9 Smart Tips to Design an Efficient Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen is without doubt one of the so much effective types of kitchen layouts, particularly in case you have a narrow area at your disposal. The set-up optimizes storage space, offers a good number of paintings area, and promotes efficient cooking in addition to traffic flow. 

What is a galley kitchen?

A galley style kitchen design (deriving its name from the compact galleys found on ships) involves two rows of parallel-running cabinetry which are set opposite every other with a slender corridor in between. It generally features doorways or walkways at both conclusion of the run. 

You can construct it as an altogether separate entity or as part of bigger dwelling space. And in case you own a small kitchen, this perhaps the ideal option for you. One of these layout optimizes a small area by proposing an abundance of storage and work area. 

Also understand that a galley layout, when ideal on a functional level, is generally an enclosed area with no dining area. That means that there’s no possibility of beginning up your area further. Pointless to say, it’s in all likelihood now not the foremost sociable of arrangements. 

However, the galley kitchen layout works well for all kitchen styles. And, it’s the foremost general kitchen indoors layout by expert cooks because it enhances the two performance and safety during cooking. 

If you are planning to include this fashion in your next kitchen remodel, listed here are some important suggestions that shall assist you layout an efficient layout.

1. Incorporate your galley kitchen layout into an open plan

As we already mentioned, a standard galley kitchen is the best fit in case you have limited space. However, do be aware that additionally they paintings well for medium-sized kitchens. The only factor you wish to think about is, the opposing items should no longer be too far apart. Otherwise, the efficiency will be ruined.

As this layout traditionally capabilities an enclosed area without a eating area, you can always comprise it in an open-plan layout. This guarantees which you get the best of the two worlds. And, your kitchen appears like part of your front room during all of your social gatherings. 

Pro tip: Incorporate a galley design with a kitchen island and a seating area — for perfect utilization of available rectangular footage.

2. Choose between symmetrical or asymmetrical galley kitchen layout

symmetrical galley kitchenA-Holiday-Home-in-Mallorca by Charly W. Karl on flickr [CC BY-ND 2.0]

While designing your kitchen layout, based on the distinct galley fashion kitchen ideas available at the market, you will go for both a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement. 

In the previous option, each unit mirrors the other when it comes to appliance placement and cupboard heights. While within the latter scenario, you can use any approach. 

Pro tip: Place tall cabinets or a bank of appliances on one edge. The other aspect can have a counter area area, complete with sink and faucet, stove, and oven. 

3. Mix and event storage units

Kitchen storageKimberly Place | 11805 Kimberlyn Rd OKC 73162, by Bill Wilson on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Sometimes, particularly in a rather slender kitchen, you’ve to destroy the run of the parallel units. It’s best to avoid a “corridor look” via mixing kinds of storage units. Rather of all tall items on the two sides, try out exchanging them with a mix of wall items and open shelves.

For example, in case your wall has a length of in simple terms 12 feet, you will retain base cupboard models on the two sides. Mix and match your storage with floating and open shelving in order that you’re making maximum use of vertical spaces.

Pro tip: Organize the kitchen cabinets and go away openings in between where you can region larger appliances inclusive of the refrigerator or oven and cooktop. Deliver alternative to glass-front cabinetry for a better look. 

4. Consider adding an island for a galley-style kitchen 

Galley kitchen islandWatermans Bay Home by Charly W. Karl on flickr [CC BY-ND 2.0]

We had already outlined that a small galley kitchen design isn’t the perfect option for internet hosting social gatherings. However, if you’re blessed with a big galley-style kitchen, you can address this drawback via including an island. 

It will also provide you with an possibility for added storage space. 

Pro tip: Use the island as an alternative for one of the runs rather of cramping your kitchen between the two parallel runs. This arrangement enhances the final appeal of the kitchen and raises its functionality. 

5. Create an phantasm of space with the right color scheme

White kitchenPhoto by HomeLane .com on Unsplash CC0

If you want to prevent your galley style kitchen layout from seeking cramped, you need to enforce the correct layout ideas. Considered one of them is to prefer the right kitchen color schemes. For example, gentle colors no longer in basic terms replicate mild but in addition create an illusion of a spacious, modern kitchen

Pro tip: Keep the kitchen hardware (handles and pulls) to the minimum.  Their absence will add additional quantity usage and provide a neat, clean look to your small space.

6. Retain your kitchen sink and cooktop at the same run

We understand that your galley kitchen could or will not be closed off at one end. In case it leads to another room or your garden, you can anticipate it to be a thoroughfare with heavy traffic.

This could end up a difficulty in case you have babies or pets. The last thing you’ll want is to have them charging in the course of the kitchen whilst you have a pointy knife or a pan of boiling water on your hand.

For a slim kitchen, it’s a good suggestion to plan your kitchen sink and cooktop on the same run. This design will hold your appliances in one area, and you won’t have to pass around much with most likely dangerous goods on your hands. 

Pro tip: Note the distance between the sink and the kitchen cooktop. They ought to at least be three ft apart in order that there’s sufficient kitchen work area. 

7. Select the right kitchen lighting

Installing the right kitchen lighting is particularly important. Well-placed pendant lighting fixtures and oversized lighting shall no longer purely lead to an exquisite galley kitchen but in addition make your space believe more open and larger. Also, the right lighting will soften your kitchen’s look — developing the influence of extra space.

Pro tip: Consider adding a window or a big door at the conclusion of the slender kitchen. It will herald a good number of organic mild into the room while offering good ventilation. 

It’s a well design idea, particularly if you’re within the habit of looking out the window as you wash the dishes. 

8. Hold your appliance length and form in mind

If you’re planning a galley kitchen, you would like to retain the measurements for your appliances in intellect and the amount of area they’ll take up as well. As such a lot galley kitchens have restrained rectangular footage, planning how to comprise your appliances is important.

Pro tip: Know the specs of your appliances before installation them. And, ensure that the main appliances — sink, refrigerator, and stove — healthy in easily. They ought to both shape an effective paintings triangle or be placed close to one another in a row. 

9. Upload seating 

Galley layoutGalley layout by Nancy Hugo, CKD on flickr [CC BY-ND 2.0]

Sometimes if there’s no longer enough space for a full-fledged island, you can comprise a small peninsula or a breakfast bar. Upload in some realistic seating and create your mini dining space.

However, you would like to be aware that whilst it will provide a nice, hot vibe to your galley kitchen, this kind of layout could limit your work area. 

Pro tip: Add a small cart as an additional paintings surface. This efficient alternative will assist make your kitchen extra efficient. 


A galley kitchen is a good kitchen design design, particularly in case you don’t have a lot of area or if your house is built more longish than wide. It’s also the ideal solution for smaller apartments. 

And sometimes, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Get inspired via our galley kitchen suggestions and permit those U-shaped layouts offer you fashion and functionality. 

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