Building a Home Theater From Scratch: 10 Tips & 5 No-Nos

“Home theater? Wait, are you serious? Who has money for that?” you are probably thinking. However, you don´t have to be an A-Lister or filthy prosperous to construct your lovely, functional domestic theater system. All you wish to construct it from scratch are valuable pieces of advice from people who know how it has to be done.

Let´s start with several massive no-no´s:

5 Large No-Nos of creating a domestic theater:

  • Don´t plan to purchase with out research!

That stands out as the worst thing you could do. Do you know the prices, additional options, quality? Yes, you have to analyze all of this stuff well in case you want to spend smartly. As we said earlier, home theater isn’t just for terribly rich people. Therefore, plan your price range ahead.

  • Place your TV neither too low nor too high

Your TV ought to be placed in a situation wherein you are certain persons won´t strain their neck or shoulder muscles. It is all about comfort, so make certain they think good in your theatre.

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  • Don´t neglect to arrange the seats properly

You should location seating in a way that they are now not too far away from the screen, but nonetheless no longer too close. That is why you have to measure the room and plan the space before starting. Having a plan ahead will save you lot of nerves.

home theater seatingHome Theater, Almost Complete, by gsloan on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

  • Bad lighting

When we say bad lighting is a massive no-no it is notably obvious why. Well, you certainly don’t want rays of solar to fall on your TV screen. Therefore, you have to fix that lighting fixtures limitation earlier than it occurs. The finest ideas are to both build a theater in a room without big windows or to buy blackout shades and blinds. It’s ultimately as much as you.

  • Wrongly located door

Do you recognize what is much more irritating than teenagers within the theatre? Trust it or not, it exists, and it’s whilst persons go to the lavatory in the middle of an interesting scene. But, we are all humans, so instead of forbidding others to move, place the door correctly. By means of that, we mean: make sure people won´t pass in front of the display screen once they get up. They should have enough space to go external in a way that won’t interrupt anyone.

Now that you know what to avoid, let’s appear at some tips to build a perfect home theater.

Tips to make a brilliant DIY home theatre:

  • Pick the room

You have to locate a ideal place on your theatre as it is intricate and you have to meet all criteria to create a full experience. It really is maybe the hardest part of operating on this. Approximately, the room should be 20 ft lengthy by means of 13 feet vast and if possible, isolated from the rest of the house.

  • Isolation is everything

When you choose in which to start building the theatre you’ll want to isolate that room. You don´t want the remainder of the house shaking whilst you watch a loud action movie (Die Hard involves mind). That is why you ought to choose well materials that will provide stable sound isolation. You ought to purchase R30 isolation for outside walls, floor, and ceiling. Also, you ought to purchase the sound isolation for interior walls. For that, fabulous is R11.

  • Surround sound

Typically people choose 7.1 surround sound system that consists of 7 channel speakers and a subwoofer. You have complete freedom to choose wherein you will place each speaker.

Decide wherein you’ll keep the hub that will guard your receiver and different A/V equipment. The hub can be placed in a cabinet contained in the theater or in a nearby closet. If you are building the cabinet through yourself, look into this Toolsy´s advice on how to select the best cabinet table saws.

surround sound home theater

Image Source: pixabay

  • Buy a surge protector

You will pay money for details, equipment, isolation, sound environment and furniture, but you have to make certain that your equipment will survive. If you want to maintain your electronics safe, purchase a surge protector. We advise you to invest your funds in a high-quality surge protector that also comes with a warranty. That warranty will preserve any equipment that is potentially damaged in a energy surge.

  • Video projector

For a total theatre experience, it’s best to install a video projector. To do that you’ll need an HDMI cable and CAT5 control wire for accessing the projector with a radio frequency (RF) remote. CAT5 is great because it will allow you to start a movie devoid of pointing at the projector which is notably convenient, to say the least.

video projector for home theater

Image Source: pxhere

  • Invest in lighting

Presumably, your room doesn’t possess big windows or generally, windows. That is the ideal start for creating theatre atmosphere with the proper lighting. You can sincerely play with it! Maybe the best form of lights you ought to think about is to select a light that has 6,500 Kelvin degrees. Those lighting will preserve the color and add up to the theatre atmosphere.

  • Choose the room color

The darker, the better. Brighter colours might mirror light which is distracting and inconvenient if you want to build an amazing theatre. Our recommendations are brown, dark brown, and olive.

  • Floor

A nice, high-quality carpet will deliver the feeling of coziness and warmth to the room, especially if you wish to watch some family-friendly movies with your kids. Perhaps you’ll favor to watch it on the floor, and that is while the carpet kicks in. Also, in case you plan a romantic night with your loved one, sitting at the carpet is way extra poetic than a regular sitting.

  • Choose the furniture

You can make your DIY chairs, otherwise you can purchase some unconventional sofas. Maybe, you can surely put lazy bags everywhere. It’s completely up to you since the furnishings is there to create the atmosphere you have initially planned.

  • Internet-enabled player

Last, but definitely, now not the least, is bringing cyber web content to your home theatre. The most affordable solution for this is internet-enabled Blu-ray players. Blu-ray player gives high-definition, with built-in Wi-Fi for much less than $250, that is 20 times less than $5000 Internet-enabled TV.

And that’s a wrap! Do you imagine we ignored on a tip or two? Share with us in the reviews below.

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