8 Most Important Considerations for a Shower Replacement

Planning a bathe replacement because it’s outdated, damaged, or moldy? Or, are you definitely bored seeking at the same shower for years? We understand. 

After all, a bathe process is a cornerstone of your daily routine. It really is where you start your mornings and unwind after a long day. 

The well news is, you can have the bathroom of your dreams soon and affordably if you keep certain shower-related aspects in mind.  

In this article, we’ll simplify bathe replacement for you by means of explaining the things that you would like to think about before taking a step towards this home improvement. Keep in mind that your bathe should be durable, stylish, and easy to maintain. 

Let’s begin by demystifying the price of a bathe replacement for a first-time homeowner.  

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How much does it price to replace a shower?

Shower replacement typically will price you anywhere among$1,500 to $5,000. The average price to replace a shower is approximately$3,000

This amount is dependent upon a lot of factors, adding the complexity of the remodeling,plumbing upgrades, luxury features, variety of bathroom fitments, zip code, and the local labor costs.

Planning a broader remodel? Take a look at our loose estimator tool so that you can estimate how much your bathroom remodel might cost!

Important inquiries to ask regarding shower replacement 

Shower doorBathroom Redecorate (After Images), by Chris Lattuada on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

The first step while contemplating a shower replacement is to ask your self a couple of questions. The answers to these will shape the path of your remodeling. 

  1. How vast will your bathroom remodel be in terms of work? 
  2. What’s the budget for your bathe replacement?
  3. Do you want to hire a professional or make your shower remodel a DIY project?
  4. How many and what kinds of fixtures do you want?
  5. Do you want to change the square footage of your shower or simply replace its materials for a new look?
  6. Is it important for you that the bathroom redecorate improves the resale value of your house?

Once you’ve answered the above questions, you’ll get extra recognition regarding the huge paintings involved. You’ll then be better geared up to plan your bathe replacement with the help of a redesigning contractor. 

Topmost considerations for a seamless bathe replacement

Read on to learn extra about all the planning that is going into a bathe replacement. We have listed out certain considerations and recommendations for a seamless shower replacement. And, we hope those help you remodel your bathroom in a way that’s in keeping with your personal style, budget, and dream design.

Planning a domestic remodeling? Use ourfree domestic renovation estimatorto have a fair idea of the total expenditure of your project. 

  • Deciding among a professional activity or DIY

Bathroom renovationWater Proofing the Edges, by PunkToad on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Deciding even if to do the work yourself orhire a professionalis step one towards getting the task started. We promote working with a professional team in terms of upgrading your outdated shower with a elegant replacement.

A DIY task can be tricky. If the top product appears amateurish, it may not get you the return on investment you imagined. Also, a poorly comprehensive activity will undoubtedly take away all your pleasure.  

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  • Setting a remodeling budget

Whether you do the work your self or rent a professional, placing a realistic budget is quite important. Think about adding at least 15% in your total budget to cover incidentals, including water damage caused through a leaky bathe pan or plumbing issues. 

The fees of shower redesigning fall into three categories: basic, mid-range, and high-end. Examine the table less than to get an idea about your renovation cost. 

Type of bathe remodelingCost rangeSome of the work entailed
Basic$450 to $2,000
  • Installing acrylic shower kits ($150 to $250)
  • Installing new fixtures
  • Laying basic ceramic tiles ($1.30 in step with square foot)
  • Getting easy glass shower doors ($100 to $300)
  • Installing unmarried shower heads (starting at $40)
Mid-range$3,000 to $5,000
  • Replacing bath or bathe floor ($500 to $2,000)
  • Installing rain showerheads ($200)
  • Adding a glass mosaic tile ($32 to $49 in step with comprehensive square foot) for an accent wall or a border around the perimeter
High-end$6,000 to $10,000+
  • Expanding shower stalls
  • Updating plumbing
  • Customizing tilework
  • Integrating benches and shelves
  • Getting dual showerheads
  • Installing steam showers ($2,500 to $6,200)
  • Getting frameless doors ($5,000)
  • Using natural stone, marble, or glass tile (starting at $25 according to square foot)
  • Installing a jetted bathtub ($10,000)

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  • Taking care of your plumbing 

Most residential plumbing requires 1½-inch pipes for the drains. Useless to say, the larger the drain, the less possibly it’s to clog. Therefore, you would possibly want to upgrade to a 2-inch drain to avoid difficulties in the future. The cost difference is almost negligible.

