Are Laminate Countertops a Good Idea?

Laminate countertops have been usually regarded as a low-end cheap option. However, you’ll uncover these counter tops in several American properties nowadays. It truly is an inexpensive, easy to maintain alternative that is available in a broad variety of designs. Be it for kitchens, bathrooms or workrooms, laminate counter tops can be the perfect renovating solution. This article will tell you various aspects of laminate counter tops to assist you decide if it is a well option to your home.

How a lot do laminate counter tops cost?

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The average price of a laminate countertop is around $29 per square foot. This whilst compared to the average price of $52 in step with square foot for Corian, $68 per square foot for engineered stone and $58 according to square foot for granite, is bound to return out as the cheapest option. However, the final price may vary based on color and pattern. As a matter of fact, you will discover laminate countertops in the market that cost more than $40 in step with square foot. Also, if you are too much in awe of the seem that granite offers, you can get laminate designs that appear as if granite within the market. 

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Custom-built laminate

The average cost of those countertops is around $55 according to square foot adding labor charges. In case you are seeking custom edge treatment, be ready to shell out some more money.

Build your laminate

A single 60 square toes laminate sheet will price you among $100 and $300. You’ll also have got to think about the price of MDF sheets, which come at $30 according to 4’ X 8’ sheet. If you add any other required materials, your total cost will range between $5 and $10 in step with square foot.

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Prefabricated countertops

The per-segment cost of this variety will be between $50 and $200. It is a cheap and easy alternative. However, the downside is the fact that your selection of patterns and colours would be very limited. 

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What is the toughness of laminate countertops?

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If you are able to maintain the countertop, it can last anywhere among 10 years to 20 years. However, to make the countertop last longer, you could avoid utilizing the countertop as a slicing board.

Is it easy to maintain a laminate countertop?

Laminate counter tops are totally easy to maintain and clean. As naturally resistant to stains, laminate requires little or no care. You can use soap and water to clean the countertops. However, if there are leaks, the countertops can get delaminated with time. Laminates are also no longer very heat resistant and are susceptible to burn marks.

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Can you paint a laminate countertop?

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Yes, you can paint your laminate countertop. You should prime the countertop before painting it with a semi-gloss, oil-based enamel. You may want to apply a urethane transformed clear finish on suitable of the oil enamel layer for higher coverage and longevity. While you can do it yourself, it might not be bad to allow a professional take care of this.

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So, what do you think? Are laminate counter tops a sensible choice in your home?

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