6 Wonderful Beadboard Ideas for Your Home

Beadboard is a traditional and fun decorating fashion which can immediately upload dressmaker appeal to any room of a home. In case you have a knack for rustic, cottage-chic style, including beadboard furnishings into extraordinary locations of your house is the easy way to create that cottage vibe. It’s a great way to add architectural element to a simple historical wall or the ceiling of a quaint attic room. You could even observe it on insipid furniture portions to give your every day kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom a customized look. Let’s take a look at some wonderful beadboard ideas for your home.

Beadboard in kitchen

Use beadboard wainscoting instead of spending cash for replacements if you would like to refurbish your old kitchen cabinets. Why spending cash on costly protection if you have a cheap solution? Use the wainscoting answer for all of the aspects of the cupboards or follow it at the cupboard doors in simple terms for a minimal yet elegant look.

Coordinate the new look by means of updating the drawer fronts and adding new hardware together with changing the knobs, pulls, and handles.

Beadboard Furniture

Your ordinary and old furnishings portions can even have a new appear with this traditional styling. Use these elegant panels to the sides of the dressers, chests of drawers, buffets, and sides of your kitchen island to carry an elegant allure to those daily furnishings pieces.

Beadboard Panels for Walls

Beadboard panels are a very good option for exchanging the look of a flat wall, updating a particular portion of a wall which includes a backsplash or a mantel area, or concealing cracked or lacking wall tiles.

Cover 1/2 of a wall with beadboard and cap the top part with stylish trim so that the gaze smoothly flows from the drywall to the newly-installed fixture. You may additionally set up the beadboard panels on the whole wall and upload visible curiosity by means of installation double trims at any point or the purpose wherein the wall meets the ceiling. Installation open shelves on the beadboard partitions and fill them up with colorful add-ons is an extra effective way to spice up the look.

Bathroom with Beadboard

If your bathroom desires a serious renovation, examine giving it a facelift with beadboard instead of breaking the bank for costly fixtures. If the walls get old, use beadboard paneling on the lower 1/2 and paint any other half for giving it a new look. You can also retain those classic panels across the aspects of the bathtub.

Keep the beadboard panels in the traditional white or spray them with metallic paint in copper or oil-rubbed bronze to give them an upscale look. 

Beadboard on Ceiling

beadboard ceilingFir beadboard at the first floor ceiling by Juhan Sonin [CC BY 2.0]

Beadboard looks lovely on the ceiling, especially among wooden beams which may otherwise show up very unsightly. Increase the natural and organic allure by means of setting up beadboard panels between rustic ceiling beams. You may use the panels directly over the existing ceiling. Preserve the ceiling and walls in an identical color for creating a harmonious look. However, using an additional colour on the beams will seem lively and exciting.

Pair up with Ornamental Molding

Beadboard panels exude a type of simple yet dependent beauty. Their no-frills layout is fantastic for any minimalist fashion domestic décor setting. However, mostly you need to jazz things up when you have a gentle corner for Victorian style home decor. So, create your own sort of style with the aid of pairing up the beadboard furnishings with decorative fixtures and ornamental crown moldings.

Before bringing beadboard into your house decoration, ensure that the wooden panels are splendid for the indoor climate. However, there are vinyl and PVC beadboard panels that are extra familiar with water splash and moisture damage. Use such boards in the lavatory and at the back of kitchen sinks so that they final for a protracted time.

It’s additionally possible to test with the dimensions and location of the boards. For example, if you’re utilizing the forums on a big place of a room, choose wider planks in order that room doesn’t seem busy. Similarly, horizontal placement of the forums will create will visually extend a small room.

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