7 Benefits of Using Vinyl Flooring in Your Beach House

Thinking about a new flooring installation to your beachside abode? While there are many flooring design strategies for sale these days, vinyl flooring is one that should no longer be overlooked.

Thanks to vast innovations in flooring technologies, vinyl flooring is no longer the cheap-looking wide variety that was once prolific in the 1940s. Modern vinyl flooring has become an increasingly durable, stylish, and low cost selection for homeowners.

Is this versatile flooring selection right on your beach house? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of installing vinyl flooring in your coastal retreat.

1. Water-Resistant

vinyl wood flooringMaia vinyl clic – 2, by Otto Parquet on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

One of the most important reasons to think about whilst choosing flooring in your sea coast house is how good it holds up against water. Even if your sea coast home is no longer right alongside the ocean, make no mistake. It could still receive harm by way of the coastal climate.

Many vinyl flooring products are designed to be one hundred percent waterproof. This makes them perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and essentially anyplace in a beach home. Specifically, stone plastic composite (SPC) and wood plastic composite (WPC). These are the two types of waterproof flooring that offer the best water-resistance for beach homeowners.

Although the two strategies offer terrific water-resistance, SPC vinyl flooring has a slight edge over WPC. SPC vinyl is the new youngster at the block and is harder than WPC. Because it boasts better sound absorbency.

2. Low-Maintenance

According to a 2016 examine posted in the magazineHealth & Place, living by the sea may have some powerful stress-relieving benefits. But, while you’re stuck inside all day performing routine maintenance on your floors, what good will these advantages do you?

Unlike hardwood flooring, that is infamous for its hard upkeep, vinyl flooring are a breeze to maintain. All you would like to maintain your flooring clean and in good condition is a daily sweep. A vacuum and mop activity while using a non-abrasive cleanser formulated specially for vinyl floors.

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3. Durable

We all understand that children and pets may well be hard on certain models of floors. Add salt, sea, and sand into the mix, and you may anticipate your beach home floors to take a significant beating.

Fortunately, a brand new vinyl flooring installation will carry up spectacularly good against high-traffic summer days and Mom Nature alike. When the backing of the vinyl plays a role in its stronger durability, the genuine resilience of vinyl flooring depends upon its wear layer.

The wear layer, or the top layer of your vinyl flooring, may well be designed to guard against scratches caused by sand, puppy claws, youngster toys—you name it. For the best performance, search for a thick put on layer with an enhanced, urethane-based coating to guard your sea coast home against put on and tear.

4. Cost-Effective

sheet vinyl flooringPhoto by way of Pexels [CC0]

It’s no mystery that living at the coast can come with a high cost tag. Between the cost of steady sea coast home renovation and the rising price of flood insurance, owning a beach residence can soon end up a dear endeavor.

With its reasonable price ticket and simplicity of install, vinyl flooring is one of the more affordable flooring techniques on the market today. Earlier than you accomplice low cost with cheap, keep in mind that vinyl flooring at present is not the same as your grandmother’s vinyl flooring—far from it.

You can relaxation simple knowing that modern vinyl flooring will be on par with healthy stone or hardwood style-wise. It’s going to even outshine them in phrases of performance. You may positioned the cash you store in your flooring installation into other locations of your coastline home—like reinforced windows.

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5. Distinctive Array of Style Options

While price and durability are some of the largest motives to consider in a brand new flooring installation, let’s now not pretend that fashion doesn’t topic in a coastline home. Fortunately, vinyl flooring now comes in an endless range of patterns and colours to mimic the look of natural and organic stone and wood.

For a typical beach flooring design, consider opting for wood-look vinyl plank flooring in a lighter hue. You may pair your lighter, wood-look flooring with nautical-inspired décor inclusive of blue-striped throw pillows and distressed furnishings.

If you prefer the classy appearance of healthy stone, installing slate-look vinyl flooring in your coastline home can give it a fantastically sleek appearance. With its attractive surface textures, luxury vinyl flooring in specific can help achieve a textured stone seem without the exorbitant cost.

Is Vinyl Plank Flooring a Well Choice? Let’s find out!

6. Looks and Feels Good Underfoot

vinyl plank flooring

Image through hency Xu from Pixabay CC0

Whether you hire your sea coast domestic during the summer otherwise you live in it for most of the year, both you and your renters will little doubt appreciate how vinyl flooring feels and sounds underfoot. Good quality vinyl flooring comes with a foam backing that permits it to muffle noise, resulting in a quieter floor.

This cushioned surface additionally makes it extra glad to stroll on, especially during cold mornings. Unlike natural and organic stone tile, which could be uncomfortably cold, vinyl flooring is hotter and softer underfoot.

7. Easy to Install

Vinyl flooring is one of the better versions of flooring for a DIY installation. In contrast to hardwood and engineered wood flooring, there are not any energy tools necessary to your vinyl flooring installation.

Many vinyl flooring products come with self-adhesive so homeowners can soon lay down and install their new flooring. In case you pick click-lock vinyl floors, you don’t have  to mess with any adhesive whatsoever. Simply click on each vinyl plank into the subsequent till you have a stunning floating floor.

Stylish and Useful Vinyl Flooring for Your Coastal Abode

At the end of the day, your sea coast domestic ought to be an area where you may post your feet and relax. That’s difficult to do while you’re stressing over the cost and maintenance of your sea coast home’s flooring.

With the enhanced durability, style, and affordability of vinyl flooring, you could instantly refresh your coastal getaway devoid of worrying approximately the cost or durability of your floors. After installation, you can sit down back, breathe in the salty air, and respect your stunning floors for years to come.

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