Also, if you stay in an area wherein temperatures drop less than freezing in winters, you wish to make certain that your water supply strains don’t get routed through an outside wall.

  • Keeping water performance in mind

Fortunately for us, the latest showerheads, toilets, and faucets have come to be extra water-efficient thanks to theWaterSense program of the Environmental Protection Agency. It clearly lists out products that are 20 percent extra efficient than federal standards. 

Choose showerheadsand faucets that are low-flow. They’ll provide a satisfying pulse while giving you a circulate rate of 2.5 gallons consistent with minute. In case you preserve your water usage in check, it’s going to save you funds by means of reducing your utility bills. Also, you needn’t upgrade your bathroom’s current drain and plumbing lines if there’s nothing incorrect with them.

  • Brightening up the bathe area with suitable lighting

Consider investing in recessed lighting fixtures across your bathroom ceiling. Install one or two within the bathe area with suitable bathe trim. Those lighting fixtures will enliven your bathroom space instantly. 

Install a dimmer change for the idealspa bathroom. You can always adjust the lights to fit your mood and requirement. 

Another way to remove darkness from your bathroom is to use a large replicate that will reflect your accent lighting. Even if you’re applying make-up or shaving — a bright bathroom adds functionality along with aesthetics. 

  • Making the necessary layout changes

You ought to plan out the structural design if you’re seeking for a facelift for your bathroom. A window within the shower, that opens for fresh air, is a boon. Period. Make sure the handles are rust-proof. You can select plastic ones instead of metallic handles.

You could also think about getting a frosted-glass panel for privacy. Adding a skylight can also help open matters up devoid of taking up a lot space.

Furthermore, be sure that the bathroom sill has the correct sloping angle for suitable drainage. Select a material that is solid, such as stone or quartz. 

There are plenty ofbathroom remodeling ideas and design trends. You can research the foremost popular ones at the net.   

  • Installing the right shower floor and tiles

Bathroom tilingTiling, by PunkToad on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Replacing the tile in yourshower floorgives the area a clean seem and feel. Here are a few popular possibilities for your tiles:

Types of bathroom tilesThe average price in step with square foot
Ceramic tile$0.50 to $12
Porcelain tile$2 to $7
Marble tile$6+
Slate tile$3.80
Limestone tile$5
Granite tile$3.50 to $7
Travertine tile$2.80
Polished stone tile$10 to $12

Opt for smaller tiles
, textured or otherwise. They provide extra traction. Larger tiles, at the other hand, are tougher to slope competently and are slippery as the grout strains are added apart.  

Also, you can happily avoid the boring prefabricated bathe bases. Cross for modern, clean bases made out of acrylic or porcelain. 

  • Choosing the correct furnishings and customized elements

Bathroom fixturesImage by Jean van der Meulen from Pixabay CC0

Installing a walk-in bathe ($6,000) is a wise decision as it gives easy access. It’s especially a boon for older people or property owners with restricted mobility. You can opt for sill-less showers with graded flooring for drainage. 

If you select to install a nook bathe stall ($400 to $1,000), know that it offers maximum space efficiency. Consider adding attractive finishes and extra features. For instance, a folding seat or a smart bench. Of course, glass enclosures,alcove shower kits,and professional installation will increase the price.

FYI: When it’s time to replace your bathe stall, the price would be as little as$400

In case you want to transform your stall-only shower into a bathtub and shower combination, you can expect to pay$200 to $5,000.

Planning to promote your home in the near future? Remember that prospective domestic buyers favor at least one bathtub within the house.

If you have a large budget, you may even imagine about installing steam showers or integrated sound systems. In terms of bathroom fixtures, the sky’s the limit. 

Some beneficial suggestions for a seamless shower replacement 

  • Get inspiration from the area around to layout the bathe of your dreams.
  • Convey your wellknown fashion clearly to your contractor.
  • Have a good understanding of what you want before your bathroom redesigning begins.
  • Research your options for the best materials.
  • Choose your colour palette carefully. DO NOT choose a particular colour scheme just to maintain with trends.
  • Splurge on bathroom features that matter to you the most.
  • Make certain you utilize water-efficient fixtures.
  • Water-proof your bathroom.


A well-planned bathe replacement can completely change the appear and consider of your bathroom. And, the right bathe can transform your humble bathroom into the most relaxing getaway. 

When upgrading your bathroom with a freshly reworked shower, you will no longer just create a distinct bathing experience, but also enhance your enjoyment manifold.

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