Are Wood Countertops a Good Idea?

There has been a steady increase in popularity among Americans in regard to wood countertops. The inclination toward natural aesthetics for domestic design has primarily accounted for the creating popularity of this particular countertop. This article will look at one of a kind aspects of wood counters and help you analyze in the event that they are a well idea.

What are the professionals of wooden countertops?

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There aren’t too many artificial alternatives that can replace the beauty of the wood. It is going with the interior layout of most kitchens and gives a natural believe to any home decor. Some of the most important points to remember during this regard are:

  • Wood counter tops are beautiful.
  • The work surface is warm to seem at and feel. 
  • They are eco-friendly.
  • They can make a kitchen appear very vibrant and natural.

What are the cons of wooden countertops?

While we all love wood, the fact is that it calls for a lot of maintenance. A number of the major cons of this special type of countertop are:

  • Wood that hasn’t been sealed actually can invite bacterial growth.
  • Wood counter tops require a lot of maintenance. 
  • Wood is usually prone to damage.

How do you maintain wooden countertops?

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One of the main issues around wood is the fact that it calls for a lot of maintenance. A number of the key things to keep in mind during this regard include:

1. Don’t treat the countertop as a butcher block

It is easy to get tempted to apply the complete countertop as a grain butcher block. However, it will result in cuts and scratches that can damage the looks and sturdiness of the countertop. This can also invite bacterial development and corresponding health hazards.

2. Use oil to finish

If you are installing a new countertop, ensure to finish the surface with mineral oil and lumber liquidators. It’s also a good idea to oil the surface as soon as each two years. This would increase the seem and feel of the surface and enhance the overall shelflife.

3. Preclude too much heat

Solid wooden counter tops are heat resistant in nature when sealed correctly. However, direct heat can nonetheless cause damage. You must be careful to avoid keeping warm pots, pans, and utensils instantly at the natural wooden countertop.

4. Don’t delay the cleaning

Every time anything spills on the countertop, wipe it away immediately. In case you allow a spill to choose wood, it may create permanent marks and damages. It’s also advised to clean the countertop on a regular basis after every nutrition preparation.

5. Sand away the scratches

If you see easy scratches and marks on the countertop, you may use sandpaper to take away them. You must be gentle and patient whilst utilizing the sandpaper to guard the wood.

6. Restrict coating

While coating the top may look an easy maintenance solution, it can create long run damages.

Are wooden countertops sanitary?

wooden kitchen countertopPhoto through Becca Tapert on Unsplash CC0

Wooden counter tops are sanitary if they are sealed correctly. However, except you want to tamper with the appear and suppose of the countertop, it is best to avoid reducing straight on the countertop.

What is the best wooden to apply for countertops?

You will uncover a huge variety of wood countertops in the market. They can be made of various types of wooden such as maple, oak, cherry, and teak. However, teak is considered to be the best wooden to apply for countertops. Teak wood is amazingly durable and can withstand moisture. It’s also tremendously beautiful and can brighten up any kitchen. 

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Are wood countertops expensive?

Wooden countertops can price you among $40 in line with square ft to $60 consistent with square ft adding installation. If you want to use distinct woods, the price can cross as much as $200 in line with square feet. You can try out our cost estimatorto get a more concise estimate in your kitchen renovation project. 

If you are willing to take care of and maintain, wood countertops can be a great idea for kitchens. So, what are you waiting for? Kickstart your kitchen renovation task today!

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