Bask in Tranquility with a Japanese-Style Bathroom

Bathrooms are arguably essentially the mostsome of the most function-driven spaces in a home. Your bathroom is a space in which you get ready to face your day, and where you clean up before mattress whilst it’s all done. The best bathrooms help you relax, and serve as a mini spa or oasis. Japanese design lends itself good to the bathroom, because it has an evident attention on tranquility and a feel of peace. If you just like the idea of a space that washes the dust and the day away, and leaves you feeling rested, consider these tactics to add some Japanese parts to your bathroom – and get ready to say ahhhhhhhh.

A space for soaking

Japanese tubJapanese soaking tub, by John Hritz on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

There’s something about a pool of warm water that melts stress away – perhaps the reason is, taking onsen (soaking in hot springs) is so popular in Japan. A beautiful soaking bathtub can be one of the best places in your house to relax. In case you have the space, think about a show-stopping tub. Whether it’s a spa variety with jets to help you eliminate these sore spots and aching muscles, otherwise you favor your water to be still, a tub can easily turn out to be the focal point of a bathroom. Since Japanese style is all about simplicity, ditch the ornate claw-foot tubs in favor of something understated, yet stunning. A bathtub with a natural look, or a circular soaking bath can add both a beautiful contact of Japanese flair and a tranquil vibe to your bathroom.


Think clean and organized

One key to emulating Japanese layout is to ditch the clutter. Think about sleek, easy ways to store your grooming products, and pare down your decór. Less is more, and there’s a place for everything with this style.

Go natural

Natural bathroom stylemoods-cypress, by Lizzie Benton on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

If you’ve ever closed your eyes on a picnic blanket and loved the rays of the solar on a summer time day, you recognize about the tie between nature and tranquility. Japanese layout celebrates nature, and indicates it in many of the materials used. Incorporate wood, bamboo, greenery, and rock into your bathroom design, and bask in the sense of peace that comes with bringing the outdoors into your home. Rock walls in showers, wood “furo” style bathtubs, and the like assist bring a distinctly natural, Japanese vibe to your bathroom.

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