Buying Kitchen Trash Compactor? Know How, With Our Complete Guide

“I love disposing of the trash”, said nobody ever! If there’s one chore that we wish to escape with, from doing everyday, it’s emptying out the trash. Unfortunately, it’s an inevitable part of having a kitchen, possessing a clean house. But, there’s well information for householders. You could lower your efforts and nonetheless sustain an immaculate kitchen. How? Simple, through bringing domestic the foremost underrated appliance of all. The superhero that deserves its due – a kitchen trash compactor!

What is a trash compactor?

trash compactor is a application equipment that makes use of compaction strength by way of a metal ram to overwhelm garbage into smaller and more achievable parts. It ends up in decreasing the quantity of household waste to almost 80%, thereby reducing its impact on landfills and the environment.

The easy tool does many of the dirty task for you in order that you don’t must deal with trash disposal on a day-by-day basis.  In fact, in case you manage your rubbish well, you can cut down this assignment to once a week. Does saving valuable mins suggest extra time in the front of the TV, watching your favourite show? A few additional mins of entertaining pals and family? You bet!

So if you’re dillydallying whether to invest in one or not, don’t! Simply buy it. It’s an fundamental portion of our waste management, leading us in the direction of a more sustainable environment. Let us assist you choose the one who meets your requirements.

Factors To Think about Before Buying

kitchen trash compactor silverPhoto through Goedeker’s on Flickr – licensed less than CC BY 2.0

1. Energy of Trash Compactors

Read up at the energy specs of the model you are considering of buying. It is important. As outlined above, trash compactors paintings through using ram force to reduce trash volume. So the extra garbage you have, the more compressing you need.

Will you be crushing cans and bottles on an everyday basis? If yes, then think about installing a strong one with greatest compaction force. Think 5000 lbs of ram strength for any such heavy-duty job. If your load isn’t much, you may select 3000 lbs of continual power. Any such desktop comes with a compaction ratio of 6-1. In easy terms, the trash is decreased to 1/6 of its volume. This suggests you’ll make fewer trips to the rubbish can if you set up one in your kitchen. Fewer luggage and lesser waste to dispose. Now, isn’t that wonderful?

2. Size

Different trash compactors require different space to be installed. Generally, compactors number from 12 to fifteen inches in width, from 34 1/8 to 35 inches in height, and from 24 to 24 ½ inches in depth. It is going devoid of asserting that it’s important to accurately degree the accessible area in your home earlier than you start shopping. It’ll help you shortlist your alternatives and the ultimate product would be more entertaining to the eyes. You don’t prefer parts of it jutting out, do you? Nah.

3. Types

If you peruse in the course of the market today, you’ll come throughout 3 simple types of trash compactors: freestanding, under-the-counter,andconvertible.

A freestanding compactor will have a complete correct that can be utilized as extra counter space. Those are widespread when you want to create a versatile paintings station atop your compactor, for instance, combining it with a slicing board. Some organizations will even customise it for you.

Under-the-counter compactor does now not require a finished correct and may be adjusted among cabinets, very similar to a dishwasher. It offers a clean-cut, built-in console look and as a result is wellknown more. Just make sure of the measurements of the gap you have. If you’ve purchased trim kits to customize panels, the degree have to include it as well.

A convertible compactor can be mounted as both a freestanding or under-the-counter appliance. The alternative lies with the homeowners.

4. Features

Trash compactors have more or less similar attributes yet could differ in size and compacting ratio. Some differentiating functions might be dependent on:

  • Capacity (1.4 to 1.55 cubic feet)
  • Controls (hidden or entirely visible)
  • Sensors (anti-jam or tilt)
  • Opening techniques (toe bar pedal or aspect release bins)
  • Odor absorption (air freshening or charcoal filters)
  • Noise level or insulation
  • Convenience (easy installation, wheels, drawers, simpler bag replacement)
  • Looks: you’ll desire to event your compactor along with your cabinetry and different appliances. Black, white, stainless steel, or one with a wood panel – your choice.
  • Additional safety features: the presence of an alarm system in case of a malfunction or if the bin hasn’t been loaded properly

Look up the specs of the types you’re taking into account purchasing on the web and compare each feature. You’ll getter a much better idea once you’re comprehensive with the exercise.

