Central Air Conditioner Vs Ductless Air Conditioner: A Comparison Guide

Central air conditioner vs ductless air conditioner — those are the two recommendations which straight away comes to our mind after we determine to get an ac procedure for our homes — especially, during the recent summer season months. After all, there’s not anything like a appropriate air conditioning unit that could get the activity done for us. Lending cool air and a fresh indoor atmosphere, it helps us continue to be happy in summer.

Now, as we mentioned, there are two valuable sorts of ac systems — central air conditioner and ductless air conditioner. The model you choose shall remember at the design and layout of your home and the climate of your region. Taking into account the above factors, you wish to determine even if to select ductless or important ac systems.

Both of them include distinct installation and operation procedures. Each sort also has its own pros and cons. Therefore, to help you make an informed decision, we have compiled the below aid for you — which compares the major differences among the principal air conditioner and ductless air conditioner.

Central air conditioner vs ductless air conditioner:

Differences in operation

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All styles of air conditioners paintings on one common principle — regulating temperatures by way of converting a liquid right into a gaseous state and converting it back into the liquid state again. During the conversion process, the warm air surrounding it’s cooled down, that’s then circulated through a fan inside your home.

Homeowners can decide upon small window units to cool just a particular room. However, such a lot proprietors prefer whole-house cooling systems. And these models may be either important or ductless systems.

Central air conditioner: A critical ac comprises three main components — an outside unit, an indoor unit, and an air duct system. While the outside unit serves the point of cooling the indoor air, an air handler or furnace recirculates the heated air. An evaporator coil, located in the ducting by way of the furnace, cools the recirculated air. The prevailing ductwork, in turn, circulates air proportionately in every room of the house.

An HVAC expert will generally set up a principal air conditioner at the outdoors, maybe, on an outside wall. Sometimes, if the design permits, you may mount it in your roof or attic. Because those strategies don’t shape part of your interiors, they are usually unobstructed and don’t consume up precious inside space.

Ductless air conditioner: Ductless aka mini-split systems, because the name suggests, don’t use any ductwork. You may install them in your walls. Moreover, if you don’t have an existing duct network, then these models serve as a simpler, reasonably cheap option. Additionally, they’re more power efficient.

However, ductless procedures are obvious to the eye and if you own a large home, you would possibly ought to set up a couple of unit. Yet in case you require simply particular parts of your home to stay chilled, then you could move only for a single unit. You may use them along critical systems to create separate zones within your home — depending on which areas you use more than others.

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Installation procedures

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Central ac systems: The complexity levels fascinated with setting up a important ac chiefly depends on whether you’ve a duct community in your home. If yes, then the process is far easier. You just have got to buy the system, rent a pro, and he’ll mount it on a concrete pad, located outside your house. He shall then attach it to the prevailing ductwork and HVAC unit.

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However, in case you don’t have ducts, then the process may well be costly as well as complicated. Your installer has to first fix ducts that shall run from the ac across the entire home. He could have to drill holes and mount ducts through the roof and attic in order that the connections are not seen to the normal eye.

Ductless ac systems: When you don’t have ducts on your home, the higher option will be to go for ductless units. They can be straight set up on your wall, ceiling or drop ceiling, with the condenser being stored outdoors. If you purchase distinctive units, the only other accent essential is a hose — which is placed among the units. The setting up is also quick, with just a unmarried gap required to mount the entire system.

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Cost differences

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Central ac systems: The price of principal air conditioners relies upon chiefly on theSEER number, which is a sign of its performance rating. When you buy a model with a better SEER figure, it will bring about low long-term operating costs.

However, the in advance fees would be high. On average, for a 13 SEER principal ac, which is perfect for an 1800 sq toes house, the price can variety from $3,000 to $4,000. AC setting up costs (without ducts) can variety from $2000 to $2500 for an 1800 sq toes home. Additional costs, with $10 per linear foot, would be further if you wish to put in new air ducts throughout your property.

Ductless ac systems: A single unit of a ductless air conditioner may be priced at around $1,800 to $2000. But note that this may be enough to chill only a single room. If you wish to cool a whole region of 1800 sq feet, you would possibly need to put money into a 4 zones-system, that may price up to $4000. The installation process, that may take round two hours, might cost you basically $40 to $80.

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Energy performance & air filtration

Central air conditioning systems require the air to journey by way of ducts and hence, old, leaky ducts might bring about a large part of energy wastage. However, this isn’t a controversy which you face with ductless units, making thema more energy-efficient option.

Air conditioners are also used to improve the quality of indoor air. Air filters may well be set up on critical ac items to take away allergens from the encompassing air. However, given that ductless aircon doesn’t work on this principle, it doesn’t serve the point of removing indoor air pollutants.

Temperature control & noise levels

Central air conditioning circulates air across the house. Hence, it keeps a constant temperature in the total place. However, ductless units, with diverse zones, is usually efficient in serving this purpose. If you opt for a single-zone ductless unit, you may achieve temperature control in basic terms in the specific room where it’s installed.

Central air strategies are noisier as compared to ductless units. This is because the previous makes use of ducts in the course of its installation, which can result in echoes and accelerated noise levels.


Choosing the ideal heating and cooling system is crucial as it goes a ways in keeping your home comfortable. However, the final decision depends plenty on your long run requirements. Do you require uniform cooling? Do you need to purify your surrounding air? How a lot are you able to invest?

After taking into account each of the above options, decide upon the perfect system for your home. Rent skilled professionals who can ensure a seamless installation. Also, make sure that you adhere to a strict annual upkeep schedule; else, you will become spending way more in your monthly utility bills.

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