Chimney Removal 101: What Every Homeowner Should Know

When you’ve received a big decision to make about your house — like no matter if or no longer to remove your chimney — there’s a lot to think about it. Should you rebuild? What’s the process like? What ought to you predict to pay? What are the matters you wish to consider but haven’t, considering that you’ve on no account been through this adventure before? 

Well, let’s start with the basics. Welcome to Chimney Removal 101…

What to think about when eliminating a chimney

partial chimney removalPhoto by means of Joesph Echeverria on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Before we get into price or whatever else, let’s hide a number of the matters you would like to consider, like:

  • How is eliminating the chimney going to affect the structural integrity of the building, adjoining to it, or surrounding it?
  • How are you going to seal up that area and make it weathertight?
  • Are there the other venting appliances in that chimney that you’re now not considering of that will need ventilation in a further region through an additional manner after finishing the process?

The chimney is more than just an accessory, and all of these things need consideration before you progress forward. So take some time to assume on those questions, and make sure that any chimney removal enterprise you choose to paintings with has answers to each.

What are you able to expect to pay for a chimney removal?

Cost can range greatly for chimney removal, depending at the scope of the work. For example, does the chimney run up the aspect of the constructing or dwelling or does it come up during the middle of the roof? What’s the peak and width of the chimney? These motives will impact price, but the greatest expenses are going to be in demolition, haul away, and dumping fees. 

If you’re rebuilding the chimney, you’ll also have to factor in those costs. Chimney rebuild costs will range based on such things as the placement of the chimney, what percentage flues it is going to need, and the peak and width of the recent chimney.

The price breakdown:

As an example, for a standard two-story colonial home that’s perhaps 2,500-3,000 rectangular feet, you could anticipate to pay $7,000-12,000 to remove the chimney, retrofit whatever space is left vacant, make it watertight, and re-side it or near up the hole within the roof. In case you add rebuild expenses on good of that, you’re perhaps going to be seeking at — depending on the location of the rustic — anywhere from $15,000-30,000 total (removal and rebuild).

Why do people get rid of their chimneys?

Most of the time, persons simply get rid of their chimneys since the chimney has been neglected for see you later and it’s going to take a lot to repair it, that it’s more cost-effective to tear it down and rebuild it or tear it down and shut up the dwelling. 

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What can you count on when you name a chimney sweep a few chimney elimination process? 

chimney elimination costRock chimney on the Summer time Residence at Woodland Lodge, by means of Beverkd from wikimedia commons [CC BY-SA 3.0]

When you name a good chimney sweep about a chimney removal, their first step should be to behavior a site survey. In the course of a site survey, the company will assess the scope of the paintings and consider things like:

  • Is there room for the removal process?
  • What are the necessities so far as hauling the chimney away? Do you require a web site dumpster for the job, and if so, are there any community covenants that restrict that? (If a site dumpster is needed but is prohibited, the company will must hire a sell off truck to be on website all day.)
  • What is the lay of the land so far as getting those substances from the chimney elimination area to the disposal area? Is the land flat and will the substances be capable of be walked to the disposal area, or is equipment — like a Bobcat or a motorized wheelbarrow — needed? 
  • Can the unload truck or website dumpster be correct subsequent to the chimney place for easy loading and removal?
  • Will any of the grounds be disturbed and will there be a problem with soil runoff if it rains in the midst of the project? 
  • Is any style of fencing needed for erosion control? 

This web site survey will assist the corporate verify fees involved, in addition to a timeframe for removal. From there, they ought to be capable of give you a good suggestion of what you may expect to pay and when you may count on the assignment to be ready.

Can you stay in the home during a chimney removal?

You might be wondering, “Can I maintain living in my home in the course of the chimney removal process?” The answer is, thankfully, yes. In case your chimney is at the outside of your home, it’s now not technically portion of the home, but is instead adjacent to or up as close to the home as it can be. So, you may typically get rid of the outside of the chimney with out opening up the within of the house or exposing it to the weather (heat and cold) — which means you can stay comfortably at domestic during the process. 

If the chimney removal does open up the home, as long as that commencing is correctly sealed, you ought to be able to remain very easily at domestic as well. 

Do you ought to worry approximately water, insects, or energy waste during the chimney removal and/or rebuild process?

If the chimney’s location signifies that elimination does open up the home — since the chimney went through an eve or the roof round it — the chimney removal firm will have to be fantastically speedy approximately final up the world or sealing it against the elements, especially if rain is in the forecast. 

Why? Because it’s an uncovered area with uncovered woodwork and perhaps insulation, as well. You don’t desire to get any insects, rainwater, sleet, snow, or whatever like that in your attic or the other exposed area of the home. 

Typically, the teardown or chimney removal procedure happens in a day and the corporate doing the work will use some variety of heavy polyurethane sealing (like heavy responsibility plastic) to make the open place airtight and watertight. That way, if rain is in the forecast and they can’t come returned to finish the task the very subsequent day, the area will have coverage opposed to moisture and bugs. 

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The sealing process

sealing roofTemporary roof fix in Oklahoma, by Win Henderson from wikimedia commons [Public domain]

Sealing the area during this way additionally prevents warmth loss (if the elimination occurs during the fall/winter) and funky air loss (if the removal occurs in the course of the spring/summer). Typically, the hotter months are ideal for chimney removals, and when you lower the atmospheric strain in your home by using cooling it, the natural and organic laws of physics dictate that hot air fill that space. So if you don’t seal up the area, you’ll have warm air coming in through the opening, and walking the AC will suck in additional of that hot air, making a vacuum. 

Using a heavy obligation plastic or anything like it to quickly seal up this area helps avoid power waste while retaining bees, flies, insects, rain, snow, and sleet out of your home till the everlasting sealing or rebuilding work takes place. 

As you could see, it takes quite a few making plans and logistics to think this assignment through in order that all of the substances are on website for a correct demo, haul-away, and transitority hermetic and watertight resealing.

When is the best time of the yr to have this type of paintings done?

The finest time to take away your chimney will be in the course of the spring. Depending at the part of the rustic you live in, wherever from the tip of March till the top of May is perhaps best. 

That’s when you’ll generally have the foremost favorable weather stipulations for the job — while it’s now not terribly bloodless or terribly hot. Of course, if you’re in part of the rustic in which the spring is an incredibly rainy season, then you may want to schedule your chimney removal for a further time of year. 

Is there the rest homeowners ought to learn about or observe of concerning chimney removal?

If you’re at the fence approximately rebuilding the chimney after removal, here’s anything to think about…If the chimney is going to a fireplace, eliminating the chimney and not rebuilding it will generally lower the price of your house by way of about 10%. 

For example, in case you live in a $350,000 domestic and also you get rid of the chimney that vents your fireplace, you’re decreasing the value of your home by means of $35,000. So certainly weigh your concepts earlier than making the decision to completely eliminate your chimney. 

It may well be in your finest curiosity to spend the $10,000-20,000 to repair it or tear it down and rebuild it. You will nonetheless be ahead of the sport and feature a selling selection should you choose to head some point in the future. 

One last thing, chimney elimination is a giant activity that calls for quite a few planning, quite a few knowledge, and loads of skill. So, who you select to do the work matters. Discover out what makes a Chimney Security Institute of United states of america (CSIA) certified chimney sweep uniquely qualified for the activity by means of heading

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