 Kitchen Trash Compactor Over The Years

Did you know? The 1st commercial trash compactor became patented through M.S. Wells in 1941. The computing device turned into invented with a view to make crushing oil cans easier. It became much later, in the 1970s, that John A. Boyd created a compactor for household trash utilizing hydraulic strain from a right away water supply. This compressed the rubbish into a bundle, a method excellent for its easy disposal. In 1991, John Bauer made some more innovations to the design, developing separate compartments for the different types of trash, specifically recyclable and non-recyclable.

With newer technology and higher waste-management techniques, the newest trash compactors manage dry and wet waste, have more capacity to shop rubbish (up to 80% more), and likewise manage odor effectively. They maintain your kitchen lean, clean, and smelling fresh. They’re now sleeker, more efficient, and the best aspect is, noiseless.

Why Compactors?

black kitchen trash compactorPhoto via Goedeker’s on Flickr – certified under CC BY 2.0

Trash compactors help increase the space on your kitchen through removing rubbish that’s conspicuous by means of its sheer bulk. They’re additionally very beneficial for those who don’t have day-by-day trash pickup, or those who ought to pay expensive surcharges for utilizing diverse trash bags.

Some more benefits:

  • Compacted trash takes up less area in municipal dumps and landfills, decreasing your environmental footprint
  • Trash compactors can help motivate recycling. Especially goods together with plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, and aluminum cans
  • It might be useful save on waste elimination costs. For instance, charges imposed through the town or your homeowner association (HOA) if your household generates more than traditional trash for which you wish additional outdoor rubbish receptacles

So now that we’ve hooked up that a kitchen trash compactor is totally essential, how will we choose the finest one for ourselves? It’s easy actually. Suffer our guidelines; they’ll assist you choose a model that fits your needs.

How Do Compactors Work?

kitchen trash compactor housePhoto through Bill Wilson on Flickr licensed less than CC BY 2.0

Trash compactors have relatively easy components:

  • A ram that compresses the waste
  • A bin that involves that waste
  • An electric change that powers the unit

Using a trash compactor is particularly simple. Throw in all the waste fabric into the rubbish receptacle, and whilst the bin is full, near the lid, and switch at the compactor. The hydraulic-powered steel ram will crush the shelter into a dense package. The small parcel then may well be effortlessly bagged and disposed of in the garbage can external your house or at a native waste removal facility.

How To Take Care Of Your Kitchen Trash Compactor?

kitchen trash compactor maintenancePhoto via Bill Wilson on Flickr licensed less than CC BY 2.0

Once you’ve chosen the finest mannequin to fit your needs, you’ll additionally favor to protect the funding you’re considering of making. To make sure that your kitchen trash compactor lasts you many years and serves you well throughout, you’ll have to follow the manufacturer’s directions for use. And participate in the recommended preventive maintenance mentioned.

Generally speaking, except for occasional cleaning, compactors are particularly low-maintenance.

Steps to clean your trash compactor:

  • Unplug
  • Remove the bag and caddy, and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions
  • Vacuum the area
  • Clean the compactor, in and out – utilizing warm, soapy water
  • Rinse and dry
  • Close the drawer and replace the caddy with a brand new bag
  • Check the air freshener or charcoal filter periodically and update if want arises

Some simple precautions:

  • Never use your palms or ft to push trash down into the bin
  • Never permit little ones to play near an unsecured trash compactor
  • Do no longer allow them to function one unattended


Using a kitchen trash compactor is a superb way to store and technique family waste efficiently. Fewer trips to take out the trash, lesser bags, and decreasing landfill – all in all, an environmentally responsible option.

Though trash discount through compacting isn’t an identical as practices which include reducing, reusing and recycling trash, you may always upgrade your eco-efforts through taking simple steps. Use paper or biodegradable compactor luggage on your trash compactor and make a huge difference.

If you love having a pristine kitchen, keeping good sanitation throughout your home, but aren’t too large partial to disposing of the rubbish typically – trash compactors are what you need. Examine up on our total guide to realise the application well and purchase a compactor that matches your fashion and needs.

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