Basement Bathroom Ideas and Tips for a Practical Design

Planning to add a bathroom for your finished basement? Great idea! You won’t ever remorse having a bathroom on your basement. However this domestic development project requires effort and money, with the correct basement bathroom ideas, you can create a beautiful and functional dwelling space on your house. 

Adding a bathroom in your basement will obviously make your existence easier, especially if you’re planning to show your basement into a guest room, an additional living room, a gaming room, a home gym, a media room, a wet bar, or a home office. 

If you’re an enthusiastic DIYer, you can tackle the activity yourself, or can always hire the right contractor to assist you.

Whichever is the case, you need to think over your bathroom layout carefully. Plan where you want to place the bathtub, in which you’ll have the shower area and the toilet. Once the plumbing fixtures are installed, you won’t be able to change a lot after.

A basement bathroom offers you the convenience of utilizing a washroom — with out having to climb up and down the stairs each time nature calls. 

A basement bathroom also boosts your own home value in the process. Any extra living space — allowing for various applications and activities — adds value to your house and is good from a resale point of view. Because you already have the available space, turning it into a complete basement bathroom or a half bathroom (powder room) is not a very highly-priced affair. 

A bathroom installation on your basement will price you $10,000 to $15,500on average. This amount includes material expenditures as good as labor costs. If you’re adding a bathroom under an existing one, you can definitely pull down the existing plumbing for the hot construction. This would save you considerable time and expense.

Are you creating a budget for your project?

Explore financing innovations for your bathroom redecorate with out affecting your credit score score

You ought to make sure that the plumbing and drainage paintings is completed actually to assist a sink, toilet, bathtub, or a walk-in shower. In case your sewer line is deep sufficient for your basement plumbing, adding a new bathroom is simple enough.

Keep in mind that such a lot electrical or plumbing renovations need a permit. However, in case you plan to simply change the visual ingredients of your bathroom, a enable isn’t required. Otherwise, a bathroom redesign will require compliance with structural guidelines laid down by using the building regulatory body of your area. 

Whether you’re adding a new basement bathroom or remodeling an present space to make it look and consider better, we have some great basement bathroom ideas and guidelines for you. Create a room where you’d want to spend time in, an area that is as functional as it’s beautiful. 

1. Floating vanity

floating bathroom vanity

Since such a lot basement bathrooms are smaller than your other bathrooms, you wish to install suitable bathroom fittings. Assume floating vanities or pedestal sinks. Both have smaller footprints than traditional ones and take up minimal ground space. 

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2. Right kind of lighting 

bathroom light

Lighting is absolutely essential in any bathroom, especially one that’s within the basement of your house. When you consider that it’s much less probable for this area to have natural light, the right bathroom lighting can flip a dark, cave-like room into a pleased washroom. It’s a good idea to install a pair of wall-mounted sconces at eye point on each side of the replicate or indirect lighting to make your space consider warmer and inviting. 

Pay special care to wattage. The ideal illumination will be between 75 and 100 watts. You can choose compact fluorescent, LED fixtures, or a dimmer (for a spa-like bath experience!).

3. Light wall colors

bathroom wall color

Since basement bathrooms notoriously lack natural light, it’s a well idea to enliven the space with a mild or neutral coat of paint. Such easy hues assist to make even the smallest of basement bathrooms appear larger and more open. Not to forget, they flawlessly conceal any imperfections and replicate light.

4. Bathroom window

basement bathroom window

If there’s even the slightest chance of accommodating a bathroom window, use it. A window on your basement bathroom, if possible, won’t in basic terms enhance the quality of air and gentle dramatically yet also give you well air circulation. A window is a boon in a damp space such as a basement bathroom.

5. Bathroom storage

bathroom storage

Your basement bathroom is a great place to store bathroom essentials such as paper towels, lavatory papers, or extra towels. Install as much storage as you maybe can in the form of vanity, linen closet, or perhaps open shelving. Good storage solutions will make your bathroom think more finished, rather than just an addition for your home.

6. Bathroom flooring

tile floor

Excess moisture, more usually than not, turns into an hassle with bathrooms — more so in the case of a basement bathroom. It’s finest to stick with a concrete ground or hard tile floor. You can use porcelain or ceramic tiles. You may even invest in a radiant heat system to keep your bathroom ground warm and comfortable.

7. Curbless bathe doorways or curtains

shower curtain

Curbless showers with a frameless, glass enclosure is a well strategy to maintain the bathroom seeking neat and compact — whilst preserving the bathe stall (and water) contained. If you’re on a tight budget, you may install a light-colored shower curtain for this purpose.  

8. Bathroom decor

basement bathroom designs

Just because a basement bathroom is not as grand or big as your master bathroom or different above-ground bathrooms, there’s no reason to decide for boring bathroom decor. Do up your bathroom with eye-catching wall art, herald some stay plants to add a homey vibe, or perhaps personal memorabilia and photographs. Your basement bathroom layout will come alive, and how!

9. Small powder room

powder room

If square footage comes at a top rate for you, you needn’t move the extra mile. A small powder room can suffice as a small space with in basic terms a rest room and sink. It’s an especially practical answer if you plan to apply your basement primarily as a space for entertaining. However, do make this small area as striking as you can. Suppose elegant stone ground tiles and a one-of-a-kind bathroom sink.

Last words

Adding a basement bathroom is a great way to utilize the below-ground area of your house. If basements are a normal feature on your zip code, you can unleash a whole lot of recent living possibilities! And, a bathroom adds extra brownie facets to all those ideas. 

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