7 Easy DIY Projects that can Increase Your Home’s Value

If you’re within the process of selling your home or you plan to promote soon, there are various steps to make sure you get the most bang on your buck. With the intention to do so, you might be considering tacking a few renovation projects to increase the value of your home.

While some renovation projects ought to certainly be left to the professionals, there are plenty you can address on your own. Plus, so much don’t require you to speculate thousands of bucks in materials – but can still enhance your home’s resale value.

Curious what they are? Let’s dive in.

1. Refinish Wood Fixtures

refinish wooden floorsPhoto by Random Sky on Unsplash CC0

Giving your home’s wood features a bit of a makeover can totally difference the seem of a room or all the home. This is applicable to any feature that is made up of wooden material – from kitchen shelves to baseboards, doorframes, or maybe the total floors of your home.

Some of those tasks can be somewhat time-consuming and require somewhat of elbow grease. But, the payoff can be significant. For example, re-sanding and refinishing your wood floors/surfaces can make your home much easier to sell.

In fact, 90% of real property agents stated that homes with nice wood flooring sold for higher prices than homes with out them.

Not sure you’ve the knowledge to refinish your home’s wood fixtures? Fortunately, it’s not fantastic rough – you simply need the correct tools! Seek advice a well woodworking guide to benefit what devices you need, how to use them, and get going!

2. Remodel Additional Rooms

transform additional roomPhoto through Elvis on Pexels CC0

Converting additional rooms or extraordinary places into usable areas can make your home much more attractive to buyers. For instance, turning a large extra closet right into a potential home office can make your home way more sensible – especially those days!

Transforming one more room doesn’t must be a significant project, either.

Instead, you can flow some things around or upload in information to present extra rooms a whole new function.

You can industry a refinished basement or attic area as a multi-purpose area. Consider including in statement portions like a pool or billiards desk to make the distance extra appealing. Now, if you select to do this, you would like to be SUPER careful that you buy a desk that suits the space perfectly.

There’s a lot more that is going into buying a billiards table than many assume… Be sure to seem right into a pool table buying guide before you invest.

When you are selling your home, consider how each and every room can be used to extend the value. No area should be wasted!

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3. Upgrade Bathroom Fixtures

bathroom fixturesPhoto by Dan Smedley on Unsplash CC0

As numerous people know, bathrooms play a big function within the value of a home. In fact, a recently up-to-date bathing room can enhance your home’s magnitude by means of 2-3% – which can effortlessly add as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars.

One of the most budget-friendly upkeep projects you can do is replace little information in your bathroom to make it more modern and luxurious. Switching out the sink and bath taps and showerheads can make a huge difference!

If you’re up for a bigger task, you might also desire to consider some other tasks like painting or replacing your tub cover, re-tiling the shower, or switching out the flooring. Considering that bathrooms have a tendency to be many of the smallest rooms in the home, a little bit of work is going an extended way!

If you’re planning to rework your bathroom, check out our free estimator tool to know what could the price be. It’s simple to use!

4. Lighten the Location Up

living room lightsPhoto through Vecislavas Popa on Pexels CC0

Homes that accept extra mild appear bigger and cleaner, which can surely make it much more appealing to buyers. Through without a doubt repainting your house in light, neutral colors – like white, beige, or even a gentle grey – you can most likely increase your home’s revenue cost by $3,500!

Another way to make your rooms brighter is through honestly switching out your lightbulbs and cleansing all your fixtures.

Using a brighter white bulb can make small spaces like loos and hallways seem much bigger. If you’ve bought some room on your budget, you will want to think about switching out your lighting fixtures altogether, as this can make an area appear a lot more contemporary and attractive.

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5. Freshen Up the Outdoors

freshen up outdoorsPhoto by Curtis Adams from Pexels CC0

Your house’s curb allure really matters in terms of attracting buyers. After all, the exterior is the first picture they will see in an internet listing or if they force through and see a for sale sign. Therefore, you desire to capture their eye and appeal to them to take a look inside.

The good information is you don’t have to do any important renovations to improve the exterior of your home. Without a doubt using a pressure washer to clean off the siding, decks, and stone walkways can make your home seem like new!

Investing in somewhat of landscaping is also a good way not to purely make your house appear nicer, but in addition increase its value. You can sell your house for up to a 12% higher price through virtually tending to your lawn or planting some flowers!

6. Switch Out Little Details

cabinet hardwarePhoto by khloe arledge on Unsplash CC0

The satan is in the details when it comes to making your home appear greater and more appealing to buyers. One easy DIY hack is to change out outlet covers and lightweight switch panels, as this can make a refined but important difference.

Another simple option is to put in brand-new hardware on kitchen and loo cabinets. Those are super simple to change out and particularly low-cost – but it can completely change the appear of a room!

7. Pass Green

ceiling fanPhoto by way of Pexels CC0

Energy efficiency is a major selling factor for home dealers today. One examine from The Washington Post found that residences with eco-friendly upgrades and features bought for among $10,000 to $53,000 more!

There are a good number of easy how to make your house eco-friendlier.  It can also be so simple as switching out your lightbulbs with Sensible Lighting that require less power and can be turned off by way of an app.

You should even be looking for improvements that will help to save lots of the buyer’s more money within the long-run.

For instance, programmable thermostats are a superb selling feature, given that this can shop property owners thousands of bucks on heating and cooling charges every year. Setting up ceiling followers can also imply they won’t have to apply AC as much, and installation low-flow showerheads can cut down water usage.


Buying a home is normally the biggest funding many people will make – so you want to make certain that you’re getting the most cash you can whilst it’s time to sell.

Thankfully, you don’t have got to spend the large dollars to spice up your home’s promoting price with huge renovations. Those small, fantastic budget-friendly initiatives can help you get a lot more money out of your home than you set into it!

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