A Complete Cost Guide for Your 4 Season Sunroom Installation

Want a effortless extension for your living space that may completely transform the seem of your house? Get a 4 season sunroom built on your outdoor area. The best facet about the sort of sunroom is that even with the weather outside, you will be comfortably nestled inside. The seasons may change, yet you may absorb nature’s beauty out of your patio enclosure every day of the year! 

What is a 4 season sunroom?

A 4 season sunroom is one of those sunroom addition that’s custom-designed and insulated in this sort of way that it heats and cools all-year-round as consistent with your convenience. No matter if it’s chilly external or scorching hot, you and your family can enjoy the room comfortably each season of the year.

Typically, it has excessive performing energy effective glass home windows across the room. The superior insulated glass helps reduce the lack of heat within the winters and prevents warmth and ultraviolet rays from entering in the course of summers.

This utterly enclosed and climate-controlled patio room is built nearly solely of glass. As a result, you get adequate sunshine and a view of the outdoors — making your 4 season sunroom one of the most comfortable and scenic rooms in your house.

What’s more, there’s additional insulation within the walls, roof, and ground to assist retain the warmth in in the course of winters. You could also set up an HVAC unit for both heating or cooling purposes.

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Beautiful sunroom
Photo by Joe Calhoun on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

More advantages of a sunroom

  • An increase on your home’s importance (by nearly 0.5 of the cost of the room addition).
  • Extra living and enjoyment space.
  • Outdoor entertainment throughout the year.
  • Potential greenroom for your herbs, flowers, and container garden.

Costs to build a 4 season sunroom

When it involves a 4 season sunroom, you can anticipate a complete budget of$20,000 to $80,000 —averaging around $30,000.This translates to anything between$120 and $300consistent with square foot. 

The excessive quantity is because of the really expert materials and insulation. Here, the exterior walls, roof, windows, and doors have high insulation grades to preserve warmness and funky air in the course of special seasons. 

Creating a budget for your project?

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Sunroom price factors

Airy sunroom
Modern Layout Encouraged by using the Sixties – Veranda Magazine, Photograph through Thibault Jeanson on flickr CC0

There are a number of explanations that impact the full price to put in a 4 season sunroom. This contains your sunroom design, roof type, in which your new constitution will be, extra sunroom features, your location, etc. 

For instance, in case you live in a neighborhood that gets loads of snow, your sunroom will need extra insulation and perhaps yet another structural design. Do examine your regional building codes and prescribed sunroom requirements. Getting abuilding permitwill price you whatever between$400 and $2, 000

Let’s explore a few of the price factors. 

Sunroom placement: patio or deck

You can always build your sunroom onto an existing patio. It is going to save you considerable dollars. But, if you’re contemplating building a deck, you should be organized to shell out$4,400 – $11,000. You may have to think about the cost of constructing a concrete slab at an additional cost.

Site preparation

If you ought to clean part of your land and get ready it for construction, it is going to price you between$1,400 and $4,400. Add to that a landscaping cost of$1,500 to $5,500. You can also have to consider an excavation in case there’s a tree or a structure that you would like to remove. That will be yet another$1,400 to $4, 800.

Size of the 4 season sunroom

A lot of yourhome protection costsis dependent upon the scale of your project. When you consider that licensed contractors paintings through the hour, an increase in the size of your sunroom will suggest an enhance in exertions costs. The price to put in a sunroom will quantity from $4,000 (for an 8’x10’ sunroom) to $20,000 (for a 12’x20’ sunroom).


Since a four-season sunroom requires efficient insulation to preserve reasonable heating and cooling, you have got to be organized to shell out at least$1,000.

Roof type

Typically, roofing fees whatever among$2,000 and $8,000. Of course, the quantity depends on your structure, its size, and roofing material. It’s the selection of glass that makes a change in your four-season room cost. Also, no matter if you choose an all-glass roof or a framed roof with skylights — may have a bearing at the total expense. 

Windows and doors

All-glass sunroom
Picture by Gregory Beaty from Pixabay CC0

Window installation will amount to round$15,000for a fully insulated solarium. Casement home windows with low-E, laminated, or tempered glazed glass and monitors would be about$2500for materials and$250for labor. 

In a 4 season sunroom, a door isn’t obligatory but you could always install one so one can make the transition between the indoors and out of doors more natural. A sliding glass door will quantity from$1,000 to $2,800. There also are other luxurious door suggestions including French, telescoping, or folding doors.

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If you’re going to be looking TV in your sunroom, you will have to install electric wiring. Pointless to say, your price will increase in case you require an additionalelectrical panel box. You could lease alicensed electricianfor$160 to $500(at the rate of$50 to $100per hour) and get the work completed seamlessly.

Here are some potential electrical additions for your sunroom:

  • Power outlet:$130 to $280
  • Ceiling fan:$150 to $360
  • Lighting fixture:$145 – $800

HVAC system

Adding heating and aircon in your sunroom will be between$300 and $6,000. In case you would like to extend your current ductwork, it is going to cost you in the wide variety of $4,000 to $6,000including installation. 

Labor costs

If you are constructing a four-season room on-site, this will imply hiring varied contractors.

The commonplace labor cost may fluctuate based on location, the complexity of work, and the extent of expertise. Having stated that, this is an approximate cost quantity for the a number of contractors:

  • Carpenter:$40 to $80consistent with hour
  • Electrician:$50 to $100consistent with hour
  • Painter:$20 to $40per hour

Interior finishing

Your sunroom’s indoors design and decor will cost you among$900 and $3,000. Add to it the price of painting ($800 to $3,000), flooring ($1,600 to $4,500), andsunroom furniture


A 4 season sunroom helps you to bring the magnetism of nature within your comfortably managed indoor space during all four seasons of the year. Moreover, adding a sunroom will easily increase the beauty and price of your home. It will upload natural easy and a spacious consider which will move flawlessly with any style of the house. A vibrant place where you may assemble your friends and family for game nights, get-togethers, parties, a tête-à-tête, or a quiet time alone.

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