8 Important Tips to Ensure Great Closet Lighting

DON’T be that person that overlooks the importance of a good closet lighting fixtures while planning a home remodel. The truth is, once you install lighting fixtures in your closet, you’re going to love the ease they offer!

Moreover, except providing the most flattering illumination on your cupboard and its content, a correctly installed closet lighting fixtures is safe, useful, and an effective way to organize your storage space.

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What is closet lighting?

Light within closetBristol Office Park | 1907 W 33 #120 Edmond, by Bill Wilson on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Closet lighting fixtures is a stunning way to remove darkness from and manage your storage space. Adding well lighting fixtures to your closet can remodel a dismal and gloomy cabinet into a layout function that’s lovely and functional.

So, no matter if your closet is a small one or a big dreamy walk-in closet subsequent to your grasp bedroom, the right lights will impact the overall functionality and illumination of the closet space — making it even dreamier. Such a considerate lighting design will make your storage area appear joyful and luxurious. Your lovely choice of clothes,  bags, and shoes will end up showpieces instead of being hidden away!  

So, when you are constructing a new closet from scratch, or just updating an present one, ensure that you install proper closet lighting. Desire help? We’veeight useful tips which will assist take the stress out of lights your closets.

1. Necessarily follow security codes

The first most significant point to remember is that you MUST investigate your building codes. They closely alter lights in closets with essential minimal standards. So, if you’re residing in an older home, ensure that your home does no longer fail to meet these standards. Always seek advice alicensed electricianwho’s well-informed aboutclosetlightingcodeand electrical safety requirements. 

Here are some safety measures that you MUST follow:

  • Don’t opt for uncovered incandescent light bulbs. They’re usually screwed into a surface-mounted fixture and you can function them with a pull-chain. The location can be certainly dangerous. Considering that cabinets store clothing and other flammable substances in them, those incandescent bulbs (including halogen lights) can get particularly warm and trigger fire hazards.
  • Ensure that the recent lighting do not get too near to your gentle clothes. 
  • Note that in accordance to the National Electrical Code (NEC), surface-mounted lighting fixtures may be hooked up basically on the closet ceiling or at the wall above the closet door.
  • Make sure that each one varieties of surface-mounted fixtures, including LED bulbs, are a minimum of 12 inches far from storage spaces.
  • All recessed fixtures with CFL have got to be at least 6 inches from all closet storage areas. 
  • Avoid the excess warmness of halogen bulbs or trendy incandescent bulbs. Use compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) or LED closet lights. Those deliver off less warmth whilst giving you a well amount of light. And, they help shop power too.
  • Ensure that all the recessed and surface-mounted incandescent light fixtures are totally enclosed inside a fixture housing with a cover. 

2. AVOID halogen bulbs in any respect costs

Halogen lightsFairview Farm | 15848 Fairview Farm Blvd Edmond OK, by Bill Wilson on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Taking cues from the above safety measures, it’s significant to realise the seriousness behind keeping off halogen bulbs within closets. The sort of incandescent lighting involves halogen gas. The fuel allows the tiny halogen bulbs or furniture to produce a number of light. 

However, as a result of the expanded light output, the bulbs get totally hot, making them flawed for small, enclosed spaces. Especially wherein they could come in touch with other materials. 

So even if your indoors designer insists on utilizing halogen lighting fixtures (because of their ornamental looks), go for energy-efficient ideas consisting of LED lighting fixtures instead.

3. Region your cupboard lighting fixtures strategically

Light placementImage by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay CC0

The strategic placement of lighting fixtures is quite important. Recessed puck lights at the shelves, ribbon lighting fixtures along the edges, or vibrant bulbs at a cabinet’s base can create a delightful environment whilst showcasing the contents of your wardrobe in a beautiful way. 

Whether your closet is big sufficient to walk inside and alter clothes in, or small enough to store simply your clothing items, well-placed closet lighting fixtures make the drabbest interiors look stylish and modern. 

4. Select the perfect color temperature for your closet light

Cabinet lightsImage by Mike Gattorna from Pixabay CC0

When choosing closet lighting, remember the colour temperature of your fixture. This will provide your storage space the most flattering light. FYI: warm is better than cool.

A color temperature among 3000K and 3500K gives off a clean, white mild — ideal for closets. 

A temperature hotter than which will look yellow. Anything cooler than this temperature range will produce a harsh, unflattering light. 

The right lights will make it simple for you to be capable to see the color of your garments extra clearly. 

5. Opt for LED lighting or CFLs

LED lightsPhoto via PPR 19 from wikimedia commons [CC BY-SA 4.0]

The technology of LED has revolutionized lighting — be it battery-powered or going for walks on electricity. The energy-saving preference gives vibrant illumination. In the event you aren’t pleased upgrading orreplacing the electric panelin their home, easy battery-operated LED lighting fixtures are effortlessly available for sale including, peel-and-stick, drill, or wall-mounted ones.

You can also go for cool, longer-lasting, and effective fluorescent lights aka CFL. The best side about these is if you want to change to fluorescent lighting, there’s little need for you to difference the fixtures. Simply update the incandescent bulb with a CFL bulb and your lights is ready.

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6. Use track lighting for larger closets

If you’ve a walk-in closet, it’s a good suggestion to use huge observe lighting on both sides rather of painstakingly installing small lights within cubicles. This will highlight your collection like works of art. The purpose is to mimic natural mild in an area that doesn’t get it by means of windows and doors. 

Opt for ones with adjustable heads at the furniture — making it easy for you to direct the sunshine to a particularly dark nook of your closet. Prefer to cash in on your observe lighting? Choose a high-watt LED or CFL bulb. These will deliver off a clean white glow whilst retaining the warmth output in check. 

7. Usher in battery-powered lighting fixtures for the foremost convenience

As mentioned above, battery-powered light fixtures are convenient, hassle-free, simple to install, and inexpensive. You just need to screw or stick them in place. While some types may well be became on and off with the aid of touching the light cover, others utilize a swap or cord. You may also uncover movement sensor closet lights.

Though battery-powered closet lighting fixtures don’t produce a lot light, they paintings remarkable in small closets. You’ll even get lights that automatically turn themselves off after a short period of time — saving your batteries from going for walks out of life.

8. Light up dark areas and corners with less than cupboard lighting  

If your closet has cabinets and cabinets (which it would), going for under cupboard lighting will help light up these dark, small spaces. You may make a choice from gentle bars and light sticks that come in numerous sizes, based flush/semi-flush mount, or LED tape lights. 

You may even have going for walks recessed ribbon lighting fixtures above your garments or along the size of the closet rod. It is going to liven up your closet from all ends.

All of those can effortlessly fit within the spaces of your closet. The tape lighting fixtures are the foremost flexible, visibly thin, and simple to set up — giving you limitless lighting fixtures possibilities. 


Whether you’ve a generous walk-in storage or a cupboard in a corner, closet lighting fixtures is of maximum importance. Armed with the right one, there’ll be no more fumbling at the hours of darkness on early mornings to uncover your matching socks! 

Once you choose the right mild for your closet cabinet, with the right placement, it’s going to flatter not simply your storage yet what’s in it as well. Every day will believe like an elite shopping experience.

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