A Comparative Analysis of Ducted vs Ductless Range Hoods

Kitchen air flow procedures go through many names. Range hoods, vent hoods, and exhaust hoods are some of the extra common names for them. Whatever variety of cooking range you must hooked up in your kitchen, a spread hood that complements it is of paramount importance. But what’s the right hood for your kitchen? Here’s a comparative analysis of ducted vs ductless number hoods to help slim down your choices.

As a component of this analysis, we can outline what every variety of hood is, what differentiates ducted models from ductless models, in addition to the pros and cons of both of them. 

What is a spread hood?

A number hood is a wall-mounted enclosure that residences an exhaust fan and is positioned above your cooking range with the sole objective of drawing cooking odors, soot, airborne food particles, smoke, and fumes which are a outcomes of cooking faraway from you and the food. One virtue of a range hood is that it stops soot and different particulate topic from settling on your kitchen partitions and ceiling, making maintaining your kitchen clean plenty easier.  It also helps avert the odor of nutrients from spreading throughout remainder of your house. This makes range hoods an essential aspect of each modern kitchen.

Ducted wide variety hoods

Ducted Range Hoods

As the call suggests, this form of number hood uses a duct to suck within the air and smoke from the kitchen and circulate them out. This makes it tough to put in in some kitchen designs and also offers you much less flexibility in phrases of wherein they can be positioned in a kitchen.

Ducted hoods require the installation of proper ducts from the kitchen to the outdoors. This requires a good volume of space, meaning you’re much more likely to find them in commercial kitchens in addition to huge domestic kitchens.


  1. Can handle larger volumes of smoke, soot, odors, and particles.
  2. Since ducted number hoods actually vent these kind of outdoors, they are particularly effective in retaining the air good quality contained in the kitchen.
  3. While it’s been claimed that ducted number hoods are quieter and extra energy-efficient than ductless wide variety hoods, that actually depends upon the brand, model, and size of the hood.


  1. The best drawback is this type of hood wishes ducting that leads from the kitchen to the outside of the home. This limits area and location strategies and makes it almost impossible to use in small kitchens.

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Ductless wide variety hoods

Ductless Range Hoods

A ductless range hood differs from a ducted range hood in that it does no longer desire a duct to operate, and does no longer vent whatever external the house. Instead, those hoods may be mounted anywhere, and operate by means of sucking in odors, smoke, soot, and particulate matter, cleaning the air utilizing activated charcoal or activated carbon filters, after which reintroducing the recycled air back into the kitchen.

This makes ductless wide variety hoods a lot more flexible, considering they can be mounted wherever in a room, and more space-efficient as the scale of the kitchen itself will not matter.


  1. Can be hooked up anywhere, even in small kitchens.
  2. Does now not need ducting vents, making them more space-efficient.
  3. Easier to install.
  4. Newer models include timers that can be programmed.


  1. Makes more noise than a ducted wide variety hood.
  2. Require extra fan power, so might be less energy efficient.
  3. Since these work at the precept of filtering and recirculating air lower back into the kitchen, it makes the kitchen more humid.
  4. Filters ought to be cleaned and adjusted periodically for the hood to function efficiently.

Still no longer sure?

You now understand what’s warm and what’s now not approximately ducted and ductless range hoods. Still not fairly certain which one fits into your kitchen renovation scheme? Well, be troubled not. There’s a third preference for you to select from.

Convertible range hoods

Convertible Range Hoods

Convertible wide variety hoods provde the finest of both worlds. Those hoods are ducted range hoods with an air recirculating kit, changing them into ductless hoods seamlessly.

So if you desire an effective ducted wide variety hood within the lengthy run, but don’t desire to spend on ducting just yet, you can simply set up a convertible range hood and function the same way a ductless hood operates until you’re prepared for the next phase of your kitchen remodeling. 

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