A Buyer’s Guide to Shower Wall Panels

Bathroom renovationsmay be a dear affair, and homeowners usually search for approaches to reduce costs. Essentially the mostsome of the most efficient ways you could reduce expenditures is to choose bathe wall panels over classic ceramic tiles. This buyer’s guide to shower wall panels will introduce you to the varieties of bathe panels, the materials they are made of, and how they evaluate to ceramic bathing room tiles.

What are bathe wall panels?

bathroom shower
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Shower wall panels are interlocking water resistant sheets that are available in quite a number substances and finishes. When shower wall panels have been initially introduced as a means to secure showerheads and hide plumbing pipes, they have now become a a lot more important portion of bathing room renovation.

Modern shower wall panels are used to give the walls round your bathe and your bath walls a sophisticated conclude and are quickly rising in popularity as an alternative to water-resistantceramic tiles.

Some bathe wall panels can even be established on tiles that were mounted earlier simply so long as the tiles are level.

Creating the cheap on your project?

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What are bathe wall panels made of?

While bathe wall panels are made up of a range of materials, we’d propose you to purchase panels made up of PVC subsidized composite, high-pressure laminate with MDF cores, acrylic, or high-grade fiber. 

Shower wall panels are accessible in a range of custom sizes as well, so you can conceal the top and side trim, corner shelves, again wall trim, and every thing on the wall surrounding your bathe all the way to the ground.

What are some famous finishes?

Here are some of the popular finishes that shower wall panels come in. However, keep in mind the colour palette anddesign elementsthat you’ve incorporated in the rest of your bathroom whilst making a choice. You wouldn’t prefer in basic terms your bathing place to stick out.

1. Natural stone finish

Shower wall panels that mimicnatural stonefinishes which includes granite, marble, and stone tiles are an all-time favorite. When these panels might replicate the appear of healthy stone, they’re a lot simpler to sustain and clean, as well as install.

bathroom shower panel
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2. Gloss finish

Gloss conclude shower wall panels are best proper if you happen to want a vivid seeking shower area. You can choose gloss finish shower wall panels in a range of colors, so relaxation certain that there’s no dearth of choices.

3. Subway tile finish

The subway tile conclude offers bathe wall panels a cultured tile look, replete with fake grout lines. It truly is ideal if you desire the traditional tiles shower vicinity appear and feel.

4. Wavy tile finish

The wavy tile finish is available in tiles comparable to the subway tile finish, with the same sort of faux grout lines. The sole change is that wavy finish, which you can have strolling both horizontally or vertically along the walls on your bathe area.

5. Matte finish

Those who need a extra somber seeking shower place can choose matte conclude bathe wall panels. Available in a variety of colors, the matte finish is achieved by using lightly sanding the panels and completing them with a coat of permanent sealant.

tiled shower panel
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Most off-the-shelf shower wall panels are simple to set up and include installation instructions, trims, and a sealant once you purchase them. This saves you funds on labor.

Are shower wall panels larger than tiles?

Well, let’s look at some of thepros and consof both.

  1. Shower wall panels come in bigger sizes than classicbathroom tiles. That implies some panels could hide the same location as some hundred tiles. 
  2. Shower panels are easy to stick over any strong floor and don’t require grouting. This makes it simpler to install than classic ceramic tiles.
  3. Tiled partitions take attempt to clean, thanks to the grouting involved. In comparison, bathe wall panels could be easily wiped clean utilizing an antiseptic spray and a cloth.
  4. The ordinary price of a shower wall panel kit is among $1,000 to $1,800. A medium-sized shower stall might cost a minimum of $2,000 to conceal in ceramic tiles. This makes bathe wall panels more affordable.
  5. Shower wall panels have a shelf lifestyles of roughly 15 years. A professionally tiled bathe wall will final plenty longer.

While shower panel partitions paintings for modern,contemporary designs, traditional-looking loos will appear much more dependentwith ceramic tiles.

What are you going to choose?

Well, there you have it. We’ve given you the low-down on what to count on if you’re in the market for bathe wall panels. Select what works best for you according to the design of your bathroom, the type of fixtures you’re going to install and your budget.

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