8 Safe Design Solutions for Senior Friendly Bathrooms

It’s fairly normal to hear about someone taking a nasty spill within the bathroom. Flooring are often slippery, so it’s easy to slip and fall. If you’re absent-minded and stub your feet upon the shower threshold, or holiday while getting out of the bathtub, the resulting sprains and fractures will obviously be painful to get better from.

Now assume that occuring to a household elder! The older you get, the longer it takes to get well even from minor injuries. Listed here are eight safe design recommendations for senior-friendly bathrooms that will help you make your elders’ bogs as injury-proof as possible.

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1. Space

bathroom wheelchair accessible

Remember that it’s not easy for an elderly person to maneuver round slender spaces. Some of them may even have mobility limitations. So it is of paramount significance that your bathroom design is spacious sufficient for someone in a wheelchair as a way to use the facilities with no need to annoy approximately tight spaces.

2. Easy Accessibility

The bathroom ought to be easily accessible without any obstructions. Make sure there are no stairs, platforms, or free rugs to bog down entry to the bathroom. 

Sensor operated lights illuminate the way to the bathroom and to illuminate the toilet instantly when occupied can also be an further convenience. 

Light switches ought to in any other case be at an effortlessly accessible height and placement.

The door to the lavatory should even be effortlessly operable. Make sure door levers are at an effortlessly accessible factor of the door and easy to operate. Sliding doorways are among your best options. Eliminate locking techniques so the lavatory can be effortlessly accessed from the external in case of an emergency.

3. Floor Safety

shower mat

The deadly blend of soap and water makes bathroom flooring damaging for everyone, and doubly so for those with confined mobility. This suggests your senior-friendly bathroom needs to have a slip-proof floor. 

Nonslip ceramic tiles, epoxy, cementitious boards, and rubberized flooring are the most standard materials for the job.

Installing an anti-slip shower mat within the shower area or bathtub is a great way to lower the probabilities of your elders slipping and hurting themselves in the bathroom.

Try and preclude fabric rugs and foot baths in senior-friendly bathrooms, seeing that slipping on them may be hazardous. Be sure they’re both rubber mats or at the very least, rubberized in which they’re in contact with the toilet floor to restrict slippage.

For those of you with an ecologically accountable bent of mind, you could choose mats made up of organic rubber, recycled PVC, and bamboo strips, between different options.

4. Toilet Comfort

It will become difficult for older people to sit and stand up if bathrooms are constant too low. Ideally, toilets should be a minimum of 18 inches from the ground and firmly cemented to the ground to make certain they’re used comfortably.

If the senior on your family is in a wheelchair or has mobility issues, you could construct them an accessible toilet.

5. Support

bathroom grab bars

The aged and those with disabilities will need help to get onto the toilet and to stand up. Installation grab bars to help them is of paramount importance.

These bars ought to be powerful sufficient to handle the weight of the user, so chrome steel or aluminum bars are generally preferred. Be sure they’re mounted firmly enough on to the walls on each side and at the back of the toilet.

6. Sinks and Faucets

Like with toilets, sinks must be on the excellent peak for the senior members of your family. For example, if the person in query is wheelchair-bound, the sink needs to be low sufficient for him or her to access while not having to stand up. 

Try to prevent faucets which are knob operated. These emerge as cumbersome for elders to use. Instead, select automated sensor-driven faucets so there’s no query of having to turn them on or off.

If you do have to select guide faucets, select these which are lever operated. 

7. Showers and Tubs

walk-in bathtub

To start with, be sure the bathe location may be entered without any steps or thresholds. This greatly reduces the possibilities of accidents occurring when getting out and in of the shower.

A lot of seniors require the aid of a caregiver when showering, so be sure the bathe room is massive enough to facilitate that.

Add a shower bench so the person has the comfort of sitting when showering.

While we’d mean you preclude bathtubs altogether, there are walk-in tubs that are constructed specifically for the convenience of seniors devoid of extreme mobility issues.

As with toilets, strategically placed grab bars and rails are a must for support.

8. Alarm Systems

No matter what number precautions you take, injuries are inevitable. In the eventuality that your senior ward ought to face such a predicament, have alarm systems installed that may be operated with minimum effort.

There are dissimilar alarm strategies that you can consider, adding ones that connect to a phone service supplier or emergency carrier on the push of a button. There also are sensors that the elder in question can wear on his or her person which will notice abnormalities and alert caretakers.

Eventually, It’s All Approximately Personal Care

You comprehend what they say about lifestyles coming a full circle? We’re all susceptible and helpless after we are born into this world, and often, we discover ourselves in a similar condition in our senior years.

While those bathroom renovations could help make the lavatory extra secure for our elders, what all of them want more than whatever is patience, love, and positivity. Making their lives less difficult will obviously make us feel as well as they will.

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