6 Porch Railing Materials That Lend Style to Your House

A porch railing can provide a beautiful individual to a house and simply breathe new life into it. Except presenting it with security (as required by means of your local building codes), porch railings upload oodles of appeal and curb appeal.

Railings are one of the most important components of a porch. In view that this type of railing is extremely visible, it’s significant to choose the right kind of materials, styles, and patterns. After all, you don’t prefer an eyesore of a railing that blocks your view too, do you? Fortunately, today, there are a number of options, with most of them maintenance-free too. 

Updating or replacing your porch railings is a good way to difference the seem of your house. You could do it your self or lease a contractor for the job. We endorse the latter as it saves a house owner various creation hassles and offers a pro conclude to the railings.

Whatever method you choose or even if you want a wooden, metal, vinyl, glass, or composite railings — we can assist you find the right search for your home. During this article, we havesix styles of stylish and sensible substances that are ideal for your porch railing.

1. Wooden Porch Railing

Wooden railingporch cabin 1 Healthy Tunnel State Park, by Virginia State Parks on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Wood is a popular choice among all porch railing systems. Wood is evergreen and easy to customize too. It appears marvelous in posts, pickets, and a top and bottom rail. You may use it to carve balusters and submit caps into decorative shapes — complementing any style of the house. 

However, as wood railings are solid, do keep in mind to choose a pattern that doesn’t block your view or covers your porch completely. Also, remember that wood requires a good amount of maintenance. Having pronounced that, once you devote to looking after it, a wood railing can last for 10 years or maybe more.

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2. Steel Porch Railing

Metallic railingImage by Mark Thomas from Pixabay CC0

Metal railings are easily the most powerful ones, and that they don’t even increase thedomestic protection chargestoo much. You can choose iron, steel, or powder-coated aluminum railings — each one in every of them an inexpensive manner to upload fashion to your porch. 

A steel railing is easy to install; you could achieve this on a matching steel body or integrate it with a wooden railing. The virtue that this type of railing has is that metallic balusters are available more than a few colors and styles. Square, round, or baroque — your choice. This elegant porch railing is also easy to maintain.

3. Glass Porch Railing

If you’ve a porch to show off, it’s a good idea to select glass panels instead of normal pickets or balustrades. There’s something really lovely approximately one of these railing. The minimum look of glass provides a graceful and contemporary appeal to your house. 

Always keep in mind that a tumbler railing ought to be tempered with polished edges for safety. You may install it with an aluminum submit and rail frame for a clear and sturdy look. Favor to upload a special touch to your railing? Allow your glass panels have ornamental etchings or a color tint. 

On the downside, one of these railing is probably to be more expensive than others, and should merely be hooked up by means of a professional. Also, a pitcher railing will require more renovation if you want it seeking clear and new. Much more so if you live in a salty, ocean environment. With right care, a pitcher railing will easily last longer than a decade.

4. Composite Porch Railing

Composite railingFront Porch, by Cambodia4kids.org Beth Kanter on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

There’s a explanation why composite railing tactics are gaining monstrous recognition these days. They’re durable, low maintenance, cost-effective, and look beautiful. What’s more, you may customize them in accordance to the style and color of your house. 

A boon for DIYers, a composite railing usually comes prefabricated as a single piece that effortlessly locks into place. Bought asporch railing kits, they are accessible in a variety of size, style, as well as colors. 

The downside to a composite railing is that colorfastness could be an issue. Sometimes, but no longer very often, they have an inclination no longer to final so long as promised. 

5. Vinyl Porch Railing

Vinyl railingPorch, by Sonja Lovas on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Here’s another porch railing that’s suitable and practical. Vinyl railing. It’s excessive on longevity and occasional on maintenance. Most importantly, it may effortlessly stand up to the elements of nature when giving your porch a beautiful look. 

What’s more, you could even custom layout your own sample for the railing. It’s available in an collection of patterns and finishes that won’t splinter, crack, or discolor over time. Most importantly, the low-budget alternative wishes no staining, sealing, or finishing each year. 

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6. Cable Porch Railing

Cable railingAnother view from upper porch, by John Coley on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

For those who desire to do things differently, a cable railing, with stainless-steel wires, is a brilliant choice. Its open layout will allow you to enjoy the breeze as well as your scenic vista. To offer the cables aid and strength, you can combine them with both a wood or metallic frame.

When it comes to the look, one of these railing complements the two contemporary in addition to the ancient style. No longer surprisingly, a cable railing is practically maintenance-free and robust sufficient to face up to the most harsh of weathers. 

It also comes as prefabricated kits for easy setting up in addition to unique custom designs. A top quality cable railing has the aptitude to final long, surely long.


Just like you carefully select every little thing else approximately your house, choosing the perfect porch railing too is important. No longer simply is a railing a essential safety feature, especially within the case of elevated porches, it also defines the exterior of your home — giving it a definitive frame.

We desire our list of porch railing substances facilitates you create the perfect aesthetics to tournament your home. The right type of porch railing should give you style, function, and safety. Simply keep in mind that your railing need to comply with regional building codes. As soon as that is taken care of, you are ready to woo your guests! 

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