Bathroom Exhaust Fans: Everything You Need To Know

Did you recognize that the enjoyable bathe you’ve after a tiring day would in fact also have a damaging result in your home? How? Much of humidity and vapor build-up in an enclosed area can lead to mould and mildew growth. This can added harm your house structure — including the walls, ceiling, and drywall. Hence, so as to restrict this, you wish to install one significant function in your bathroom — bathing room exhaust fans. This small element shall guard your building by means of removing health-hazardous agents such as additional moisture, mould spores, and bad odors. Therefore, if your bathroom smells musty or does not have a fan yet, you should think about installing one on your subsequent bathroom remodel.

What Are Bathroom Exhaust Fans?

A bathroom exhaust fan is a robotically operated device that is related to the outside by way of duct pipes. It attracts in moisture, impurities, small particles, and odors and releases them outside. The total approach guarantees that your indoors air is pure, dry, fresh, and clean.

How Do Bathroom Exhaust Followers Operate?

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A vent fan is connected to your traditional electrical circuit and is operated by way of a wall switch. Once you flip on the switch, the fan shall run to attract in air and transfer it out via a hose/duct into an opening positioned on the roof or sidewall of your house. This equipment also features a louvered hide plate at the endpoint — which closes off the duct when it isn’t in use.

So, What Are the Reasons That You Should Think about Before Setting up Bathroom Exhaust Fans?

With emerging technologies and wise manufacturing techniques, bathroom exhaust fans, today, are available in several effective and functional models. However, with such a lot of functions and specifications, repeatedly it might turn out to be a daunting project for a client to choose the perfect variety for his home. Therefore, if you recognize the significant explanations that you should think about earlier than buying one, then the activity becomes a lot easier. So, here, we will outline the foremost elements which you are required to keep in mind earlier than making the ultimate purchase.

Venting Mechanism

This is the biggest factor. You should always go for a bathroom fan that includes the option to connect its ducts in order that moisture is released outside. In many cases, it so happens that the exhaust air is just expelled to the openings between the ceiling joists or into an attic. As a result of this, water collects in these dark, dingy locations — leading to mold growth — and harm to your property.

Efficient venting will ensure that your fan sucks in greatest amounts of indoor air and transfers the heat outdoors. However it is excellent for summer, in the course of winter, it’d outcome in your house becoming colder. In such a case, opt for heat-exchange ventilator fan. These types shall suck in heated air and update it with heated-up, fresh air from the outside.

Air Pass Capacity

The traditional measurement of air motion is calculated in cubic feet according to minute (CFM). According to the Home Air flow Institute, the suggested air flow cost ought to be eight air adjustments in line with hour — which converts to one CFM rating according to square foot of toilet area. For example, in case your bathing room is of one hundred square feet, then you definitely should ideally get bath followers with a ranking of a hundred CFM. HVI offers the following standards for air flow capability in step with your bathing room size, which will make sure maximum energy efficiency:

  • Less than 50 square feet: Minimal 50 CFM
  • 50-100 rectangular feet: 1 CFM in line with square foot of floor space
  • Higher than one hundred rectangular feet: Add the CFM requirement for each fixture (such as — 50 CFM every for the toilet, shower, and bathtub and 100 CFM for a jetted tub)

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Energy Efficiency

Check for the Power Megastar label at the model that you are making plans to buy. This certification should come from authentic institutions such as the Home Ventilating Institute or the Air Motion and Handle Association. Types with Power Superstar scores eat 60% much less power than different usual models. You may also go for fans which feature automobiles that operate with minimal noise. Every one of these motors consume very much less energy.

As bathing room exhaust followers form part of HVAC systems, inspect the required constructing codes in your vicinity. Several locations could require citizens to put in energy-efficient appliances — while any new creation is occurring or while a major bathroom maintenance is within the pipeline — so as to comply with the set specifications.

Noise Levels

The unit for measuring the noise point of loo fans is sones. As a way to make sure a quiet fan operation, get a model which includes a ranking of 1.0 sones or less.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Types

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As in line with your need, you may get a standalone mannequin that comes with simply the ventilating fan. You could also opt for a mixture unit — which shall incorporate a fan, a lightweight fixture, and maybe, a warmness lamp. If your price range permits, you may even decide on high-priced units together with versions with Bluetooth and audio system — to help you move track every time you’re within the mood.

Other Wise Features

Several upcoming models at the moment are equipped with numerous intelligent features. Look into the various remarkable ones below:

Fan Lighting

This is one of those overhead lighting fixtures that may be became on by means of motion sensors or switches. There also are night lighting hooked up in certain types which can assist to navigate in the dark.

Motion sensor activation

These fans are designed to automatically begin as soon as somebody enters the bathroom.

Humidity sensing

Fans with humidity sensing will immediately activate while the moisture levels within the room upward push above a certain level.

Other Significant Considerations

  • If you have an enclosed toilet on your bathroom, set up a separate exhaust fan in that area.
  • Install the fan above locations which are extra liable to getting moist — such because the shower area, the sink, or the bathtub region. Whilst your bathroom has all the above elements, location the fan midway among the bathroom and shower or bath and sink. In case you have a small bathroom, simply install the fan at the center.
  • If you have a high bathing room ceiling, with height 8 feet or greater, you would possibly want further ventilation.
  • Ensure that the exterior vent louver is totally sealed when you turn off the fan. Otherwise, bloodless air will seep in when the fan is not operational.


Currently, the market for bathing room exhaust fans offers innumerable concepts when it comes to specifications, styles, extra features, efficiency, etc. You can opt for an preference that meets your present layout, budget, and different significant necessities (already outlined above). Choose a product that enhances your bathroom design while also making sure that your house is secure from moisture-related damages. It’s necessarily recommended to just use a reputed HVAC installer to execute the lavatory ventilation setting up process.

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