7 Eco-Friendly Fencing Options for Your Home

If you’re seeking to increase your home’s curb-appeal whilst maintaining an environmentally mindful lifestyle, eco-friendly fencing is probably the finest improve you may make. Not purely does a fence substantially help boost home value, it adds a sense of safety and privacy. Whilst sustainability is generally about utilizing less, you shouldn’t suppose responsible about adding a fence. Some fencing techniques are totally eco-friendly. What’s more, they’re also appealing and versatile, mixing with the architectural style of your home.

There’s no scarcity of green fencing options, so you’re sure to find one which appeals to you – and even some you didn’t know existed.


bamboo fencingPhoto by way of Wonderlane on flickr [CC0]

Everyone loves the look and feel of wood, but it’s usually no longer conducive to sustainability efforts. That’s in which bamboo comes into play. A socially responsible choice to wood, it retains a chic yet pastoral quality.

Few persons comprehend that bamboo is correctly a grass, and hence it regrows amazing soon (almost three toes a day!) While it can be expensive to install, it allows hinder deforestation and might be really durable. You could both wire bamboo shoots together, or turn the bamboo into panels. Its zero-maintenance nature makes it a favored selection for floors and decking as well.


composite fencingNew fence and entry, with caps in place, by means of Peter Stevens on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

This is a sleek and modern eco-friendly fencing choice with a responsibly sourced composition. Wood-like in appearance, it combines recycled wood or plastic with wheat straw to create a responsibly-sourced and versatile fence.

The best side about these fences is that they’re long-lasting. As a result of the plastic components, they can last for 20+ years. They can even be stained and comprehensive to take on nearly any color and appearance.

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Living Fence

living fence

Image with the aid of Manfred Antranias Zimmer from Pixabay CC0

A living fence uses vegetation to form a perimeter. Not merely does this fence now not harm the environment, it actively reward it. Created from privacy shrubs and hedges, this fence is a good looking addition to any domestic that wishes to hold a more “natural” look.

Privet, juniper trees, cedar trees, and yew make the best privacy hedges. They’re additionally effortlessly prune-able and pair fantastically with a wood gate. You can customize the peak of a living fence to surely obtain maximum privacy. A fencing contractor can provide you with guidelines on a way to practice and “plant” the fence correctly.

Despite its incomparable beauty, it does have a couple of drawbacks. For one, it requires the foremost renovation out of all the fence versions on this list. It must be watered and trimmed regularly. Also, it is harder to keep small pets contained within the sort of fence.

If neither of these are a problem for you, however, then that’s the most sustainable fence style of all.

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Reclaimed Wood

reclaimed wooden fence

Image by means of RitaE from Pixabay CC0

Reclaimed wood fences definitely veer extra on the rustic side, and pair finest with cottages or other small homes. This type of fencing utilizes salvaged wood, which could be obtained out of your nearby home improvement store, lumberyard, or from previous DIY tasks you have embarked upon.

Although it has an aged seem to it, this does permit it to sustain a certain point of charm. Sand it down, varnish it, polish it, stain it, and you’re able to go. If you’re handy, this just may well be the fence kind for you. While the wood planks are comprehensive off, cord them together.

Keep in intellect that, with reclaimed wood, there is a tendency to splinter, fade, or rot. You may have got to spray it with linseed or tung oil to keep it fresh. As a result, it might not last so long as a lot of these different eco-friendly fencing options.

Locally-Sourced Stone

stone fenceStone Fence, by way of Paul VanDerWerf on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Locally-sourced or recycled stone could make a really beautiful eco-friendly fence. When stone quarried from overseas might be luxurious and tough to transport, locally-quarried stone could be extremely efficient and a very good use of healthy resources.

The finest facet approximately the sort of green fencing is that it is rather sturdy, hence making it the most safe options. Salvaging stone could be easy, but turning it right into a fence is a tough strategy that could require a contractor or team – until you’re easy with mortar.

Apart from that, stone fencing is amazingly long-lasting, requires very little maintenance, and purely desires the occasional energy wash to maintain it clean. It additionally compliments both traditional and modern architectures.

Western Purple Cedar

cedar fenceCedar fence and gate by way of Field Outdoor Spaces on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

While so much wood fences aren’t environmentally sustainable, Western Pink Cedar is an exception. This rich, warmly coloured fence is quite appealing and durable. Not like most wood fencing options, it also calls for no chemical treatment, which could be extremely detrimental whilst leeched into the soil. It also does not decay easily.

What makes this fence exceptional from different wooden fencing options, you ask?

Western Crimson Cedar comes from a forest that is strictly monitored by means of the British Columbia Forest Ministry. They inventory Western Purple Cedar’s output, purely allowing 1% of the cedar from the forest to be used for lumber. There are fence suppliers that provide Western Purple Cedar, and once you look into this gorgeous fence surrounding your property, you’ll relax into the knowledge that it isn’t contributing to deforestation.


metal fencePhoto with the aid of Pxhere [CC0]

Depending on the kind of metal, this fence type might be very eco-friendly. Steel fencing is often comprised of materials that are recyclable, and may hold to be used for a long time after that. Aluminum fencing certainly is lightweight, easy to install, long-lasting, and doesn’t require chemical upkeep.

Aside from the indisputable fact that it is going to sometimes ought to be rinsed, aluminum fencing is incredibly sustainable. Once you’re feeling it’s time to get rid of it, you could take it apart and donate the remnants to a scrap steel recycling center, wherein its lifespan will keep by way of repurposing.

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