A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Bathroom Fixtures

A modern bathroom is much more than just a vicinity to wash away the dirt and grit. It’s a personal sanctuary wherein it is easy to unwind and relax. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that bathroom maintenance initiatives are probably the most popular home improvement endeavors of today.

The good news is that there isn’t any end to quality strategies while selecting your bathing room fixtures. It is a double-edged sword, though, especially for those who don’t understand the ins and outs of the market. All those sinks, faucets, bathe heads, bathtubs, toilets, and different fixtures come in numerous shapes, forms, styles, and finishes.

But, don’t worry: here is a guide on how to mixture prime functionality and elegant style and never have to sacrifice one for the sake of the other.

Shower heads

Whenever possible, it’s a good suggestion to consider a wall-mounted option. For example, bathe heads that can be easily hooked up on a wall are not only highly realistic but additionally accessible in varying styles and finishes. Of course, there is not anything incorrect with contemporary and adjustable hand-held bathe heads that allow you to wash hard-to-reach places.

Shower headPhoto by homedesignss on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

But, if you can afford to splurge a bit, look at luxurious furnishings consisting of rain shower heads. They are hooked up on a ceiling and emulate the experience of bathing in a waterfall. For an extra relaxing time, you may integrate physique sprayers into the shower wall and have a spa-like rub down treatment.


You can embody a different process and set up a bathtub. However, note that this is not an selection for many homeowners due to the fact this fixture takes up quite a few space. Take the example of an alcove tub that occupies 6 feet in length. So, you are better off measuring twice before taking the plunge.

BathtubPhoto by jingdianjiaju2 on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Those who can have enough money it should make a glamorous declaration with afreestanding bathtub. It offers exceptional pleasure and delight and serves as a very good centerpiece. In case the layout of the bathroom doesn’t permit for this completely satisfied feature, you may install a nook bathtub and save some ground space. Whirlpool tubs are also a very good solution as they arrive in alcove-ready and standard sizes.


When it comes to sinks, the most typical techniques come within the variety of drop-in and self-rimming fixtures. They’re hooked up above the counter and are available many shapes and styles. On the other hand, undermount sinks are gaining in recognition due to simple preservation and glossy looks. They paintings particularly good with stone countertops and other stable floor materials.


Furthermore, for a touch of extraordinary style, homeowners pick outstanding products like vessel sinks. Those based paragons make a genuine declaration with their alluring shape. Moreover, they are made from glass, stone, ceramic and other high grade materials. Alternatively, you may go for a wall-hung or a pedestal sink that oozes timeless charm.

sink ideas

Sink ideasGuest Bathroom Sink & Cabinet by Shannon Demma [CC BY 2.0]


When thinking at the toilet, function is undoubtedly a top priority. In case your bathing room is utilized by people with restrained mobility, for instance, a tall toilet is a sound option. And given that a rest room is usually the smallest room in a home, you ought to make sure that a toilet fits the design and size perfectly.

If you aren’t versed in maintenance projects, seek professionals that handle bathroom renovations. Even with this decision, see if you can buy a dual-flush toilet, which allows you to select one other program for good and liquid waste. A one-piece toilet is also valued at considering: it’s slightly pricier yet encompasses a sleek, seamless design with out disturbing crevices that seize dirt.


Faucets, in today’s market, quantity from traditional and traditional to ultra-modern and sleek. A polished chrome faucet is a well-liked choice, yet be at liberty to pick the one that suits your style and suits the overall fashion of the bathroom. Also, be aware that more moderen types come with top notch functional capabilities like included ceramic disks that get rid of sediment buildup.

faucetPhoto by highfithome on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

If you desire some high-tech, SF-worthy product, seek for bacteria-killing and motion-activated faucets. At the same time, maintain your eyes open for energy-efficient products. A low-flow faucet uses considerably much less water than general items and nonetheless keeps a gentle water pressure.

Is an entire bathroom remodel what you are planning? See our final guide!.

Design greatness

The world of loo layout is continuously evolving and encompassing impressive new thoughts and concepts. One aspect doesn’t change, though: furnishings are mainstays of consolation and utility in these small spaces.

There are several factors to take into account, adding energy-efficiency, features, functionality, visual appeal, etc. So, it’s enormously advisable to plan forward of time and form a renovation budget. Pick furnishings that match your sense of style, but in addition meet your everyday needs.

Put each inch of accessible space to good use and get your creativity going. You have a chance to assemble an attractive bathroom, your soothing oasis of rest and hygiene.

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