shades of gadgets vis-a-vis a organic gentle resource like the Sun.

Make sure your light bulb has a goodCRI of eighty five or above. It’s required particularly when you’ve got a piece place in your garage.It will ensure that your garage lighting shows the colours — of woodworks, paint, and other items you’re working on — realistically. 

FYI: All halogen/incandescent light bulbs have a CRI of roughly 100. It’s the same because theCRI of sunlight hours at midday!

7. Ease of installation

Make certain that the product you select is easy-to-install and is derived with clear installation instructions. The final thing you desire is to damage the hot easy fixture whilst trying to install it in your home garage. 

Opt for lighting that have chains for hanging or ones that you can easily mount on a surface. You’ll even get pull-cord ones. Earlier than you finalize your purchase, ensure that it comes with all of the add-ons required for the installation. You don’t favor to be running lower back to the store, do you?

8. Lifespan

Needless to say, a bulb with a well lifespan is the better option. Investigate the date while purchasing and opt for ones with extra-long life. You’ll save money on substitute charges or maintenance costs. 

FYI: LED garage lighting have a longer lifestyles than fluorescent bulbsup to 50,000 hours versus lower than 15,000 hours!

9. Bulb housing

A garage, especially if it’s also your workshop,  is where a large number of activities can move on. Ensure that your lamps are protected, or else, they will need alternative ever so often. Supply significance to the housing for the bulb too. Keep in mind to invest in good-quality ones. They will hold your lighting secure and durable.

10. Switches

In a garage, you may have any kind of switch. A number of homeowners nonetheless desire the ancient pull-down chains. They insist that these are very convenient. There also are people who think plugs connected to switches are better. 

Today, thanks to technology, you can even choose state-of-the-art switches with motion sensors for yoursmart home. Those can efficiently decrease your power consumption with the aid of automatically shutting off the lighting fixtures after some time in the event that they can’t notice any movement.

The decision is yours to take. Keep in mind that the extra complex the fitment, the extra will be yourgarage renovation cost.


A well-lit garage will seem brighter, cheerful, and bigger. It’s going to help you create the perfect working space where you can see the small print of your projects, or vehicle repair, clearly. 

While there is a huge type of garage lighting fixtures to select from, you would like to hold the above factors in mind earlier than making a purchase.  

Select the best storage lighting for simple accessibility, paintings efficiency, and safety.Look for lights which are UL (Underwriters Laboratory) or ETL (Edison Testing Laboratory) certified. These certifications inform you even if the lighting you’re thinking of buying meet the minimum security standards for electronics or not. 

Investing in well garage lighting furnishings is a huge decision, but one which have got to be made if you want your space to be effective and seem welcoming. 

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